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					S.No                Name of the Internee             Course Pursued           Institution / University

                                                       Masters in Political   South Dakota University,
 1     Yumi Lifer
                                                            Science           California
                                                                              Chinese University of Honk
 2     Ms.Theodora Lee                                     Graduation
                                                     Development studies & Queens university in
 3     Ms.Hadley Nelles
                                                        Political Science  Kingston, Ontario

 4     Frank Wolf                                          Graduation         Hong Kong University

                                                                              Long Island University,
 5     David Ledet                                         Graduation
                                                                              Center for development
                                                       M.Sc Development
 6     Damien Murphy                                                          studies, University college,
                                                                            College of Social work of
       Anjali Baraiya, Roshni Alphanso, Rovina
 7                                                   Masters in Social Work Nirmala Niketan Institute
       Dabre, Rebecka Pettersson, Jehu Abiram
                                                                            Affiated to the University of
                                                                            Hunter College, CUNY, New
 8     Bittany Gleixner - Hayat                            Fellowship
                                                     Post Graduate Diploma Institute of Rural
 9     Anusha Bharadwaj & Karthik Subramanian
                                                      in Rural Management Management Anand (IRMA),
                                                                              International Economic at the
 10    Anne Schopp                                         Fellowship         University of

                                                     M.Sc. Public Policy and
 11    Bruemmer Julia                                                        University of Maastricht
                                                     Human Development

       Karnali Bose, Debosmita Saha, Sujeet Verma,                            Tata Institute of Social
 12                                                  Masters in Social Work
       Kusum, Kalka Dutta, Nilofar Kadeer                                     Sciences,Mumbai

                                                                              The WB National University
 13    T.Shrayas                                               Law
                                                                              of Juridical Sciences Kolkata

 14    Sarah Robesn                                        Fellowship         DalhousieUniversity halifax

 15    Itaru Matsuo                                        Fellowship         Pitsumeikan University Japan
                                                                              NALSAR,University of Law,
 16    Jayabhanu Rao                                           Law
                                                                            Aravali Institute of
17   Tapesh Dadhich                                        M.B.A            Management

18   Shagufta Kamran                                  M.A Social Work       Delhi school of social work

19   Reggie Thomas, Frank Copeli                         Fellowship         Watson Fellowship

                                                                            Gujarat National Law
     Supriya Dubey,Pujitha Gorantla,Roshini                                 University, E-4, GIDC,
20                                                 Ist Year B.A.LL.B(Hons.)
     Sinha,Pratyusha                                                        electronics Estate, Sector -26,
                                                                            Gandhi Nagar-382028,Gujarat

     Kalyan Jodaye ,Simon Raj Pasala,Nishant
21                                                    MA Social Work        Tata Institute of Social Sciences
     Thakur,Richa Tanupriya

     Sachin Bhanushali, Birendra Mukhi,Christine
     D'Lima,Elaine Fernandes,
                                                      MA Social Work        Tata Institute of Social Sciences

22   Malathy A

      Varun Ramchandruni,Anup Tripathi,Shagun
23                                                    MA Social Work        Tata Institute of Social Sciences
     Sakhrani,Renu Sisodia

                                                          2nd Year          Chanakya National Law
26   S. Sri Ruma
                                                       B.A.LLB(Hons.)       University, Patna
                                                                            Sarojini Naidu School of
27   Divya Pamulaparthi                             MA Communication        Performing Arts, Fine Arts and
                                                                            Communication; University

                                                                            Narsar University of
28   Mr.Aly Basith                                    B.A L.L.B (Hons)

                                                    PG Diploma in Rural     Institute of Rural
29   Samantha Tamma
                                                       Management           Management, Anand
Nationality Duration of Internship                 Study Conducted
                                         The Politics of Negotiations: MVF
   USA      January - March 2004         and Multinational Corporations on
                                         Child Labour in Cotton Seed Fields
            29 April 2005 to 26 June     A Better Childhood - Case Studies on
            2005                         Child Labour
                                         The MVF Role in Kothapally and
            16th May 2005 to July
 Canada                                  Ravulapally Villages:An Impact
                                         The Process of Drawing Child
  China     June to September 2005       labourers from work to school: Case
                                         studies in Halaharvi Mandal,
                                         Analyzing the benefits for former
  U.S.A     June to September 2005
                                         child labourers
                                         Eliminating child labour through
            15th July,2005 to 15th       Education: The potential for
            September,2005               Replicating the Work of the
                                         M.V.Foundation in India
            15th November 2005 to        Child Rights Protection forum: An
            6th December 2005            Exploratory Study
            September'06 to 5th          Realising Child Rights A Focus the Girl
New York
            January'07                   Child
                                         Role of PRI in Safeguarding Child
   India    October - December'06
                                         Report of survey of 213 government
            December 06 to April
 Germany                                 hostels in Nalgonda district,SC Boys
                                         Hostel in Shankarpally
                                         An actor -oriented case study on the
                                         transnational cooperation of NGO on
 Germany    January 07to March 07
                                         BAYER and child labour in Andhra
                                       Rural Practicum Study of a mandal
                                       structures,schemes for children and
   India    26 March 07 to 7April 2007
                                       Issues in child Trafficking in Nalgonda
                                       District of ApM.V.Foundation
                                      A Comparative Study of Marpally
   India    March 15th 07 to May 2007 and Mominpet Mandals to Review
                                      the Status of Education
                                      Successful Practices of Community
 Canada     March07 to June 07
                                      Mobilization/ Report on Anganwadi
                                       Report on Acivities in natural
  Japan     April 07 to August 07
                                      resource management Project
            May 5th,07 to 25th May
   India                              Situational Analysis of Girls Groups
                                           “Enhancement of computer
 India      April 07 to 26 June 2007       proficiency among grass root level
                                           activists at M. V. Foundation
                                           ICDS a Structured Analysis Comprising
                                           of the “Ideal” and the “Actual”


                                           Recent Petitions filed by M.V.
            12th November to 22nd          Foundation-
            December 2007                  A detailed report

                                           Survey on higher education among
 India      April 1st to 14th, 2008        girl children after they have passed
                                           the 10th class in the past five years in

                                            Incidence of preference for private
                                           school education among parents - A
            April 1st to 14th, 2008
                                            survey in the Shankarpally Mandal,
                                           Ranga Reddy District, Andhra Pradesh
Sri Lanka

                                           Study the functioning of the Gram
 India      April 1st to 14th, 2008        Panchayat subcommittees for
                                           education and health
                                           Domestic child labour- A Critical
            12th May, 2008 to 31st
                                           Analysis of Legal Instruments in their
            May, 2008.
            1st May 2008 till 15th June    Communication Strategy and
            2008                           Methods Used in MVF
                                           Role Of The Andhra Pradesh State
                                           Human Rights Commission In The
            May9th 2008 June 9th           Prevention Of Child Marriages And
            2008                           Obstacles Faced In Keeping Track Of
                                           Cases Filed.doc

            1st June 2008 till 31st July   MV Foundation’s Health programme
            2008                           – process and impact

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