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How West Lancs fixed Repairs

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									                                                       West Lancashire Borough Council expects to save £190,000 a
                                                       year after re-engineering their repairs service and introducing
                                                       repair logging with Northgate RepairFinder. The Council has
                                                       reduced pre-inspections, staff numbers are down and customer
                                                       service is set to improve. Overall, Council performance is on
                                                       line to meet Audit Commission requirements.

                                                       How West Lancs fixed Repairs

                                                       Everyone	benefits                   No	need	for	experts                  Automatic	orders
                                                       West Lancashire Borough             Today, a Technical expert isn’t      The system generates the order
                                                       Council expects to save             necessary. Customer Service          automatically, and issues one
                                                       £190,000 a year after               staff can identify the repair and    service request covering all
                                                       reorganising its property           issue a correct order, because       the relevant contractors. And,
                                                       services and using Northgate        RepairFinder is integrated           if a tenant chases a repair, the
                                                       RepairFinder.                       with West Lancs’ CRM system          advisor can see all the details
             •	 £190,000	p.a.	savings                                                      (Northgate Front Office).            at a glance in Front Office and
             •	 Customer	service	                      It has streamlined the entire                                            offer any necessary advice.
                improved,	including	access	            process for logging and             Now when tenants call,
                to	110	other	Council	                  completing tenants’ repairs,        advisors find the property           Anybody,	anytime,	anywhere
                services                               and everyone has benefited.         in Front Office, go into             Everything is so accessible and
             •	 Fewer	pre-inspections                  The Council has cut costs,          RepairFinder, and use a              flexible. For example, by adding
             •		Repairs	done	sooner                    customers get a better service      graphical diagnostic tool to         Northgate Repairs Direct, the
                                                       and contractors waste less time     identify the precise repair that’s   Council has enabled staff to
             •		Non-specialists	excel                  and materials.                      needed.                              report repairs by phone from
                                                                                                                                remote sites, and that’s just
             “Integrating RepairFinder                 The key is that repairs are         The system also prompts              the start. In the future, field
             with Northgate CRM,                       actioned more quickly, with         them to check vital details.         staff could log repairs from a
             and using the on-line                     fewer pre-inspections or visits     For example, is the repair an        tenants’ home using a mobile
                                                       to tenant properties. This is       emergency that needs a same-         device.
             repair diagnostic tool,                   because it’s so much easier         day response? Is it actually the
             has totally transformed                   to log and process repairs          tenant’s responsibility? Finally,    And, to save the Council yet
             service delivery”                         with RepairFinder. Even non-        they log the repair, set a target    more time and cost, tenants
                                                       specialists can do it, whereas it   date, fix priorities, arrange        can log repairs in the system
             Peter	Morrison                            used to need an expert, with up     access, and send it to the back      themselves over the Internet.
             Performance and Project Manager,          to 18 months training.              office/ contractor.
             Housing and Property Services Division,
             West Lancashire Borough Council
                                           Cut	out	the	travel                           More	with	less                            Vote	of	confidence
                                           West Lancs serves a population               It will also have a smaller               Overall, the Council expects
                                           of 108,994 and processes                     staffing component by using               to make savings of £190,000 a
Customer Service                           some 32,000 repairs a year.
                                           Of these, 24,000 are day-to-
                                                                                        RepairFinder. The Council
                                                                                        has moved repair handling
                                                                                                                                  year that it can invest in front
                                                                                                                                  line housing services. “We
is set to improve                          day response repairs and, since              from a specialist call centre             balloted our tenants in 2005
with fewer staff                           it is a semi-rural borough, this
                                           adds up to a lot of travel. So,
                                                                                        to its Customer Services
                                                                                        Team, which is more efficient.
                                                                                                                                  about stock transfer and they
                                                                                                                                  confirmed strongly that they
                                           it’s especially valuable that                “Using customer-focused staff             wanted to stay with us. We were
                                           RepairFinder and Repairs Direct              we expect to see the service              determined to repay this vote
                                           can reduce the number of pre-                improve with less resource”,              of confidence with the best
                                           inspections that staff have                  said Peter Morrison, the                  possible property service we can
                                           to make.                                     Performance and Project                   offer. RepairFinder is helping us
                                                                                        Manager, Housing and Property             achieve this. We’re delighted
                                           It helps the Council to save                 Services Division of West                 with the system, and with the
                                           time, cut fuel costs and reduce              Lancashire Borough Council.               service we’ve received from
                                           its carbon footprint.                                                                  Northgate”, Mr. Morrison said.

                     West Lancashire is
                       a glorious mix of
                     vibrant towns and
                  picturesque villages.
                     Ormskirk, its civic
                      heart, has one of
                   the country’s oldest
                        markets, dating
                          back to 1286.

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