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S K I L L S        S U M M A R Y
Web designer and developer with extensive graphic design experience. Specialties include UI design and creative direction
for web and print communications. Proven ability to bridge creative and technical skill sets in collaborative environment.

        Website design
        UI Design
        Web Content Management / Maintenance
        E-Marketing
        HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XHTML
        Adobe CS3 Suite
        CMS / Vignette


Web Designer/ Developer / Graphic Designer
        Managed development of website redesign for engineering firm. Directed the development of html templates and
         provided specifications for navigation and page flow. Designed web pages, implemented content changes, and
         developed templates with updated branding to 3 party vendors. Ensured consistent branding. Exceeded client
        Took on key role of web developer for a Comcast network including the development and design of 3 external websites.
         Managed the daily development of Asian Excellence Awards site. Coordinated and implemented design, flash and
         streaming video elements as well as advertising. Responsibilities included elimination and transition of 2 external sites,
         server maintenance, website tracking and monitoring of 3 party hosting and domains as sites transitioned. Developed
         email marketing newsletters using Constant Contact.
        Created over 200 graphics and custom illustrations for 6 hour web-based course. Developed concept and mixed media
         illustrations, layout and design treatment of visual elements. Met tight deadlines and client expectations.
        Graphic Design of electronic and outdoor advertising and presentation for print and PowerPoint from design through to
         production. Strengthened corporate identity via consistent imagery and branding for fast-growing customer care

Web Designer/ Developer
Web and User Interface design, development and content management of company websites, marketing materials,
transactional sites and custom web tools. Interfaced with IT and Marketing Communications teams daily to develop and
maintain web strategy.

        UI lead for multiple projects including Identity Management and Promotions Database. Implemented process using
         wireframes and interactive prototyping to define content and navigation for custom screens. Worked with Java
         developers to modify third party e-commerce application to accommodate GE standards and branding. Built html
         templates to integrate vendor and internal content and establish UI design guidelines.

        Supported Marketing Communication’s initiatives and events, coordinating and prioritizing projects daily. Produced
         internal and external communication vehicles such as e-marketing campaigns, promotional graphics, animated
         banners and newsletters. Expanded and enhanced intranet to closely align with GE standards.

        Designed website to align with company name and identity transitions. Merged GE.com and GE Access visual
         identity into a new GE Access Distribution look and feel. Re-branded entire website within three weeks to new Avnet
         Technology Solutions identity. Managed internal and external sites using Vignette and SharePoint.

        Branded and architected 600 page Web. Developed web strategy to align with VOC input and E-services initiatives.
         Streamlined content, simplified navigation and enhanced web functionality. Utilized Web Trends to better monitor
         and report web site usage.

        Exceeded SLA’s despite 2/3 reduced resources and expanded responsibilities in self-managed work environment.
         Maintained a high level of accuracy and attention to detail. Use of CSS, JavaScript includes and simplified screen
         layouts decreased by over 50% the number of files modified from previous year. Completed a total of over 500
         projects in one year. Streamlined test and production web content deployment process using CVS.
       Coordinated development of custom web sites with outside agencies. Developed coding standards and created
        templates; ensured consistent application of visual identity. Reduced future costs for maintenance and customization
        by incorporating site into current web content process.

Senior Graphic Designer
Lead graphic designer responsible for the concept, design and implementation of all multimedia courseware graphics from
concept to production for web and CD-ROM delivery.

       Established high standards and a reputation for design excellence and innovation that led to increased customer
        satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately resulting in the expansion of a four-person satellite office to over thirty employees
        acquired by Thomson Corporation.

       Provided creative direction for large-scale content intensive web sites, applying navigational schemes and graphic
        standards, to increase usability of telecommunication software and corporate leadership training sites.

       Identified audience needs, developed creative visual solutions and provided art direction for interactive training
        program that increased job performance of newly hired Bank Tellers and resulted in the successful introduction of a
        new product line.

       Devised innovative custom training solution for BMW dealership managers to promote decision-making skills using
        engaging video, high quality graphics, 3-D and photography to simulate real-world situations.

       Managed three artists, scheduled and monitored photography. Achieved high volume of graphic production output
        with limited resources and budget.

       Presented concepts to corporate clients, consulted with project leads, technical and development staff to create
        viable design solutions on a daily basis. Recognized for positive contributions by company management on an on-
        going basis.

BANK OF NEW ENGLAND, Boston, Massachusetts
Art Director

       Managed the design and implementation of a new bank product resulting in a revenue increase of over $1 billion.
       Responsible for directing the design and production of all sales promotional material for over one million bank
        customers and employees corporate-wide.
       Designed and produced collateral material, POP and direct mail from concept to pre-press for 4 banks and 9 bank
       Managed all aspects of one to six-color print production ensuring accurate and timely product delivery.
       Presented design concepts to Sr. Management and clients; supervised a network of five contract artists and
        interacted daily with writers and staff to develop appropriate design solutions.

A D D I T I O N A L             E X P E R I E N C E             &    S K I L L S
       Museum and gallery exhibit design
       Television broadcast identity design and advertising
       Packaging, direct mail design, Outdoor advertising

E D U C A T I O N           &     T R A I N I N G

    Computer Graphic Design Certificate, Platt College, Denver, CO
    Intensive Web Site Design, Lynda Weinman, Ojai Digital Arts Center
    Project Management training (PMI)
    User Interface engineering and WebTrends training

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