I guess you think you know this story by asafwewe


I guess you think you know this story

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									‘I guess you think you know this story. You don’t. The real one’s much
more gory. The phoney one, the one you know, was cooked up years and
years ago, and made to sound all soft and sappy, just to keep the children
happy.’ – Extract from Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes

We want you to choose a classic fairytale and twist it into something
brand new! Drag those dusty old stories into the 21st century! Don’t
know any fairytales? Come to the Children’s library we have loads!

Maybe Cinderella got a text message from Prince Charming to invite
her to the ball or Prince Charming was inflicted with a terrible curse
which meant he turned into a duck on the strike of twelve! You decide
where the fairytales are set and what the characters within them get up
to. But the most important thing of all is there has to be a twist that
was not in the original tale. Let your imagination go silly!

The story must be no more then two pages long on A4 or one page on
A3. You can include illustrations and you can either write you story in
the traditional storybook format or if you’re a budding artist you could
try doing it in a comic book style. But the most important thing of all
is to be creative!

Entries must be handed in by 23rd February and the winner will be
announced on March 4th, which is world book day!
Stuck for ideas? Here are a few tips to get you started!

      Become your character. What do they find annoying?
      What makes them happy? Close your eyes and place yourself in
      their shoes. Imagine a typical day for them. Write down what
      they had for breakfast that morning - what is their favourite
      cereal? What are they wearing - do they have a particular item
      of clothing they always like to wear? What places do they visit?
      How do they get there? Do they meet anyone? Draw pictures to
      help build up this imaginary world. Now that you know
      everything there is to know about your characters, start writing
      your story.

      You can even use real events that happened in your own
      life. Place your character in the centre of them and see how
      they would react differently in that situation. How would
      the wolf from little red riding hood behave during a parents
      evening? The more bonkers the idea the better!

      Don’t worry about starting from the beginning. Decide on how
      you want it to end and try to figure out what events happened to
      lead up to this. Start writing your story backwards, forwards or
      even from the middle! Whatever works for you.

      Use a thesaurus to find alternative, strange and fun words that
      you’ve never heard of before. You could even use a rhyming
      dictionary to help you!

      Remember that you’re writing as somebody else. Try to think
      how they would speak differently to you.

      When you’ve finished writing your story read it
      aloud to yourself. It will help you catch any
      mistakes you may have made.

We’ve provided templates in this pack to help you get
started with your story.

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