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									                                                       SCHEME OF WORK: ENGLISH

SHARED TEXT:          Big Bad Raps by Tony Mitton                                                          YEAR GROUP 5 (LA)


                                                THEIR ORGANISATION
What key skills in reading, writing, speaking   Detail the discussions points and group
and listening will children develop (based on   activities which reflect the genre/key
the genre/key feature of the Shared Text)?      feature of the Shared Text.
Reading Objective                               Discussion will focus on the style of the raps in   Big book - Big Bad Raps by Tony Mitton
T6 To read a number of poems by                 the big book, including the poet’s use of words     White boards and pens
                                                (to give a contemporary feel), the rhythm and       Highlighting tape
significant poets and identify what is
                                                the rhyming pattern. Activity 4 will also
distinctive about the style or content          consider how the word order has been affected
of their poems.                                 to enhance the poetic style..
Speaking and Listening Objective:               Activity 1
To read, practise and perform a rap,            Children will read and perform a rap as a group
                                                reading parts together and individually. They
emphasising the rhythm. To improve
                                                will be expected to convey the strong rhythm,
expression through voice and actions.           adding some actions to improve the

Writing Objective:                              Activity 4 – GGW
T12 (Term 2) To use the structure of            Children will investigate word order to suit the
                                                style of a rap.
poems read to write extensions based
                                                Activity 3
on these, e.g. additional verses, or            Children will brainstorm words for a Snow           Brainstorming sheet
substituting own words and ideas.               White rap and begin to use these in stanzas of      Rhyming dictionaries, if available
                                                their own, paying attention to the rhyming
                                                Activity 5
                                                Children will extend the above two activities to
                                                write their own version of a Snow White rap in
                                                the style of the Big Bad Raps.
                                              The CAL Literacy Hour in Key Stage 2 – Weekly Planning Sheet
Class: Year 5G (LA)                                                        SHARED TEXT:            Big Bad Raps by Tony Mitton:
Week beginning: 20th September 2004                                        GENRE: Poetry

                                                                Discussion Point                                                Skill Focus Objective
                                                              Text Level Objective                                         Sentence/Word Level Objective
                                                            (Comprehension, composition)                         (Phonics, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation)
                     Front and Back       Discuss the way the blurb is written – as a class, have a go at  Spelling Focus ‘eu’ words: Show flashcards of some of the
                     cover.               reading it – can the children identify a distinctive rhythm.     vocabulary (Europe, European, eureka, feud, sleuth, neutral)

                     Pp 34 – 37 (Huff     Discuss the vocabulary – is it modern/old – why do they think    and ask children if they can identify the long vowel sound.
                     Puff Houses)         that? PP 34 Which children’s story is the rap based on?         Repeat the sound (ū). Hide the flashcards and ask children
                                          Does this rap tell the same story – are parts changed? Discuss   to make up the words using magnetic letters on the class
                                          the vocabulary ‘huff puff houses’,                               whiteboard. Discuss meanings.
                     Pp 25 – 32           Before reading, cover some rhyming words. Read through and       Rhyming Patterns: Show the children how in every 4 lines
                     (Fol de Rol Rap)

                                          perform as a class, emphasising the rhythm. Consider the         the second and last line always have to rhyme. Show

                                          rhyming pattern and ask class to guess what word would fit as    children examples of quatrains with missing words at the
                                          you read through. At the end, discuss with class how they knew   end of 2nd and fourth lines and ask them for suggestions.
                                          the hidden words. How does this rap compare with the story?      Try this filling in last word on all four lines.
                     Pp 7 – 24            Read through rap taking parts as the class read – esp. speaking  Discuss the use of contemporary language –how does this

                     (Beans Talk Rap)

                                          parts. Continue to develop the rhythm but add more expression    affect the original story. Ask children to find examples on
                                          and a range of different voices (Ma, Giant, Jack). Again,        various pages e.g. p.8 ‘tumbledown shack’; p.10 ‘truckin’’;
                                          compare this version of the story with the original – look at thep.11 ‘I sure ain’t mean’; ‘weird’, ‘crazy’, p.12 ‘dude’, ‘let’s cut
                                          illustrations too with this in mind!                             here now’, how does this compare with ‘pop’ rappers????
                     Pp 38 - 48           Read and perform as a class, splitting the class into groups and Full & Near Rhyme: Discuss the different spellings of
                     (Little Red Rap)     reading a quatrain each. Discuss change of name to ‘Red’         rhyming words – words don’t have to look the same to
                                          (Why?). Ask children to find examples of words which rhyme       rhyme! Show children mixed up pairs of rhyming words

                                          and examples of ‘contemporary’ language. Discuss how the rap is  with different spelling patterns – record on whiteboards
                                          laid out – and how shorter and longer lines still fit the rhythm the ‘pairs’. Ask children to find examples in the text-p.41
                                          pattern.                                                         flowers/hours; p.42door/roar; p.44 eyes/size; hair/stare
                                                                                                           etc. Discuss examples of near rhymes apple/cattle which
                                                                                                           they could also use.
                     Writing Objective:     T12 (Term 2) To use the structure of poems read to write extensions based on these, e.g. additional verses, or
                                                   substituting own words and ideas.

                     Re-reading of parts of model text.               Sentence / word level work: Children should         Modelled / shared writing Start with a few
                     P. 39&43 – look at word order and how this can   consider the rhyming pattern and rhythm             events from Cinderella and model writing these
                     be changed to suit rhyme and rhythm.             throughout.                                         as a rap, changing word order+ keeping rhythm
                                                                                                                          and rhyming pattern.
                                                                    Group Activities
   1. Text Level                     2. Word Level                   3. Sentence Level                4. GGR / Text Level          5. Extended Writing
   (reading, writing or S&L          (phonics/spelling)              (grammar / punctuation)          (reading, writing or S&L           Activity
   related to text)                                                                                       related to text)
To practise and perform a rap    W3 Children will complete        To consider the impact of       S1 Children will investigate   Children will extend the
conveying the rhythm. Use        spelling sheet on ‘eu’ words.    rhyme. Children will            how poetic style can be        activities to write their own
actions and clarity to enhance                                    brainstorm Snow White words     improved by rearranging the    version of a Snow White rap
the performance.                                                  and find words to rhyme.        word order or sentences.       in the style of the Big Bad
Using ICT?                       Using ICT?                       Using ICT?                      Using ICT?                     Using ICT?
                                 Internet link to ‘look, cover,
                                 write and check’
Differentiation / Support        Differentiation / Support        Differentiation / Support       Differentiation / Support      Differentiation / Support
LA will perform a shorter rap.   Simplified sheet/vocab           LA will work with Mrs.                                         Provide a word bank of
                                                                  Gurney.                                                        rhyming words to support l.a.
Extension                        Extension:                       Extension                       Extension                      Extension: By outcome –
By Outcome.                      HA will use an atlas to find     HA will use a rhyming           By outcome.                    greater use of imaginative
                                 countries of Europe              dictionary to increase vocab.                                  vocabulary and word order.

               What went well?                                     What did not go well?                                 Points for development

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