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Appendix 1

                                    Safe Purchase of Machinery
   Checklist to assess the conformity to the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations
                         (PUWER) of new equipment installed on a site

                                        Suitability – Regulation 4

                    Suitability                       N   Y    Comments/Remedial Action    Risk
 (a) Is the equipment suitable by design,
construction or adaptation for the work it has to
 (b) Is the equipment suitable for the conditions
in which it will be used? (circulation, wet,
flammable, power sources)
 (c) Is the equipment safe from risks in certain
situations? e.g. enclosed / confined spaces
 (d) Is the equipment safe and suitable for the
process (for the operator, not the product)?
 (e) Is the machinery safe for the purpose of its
intended use?

                                      Maintenance – Regulation 5

                  Maintenance                         N   Y    Comments/Remedial Action    Risk
 (a) Is the equipment maintained?
 If yes (b) Is this based on: -
(b) 1. Suppliers’ recommendations?
(b) 2. Operational experience?
 (c) Is the equipment covered by a planned
maintenance schedule?
 (d) Are all maintenance records kept?
 (e) Have all maintenance staff received
adequate information, instruction and training?
 (f) Are various safety checks carried out at set
frequencies, to ensure safety related features
are functioning correctly?
 (g) Are safe working instructions included?

                                       Inspection – Regulation 6

                   Inspection                         N   Y    Comments/Remedial Action    Risk
 (a) Has all work equipment that has been
installed been inspected prior to installation and
after installation?
 (b) Where the work equipment is exposed to
conditions causing deterioration is it inspected at
suitable intervals and inspections recorded?
(d) Do inspections include all safety related parts
and testing, where appropriate?

 (c) Have inspections of work equipment been
recorded and kept?

             Equipment involving Specific Risks & Restrictions of Use – Regulation 7

         Specific Risks & Restrictions                 N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action       Risk
 (a) Have those persons who use, repair,                       (If yes identify programme)
maintain, modify or service the equipment been
adequately trained?

                      Information, Instruction and Training – Regulations 8 & 9

     Information, Instruction and Training             N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action       Risk
 (a) Have all users of this equipment received
adequate training including:-
Methods of use, risks and precautions within
safe working practices?
 (b) Have written instructions stating the methods
by which the work equipment may be used, been
 (c) Has a safe system of work been written and
 (d) Has information and instruction required by
this regulation been readily understood by those

                           Compliance with EU Directives – Regulations 10

        Compliance with EU Directives                  N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action       Risk
 (a) C.E. Marking (date)
 (b) Machine specification serial number
 (c) Has you assessment concluded that the
requirements of legislation relevant to the
equipment been fulfilled?

                 Compliance with ‘Dangerous Parts of Machinery’ – Regulation 11

        Dangerous Parts of Machinery                   N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action       Risk
 (a) Have measures been taken to prevent
access to any moving part, when the system is in
 (b) Are there Isolation areas situated within the
layout of the machine, to ensure that no one
enters unsafe machine working areas?
 (c) Are the guards suitable and sufficient?
 (d) Are the guards maintained and tested?
 (e) Are the tests recorded?
 (f) Are the records up to date?
 (g) Do protective devices (e.g. trip wires, holders
or supports) provide adequate safeguards?

          Dangerous Parts of Machinery                     N     Y     Comments/Remedial Action              Risk
 (h) Has adequate information, instruction,
training been given to ensure safe working
practices are adhered to?
 (i) Are the procedures in place and visible for
 (j) Is safety equipment available for use within
operating procedures?

                           Protection Against Specific Hazards – Regulation 12

Protection Against Specific Hazards                      N        Y    Comments/Remedial Action Risk
 Have risks related to specific hazards (see
below) been identified and controls established?
 (a) An article or substance falling or ejected
from the equipment i.e. swarf?
 (b) Rupture or disintegration of parts?
 (c) Fire, overheating caused by (bearings
running too hot) electric motor burn out, ignition
or thermostatic control failure?
 (d) Unintended discharge of articles, gas, dust,
liquids, vapour, antifreeze or any substance
which in each case is used or stored within the
work equipment?
 (e) Unintended explosion of equipment or article
or substance used in or stored within the
equipment – i.e. explosion relief?

                          High or Low Temperature Regulation – Regulation 13

              High/Low Temperature                         N     Y     Comments/Remedial Action              Risk
 Where necessary, are all parts of the work
equipment or substances/articles in use
protected to prevent burns on contact?

                            Control and Control Systems – Regulations 14-18
(Only applies where appropriate – i.e. where there are moving parts where the risk of injury is NOT negligible)
             Control/Control Systems                       N     Y     Comments/Remedial Action              Risk
 (a) Is the equipment fitted with start, stop or
operating control which require a deliberate
action to operate?
 (b) Are controls in place to inhibit starting by a
protective device?
 (c) Are the controls protected against
inadvertent and accidental operation?
 (d) Does the control mechanism bring the
equipment to a safe condition in a safe manner?
 (e) Are the controls clearly visible and
identifiable and appropriately marked?
 (f) Are control mechanisms in a safe position
and operators free from danger?

           Control/Control Systems                   N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action       Risk
 (g) Can the operator ensure no person is in
danger when the equipment is operating?
 (h) Are there sufficient emergency stops
accessible for all reasonably practical emergency
 (i) Does every emergency stop immobolise the
whole process?
 (j) Do all emergency protective devices work in             (List each mode, and attach
all modes of operation?                                      check sheet for each mode)
 (k) Are there visible or audible warning devices,
which are activated before the equipment
 (l) Does a failure of any part of the control
system or its power supply lead to a “Fail Safe”

                                       Isolation – Regulation 19

                    Isolation                        N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action       Risk
 (a) Are there suitable means to isolate
equipment from all sources of energy, lock offs,
external manual valves?
 (b) Are the means of isolation clearly
 (c) Are there appropriate means to ensure
reconnection does not cause danger?

                                       Stability – Regulation 20

                    Stability                        N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action       Risk
 Is the equipment stabilised by clamping or
otherwise, where necessary e.g. bolted, external

                                       Lighting – Regulation 21

                    Lighting                         N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action       Risk
Is there sufficient lighting for general
maintenance work, or repairs to be carried out?

                                Maintenance Operations – Regulation 22

           Maintenance Operations                    N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action       Risk
 (a) Is maintenance carried out with the machine
stopped and isolated?
 (b) If the answer to (a) is NO, is it reasonably
practical to do so without exposing people to
           Maintenance Operations                    N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action     Risk
 (c) If the answer to (b) is NO, are other
measures taken for protection – e.g. additional
guarding, limited movement, PPE?

                            Markings and Warning – Regulations 23 & 24

             Markings & Warnings                     N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action     Risk
 (a) Is the equipment appropriately marked for
Health & Safety purposes – e.g. safe working
load, colour-coded pipework and emergency
stop signs?
 (b) Do all markings comply with the safety signs
 (c) Are all such warnings unambiguous to
understand and see?

                                      Mobile Work Equipment
                  Employees Carried on Mobile Work Equipment – Regulation 25

                 Specific Risks                      N   Y     Comments/Remedial         Risk
                                                                    Action              Rating
 (a) Is the carrying apparatus suitable for
carrying persons?
 (b) Does the carrying apparatus reduce the risk
to as low as is reasonably practicable, the risks
to a person’s safety including risks from wheels
or tracks?

                      Rolling Over of Mobile Work Equipment – Regulation 26

                  Specific Risk                      N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action     Risk
 (a) Where there is risk of work equipment rolling
over is the equipment stabilised?
 (b) Is there a structure on the equipment that
ensures that it does no more than fall onto its
 (c) Is there a structure that gives sufficient
clearance to anyone being carried if it overturns
further than that? or:-
 (d) A device that gives comparable protection?

                          Overturning of Fork Lift Trucks – Regulation 27

                  Maintenance                        N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action     Risk
 (a) Has the FLT been adapted/equipped to
reduce to as low as is reasonably practicable the
danger from it overturning?

                          Self-Propelled Work Equipment – Regulation 28

                  Maintenance                        N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action    Risk
 (a) Has the work equipment got facilities to
prevent it being started by any unauthorised
 (b) Has the work equipment got appropriate
facilities for minimising the consequences of a
 (c) Does the work equipment have a device for
breaking and stopping?
 (d) Does the work equipment have constraints
to stop the work equipment in an emergency, in
the event of a failure of the main facility?
 (e) Where the driver’s vision is inadequate to
ensure safety, are there adequate devices in
place to improve his vision?
 (f) If the work equipment is used at night, is
adequate lighting provided to carry out the work
tasks and carry them out safely?
 (g) If the work equipment is required to carry
any item that could be classed as a fire hazard,
does the work equipment carry appropriate fire
fighting equipment, unless there is always
sufficient, suitable fire fighting equipment kept

                Remote Controlled Self-Propelled Work Equipment – Regulation 29

                      Risk                           N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action    Risk
 (a) Where remote controlled equipment involves
a safety risk whilst it is in motion, does it stop
automatically once it leaves its control range?
 (b) Where there is a risk of crushing or impact,
does it incorporate features to guard against
such risk, unless other devices are able to do

                                   Summary of remedial actions

Ref No                            Action                         By      Target       Actual
                                                                whom   completion   completion
                                                                          date         date

                                                                         Addendum to Appendix 1
                    Requirements of PUWER in relation to Power Presses
                               Thorough Examination – Regulation 32

                   Examination                         N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action    Risk
 (a) Has thorough inspection of work equipment
been carried out prior to initial commissioning,
re-commissioning, or re-assembly?
 (b) Is a routine of regular, thorough inspection in
operation? (Every 12 months for fixed guard only
equipment, 6 months for all others)?
 (c) Have all such regular inspection been
 (d) Are the records up to date?
 (e) Whenever exceptional circumstances have
arisen that are liable to jeopardise the safety of
the power press or its protection devices, has
thorough inspection been carried out after
remedy of any defects?

                     Inspection of Guards & Protection Devices – Regulation 33

   Inspection of Guards/Protection Devices             N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action    Risk
 (a) After setting/resetting/adjustment (unless
trying or die proving), have the protective devices
been inspected?
 (b) Are the guards been inspected on a regular
 (c) Are the inspections recorded, including
location of all protective devices/guards, identity
of press, time, date and signature & name of
inspector (records should state whether each
device is in place and/or effective for its purpose)
and a certificate generated?
 (d) Is the person carrying out such inspection
competent, and appointed, in writing?
 (e) Are the records up to date?

                                         Reports – Regulation 34

                     Reports                           N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action    Risk
 (a) Has the person(s) carrying out examinations
of protective devices notified the employer of any
defect in a press guard or protective device,
which could become a danger to persons?
 (b) Has the person carrying out the test and
finding a defect supplied a written report to the
employer, detailing the defect?
 (c) Has a further copy of the report been sent to
the Enforcing Authority?

                                Keeping of Information – Regulation 35

             Keeping of Information                    N   Y   Comments/Remedial Action    Risk

 (a) Are all reports filed, in order that they are
available for at least 24 months?
 (b) Has the certificate been placed near or on
the power press, only to be replaced by any later


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