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									                                                                     SCHEME OF WORK – BTEC National in Sport
                                                                             Unit 2 Health & Safety

                  Topic                         Resources                 Student activity/ Methodology                          Outcome/assessment                   Enterprising Skills/ Business


OUTCOME 1                                  O

The key factors that influence                                                                                                                                                I BECOME
Health and Safety in sport
Introduction to unit 2, grading criteria   1   Grading criteria o Students give examples of H&S rules they have             o To create an understanding of the     Thinking of original ideas and
learning outcomes.                                              come across that have surprised them (or they don’t         health and safety unit and discuss      examples
                                                                understand!) i.e. why you cannot play basketball in         how to successfully complete the
‘Health and safety gone mad?’                                   school gym at lunchtime without teacher supervision.        grading criteria

                                                                  o Discussion of issues
Experiences of H&S at work                 2   H&S at work        o Students discuss with partner their experiences of      o For students to be able to explain    Communication skills to discuss own
                                               act                H&S in the workplace- part time jobs                      what the H&S at work at work act is,    experiences and listen to others
Health and safety at work act 1974.                               o PowerPoint – definitions                                how it developed and its position       Giving examples of H&S issues
Key responsibilies of employers and                               o Students to develop their own problems (different       today.                                  from a variety if different
employees                                                         workplaces) and to resolve the issue.                      .                                      businesses

Additions to Health and safety at work     3   Definitions of     o PowerPoint presentation- key information           o Students to be able to identify the       Independent research/learning
act:                                           each act           o Student internet research                          3 additions to HSWA.                        Problem solving case studies
RIDDOR                                         Information        o Case studies how it can affect companies? Students                                             Presenting to the group, in a bold,
PPE                                            from HSWA          to deal with these problems?                                                                     energetic way-
COSHH                                                             o Share with the rest of the group.                                                              Use of communication skills

Additions to Health and safety at work     4   First aid boxes  o PowerPoint – First aid regulations (1981)                 o Students to be able to identify       Initiative when putting together the
act:                                       &   Contents         o Put together a first aid box                              main aspects and key areas of first    first aid box
First aid regulations (1981)               5   School first aid o Visit to the school first aid room, first aider to talk   aid regulations
                                               room             about day to day duties/responsibilities                    o Students will have put firsts aid    Application to working environment
                                               School first-    o Student Incident reports                                  regulations into a working
                                               aider.           o H/W = Write mini reviews on what we have done so          environment- first aid room
Manual handling Regulations (1992)         6   Getting to grips   (Board storm) Manual Handling?                            o Students to be able to define        Creative poster- original way of
                                               with manual        Alert the students what the law id and good               manual handling, explain good          getting an important message across
                                               handling           techniques                                                techniques and apply to a sporting
                                               document           Students design a poster to promote good                  situation
                                               A5 paper           techniques of manual handling…IN A SPORTS
                                               Coloured pens      ENVIRONMENT

                                            7   Fire officer      o Fire officers visit- guest speaker.                     o Students to be able to put fire        Leadership roles and responsibilities
Fire safety                                 &   visit             o Students question time- Key areas of interest to        evacuation procedure in the correct      Using initiative to deal with
                                            8   School            fire officer                                              order                                    emergency situations
                                                evacuation        o Student task- to put evacuation procedure in order      o Comment on the main aspects a fire
                                                procedure/polic   Students are then going to role-play fire alarm, two      officer would investigate before
                                                y                 students takes charge of evacuation procedure.            granting a license to a sports club or
Case and Civil Law                          9   Facts form        o Two a level law students to lead the lesson (with       o Students will acquire knowledge        Bold, motivated students to deliver
Negligence                                  &   Lyme bay          teacher support if necessary)                             about case and civil law                 session rest of group- incorporating
                                            1   tragedy and       o Presentation on:                                        o Students will be able to understand    good communication skills.
                                            0   Hillsborough      What is Case and Civil Law?                               these laws in practice, through an
                                                Suitable          Examples of civil cases i.e negligence                    example of a civil case such as          Dealing with the cases- to display
                                                classroom         Classroom becomes a courtroom (ROLE PLAY) –              negligence     within     a    porting   confidence, listening skills, decision
                                                Tables chairs     putting principles into practice with examples from       environment.                             making skills
                                                Mallet            sporting environment:
                                                                  Cases in the courtroom;                                                                            Use of initiative for creating own
                                                                  Lyme Bay tragedy and Hillsborough disaster,                                                        examples
                                                                  To include:
                                                                  Key legal issues
                                                                  the outcome( who did it favour the plaintiff or
                                                                  Students them have to think of their own examples
                                                                  of what types of situation could led to civil law cases

Visit to locals sports centre (west park)   1                     A tour of the local sports facility and a discussion      Students take notes that can be           Business link with the Leisure
                                            1                     about the relevant health and safety implications         used as a checklist or reference         centre
                                            &                     that effect the day-to-day operations of the              guide. Students will have been able      Application   of   operations    and
                                            1                     industry.                                                 to   use this opportunity put            procedures into the /business world
                                            2                     Students to take notes and ask questions at the end       procedures into a sporting/working
                                                                  of or during the tour.                                    environment.
                                                                  Important to gain knowledge about day to day
                                                                  Who are the people who have responsibility of health
                                                                  and safety

To be able to carry out risk                                                                                                                                                    I BECOME

Risk assessments. The background, the       1   Pens              o What is a risk assessment?                              o Students to be able to identify Team discussions
facts, Litigation and the Law.              3   Paper             o Discussion why are risk assessments done?               why risk assessments are important Group work on scenarios-:
                                                Flipchart         o Teacher facts regarding incidents                       in the both the workplace and           o   designing original ideas
                                                                  o Students to write scenarios in pairs – when a risk      sporting environments. Students are     o   problem solving
                                                                  assessment should be carried out                          able to give a definition of Risk       o   evaluating situations
                                                                  o These scenarios are passed on to another group to       Assessment.
                                                                  o Discussion why are Risk assessments important
                                                                  (with new knowledge)
Identifying Hazards                         1   Clipboards        o Students have a go at identifying hazards in Schools    o Students will be able to write a list   Independent work in a sporting
                                            4   Pens              sports facilities: astroturf, sportshall, gym, tennis     of hazards relating to various sports     environment
                                                Sports facilities courts and football pitches                               facilities                                Evaluator – Evaluating the sports
                                                                  o Students identity areas of activity for each facility                                             facilities
                                                                  o The risks-chance someone will be harmed
Risks- the chance that someone may be       1   Pens              o Students identify areas of activity for each facility o Students will be able to identify Using initiative to decide on risks
harmed by the hazard                        5   Paper             i.e. hockey on the astroturf                            what is a risk and who might be Communication skills to share
                                                Clipboards        o The risks - chance someone will be harmed             harmed.                              outcomes
                                                                  o Students share outcomes

Analysis of existing risk assessment form   1   Exemplar risk     o Board storm- Identify common key terms/areas            o Students    will       have       an Analysis and comparison of risk
(Different formats, industries and          3   assessments       o Students look at examples: Travel, walking in           understanding of       existing   risk assessments       from     different
organisations)                                  Internet          groups, hair salon, garage, football ground.              assessment forms                       organisations/businesses.        For
                                                                  o Studnets search for additional exemplar risk                                                   example     hairdressers,    factory,
                                                                  assessment forms                                                                                 school etc
                                                                  o Students in pairs study two in detail and present                                              Evaluation of risk assessments
                                                                  findings to group through a presentation
The 5 part process                          1   Computers         o Studnets use the 5 part process in order to design a    o Students are able to create a risk Use of skills
Designing a risk assessment form            4                     risk assessment form:                                     assessment form                           o   Team work
                                                                         1.   Identify hazard                                                                         o   Communication
                                                                         2. Who might be harmed                                                                       o   Evaluating
                                                                         3. What is the level of risk                                                                 o   Bold
                                                                         4. How can the risks be minimised                                                            o   Initiative
                                                                         5. Are measures already in place
Visit form guest speaker- person who is     1   Prepared          o Quest speaker to talk about his her role in risk        o Students are able to improve Q & A skills
responsible for risk assessments of trips   5   questions for     assessments at the school                                 knowledge and application of the risk Motivation
at the school                                   quest speaker     o Studnets questions                                      assessment process                    Communication

SPORTSWORLD                                1   Sports facilities o Students will take part in a number of different        o Students will be able draft a risk To draft risk assessments/make
Practical activity;                        6   Sports            sporting activities. Prior to taking part students need   assessments for a number of improvements
         Various sporting activities      T   equipment         to have researched the activities and have                sporting    activities  and    make     o    Innovator
         Various sporting facilities      O                     undertaken a draft risk assessment. Following the         suggestions for improvement             o    Initiative
                                           1                     activities students will both feedback and make                                                   o    Evaluator
                                           8                     improvements to their forms.
Undertake a risk assessment for a warm     1   Cones               Studnets undertake risk assessment for a warm up        o Students will be able to relate     Leadership skills
up in PE lesson                            9   Whistle             of their choice                                         their risk assessment to the          Coaching skills
In pairs deliver a warm –up to a small         Bibs                 In pairs students deliver a warm –up to a small       practical application of a sporting   Communication skills
group of children (with teacher support)       Balls               group of children (with teacher support                 warm up.                              Warm-up=            ……...MOTIVATED,
                                                                                                                                                                 DYNAMIC, CREATIVE, ORIGINAL
                                                                                                                                                                 Evaluation skills for self review

Undertaking a risk assessment for a high   1   Trampolines       o Studnets prepare risk assessment for the following o Students will be able to identify        Student input………
risk sporting activity                     7    Mats             activity: Tramplining with a group of a special       appropriate standards required.           Sound observation skills
Delivery of the session (teacher Led!)         Board pens        educational needs children                                                                      Work as a class/group
student input                                  Coaching cards    o Teacher led session- students support                                                         Enthusiasm with challenging students
                                                                 o Students observe session and make judgements on;                                              Use of initiative when appropriate
                                                                 their own risk assessment, why the risk assessment is                                           Motivate the group
                                                                 of high risk.


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