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  kARBON ProMailer

  Email Marketing Software.
  Transforming the way customers
  interact with your brand.

   Send beautiful email campaigns, track the results and
   manage subscribers.
   Karbon ProMailer offers everything a business needs to run successful email marketing
   campaigns for themselves.

   We don’t impose any design restrictions, and you won’t find any ugly ‘powered by’ logos or branding either.
   What you do get is all your campaign images hosted at no additional cost, plenty of design advice and a
   gallery of inspirational examples to help you create something awesome.

   Built with business in mind, you can create your email designs using your favorite tools and then import
   them into your account with the click of a mouse. We’ll automatically move all your CSS inline for the best
   results in email clients like Gmail and Outlook.

     Create beautiful campaigns              Only pay when you send                            Reporting and analytics

     We take all the pain out of list        Simple pricing that means you                     Great looking reports that let
     management by handling the              only pay when you send, no                        you measure the effectiveness
     messy stuff like bounces and            monthly or hidden fees.                           of every campaign you send. Go
     unsubscribes automatically.                                                               beyond opens and link clicks and
                                             Top notch deliverability                          measure your campaign related
     Whether you’ve got a small                                                                sales, conversions and ROI with
     list, or need to get your hands         Authentication, relationships                     our Google Analytics integration.
     dirty with segmenting and               with ISP’s and more ensure your                   We even show you what email
     personalisation, we’ve got you          emails are delivered.                             clients your subscribers are using.

    Simple Pricing        A one time license fee and then only pay as you send - you remain in control.

    Powerful Reporting    Easy to use reports that deliver indepth information. Also integrates with Google Analytics.

    On-line Access        Secure access anywhere solution. No software to download no indepth training required.

    Target Customers      If you have the data then ProMailer can interrogate it, personalise it and target exactly who you need and when.
kARBON Creative

   ProMailer enables businesses to reach their customers
   quickly, effectively and at a low cost.

   Simple Pricing                        Single click design and spam
                                         testing                                                        Signup Forms
   When you use Karbon                                                                                  Use our simple form builder to
   ProMailer pricing is really very      Testing your design in all                                     create signup forms you can
   simple — You have a one off           the different email clients is                                 easily add to your site.
   License fee that includes your        the most frustrating part of
   first template design, testing        sending email campaigns. Our                                   Export to Excel
   and account set-up.                   design and spam testing tool                                   Select the fields and export any
                                         changes all that by doing the                                  list in your account straight to
   After that you only pay when          hard work for you.                                             Excel.
   you send an email campaign
   to more than 5 people.                Send free tests to any address
                                         you like, or for a small fee                                   Confirmed Opt-in
   •    No report hosting fees           (and a single click) see your                                  Require subscribers to confirm
   •    No monthly costs                 email as it appears in over                                    their email address when signing
   •    Just a flat delivery fee         20 different email clients like                                up to your list.
        of £10, plus 5 pence for         Lotus Notes, Hotmail, Outlook
        each recipient                   2007 and AOL.                                                  Preference Centers
                                                                                                        Let your recipients manage their
   So to send an email to 500            We’ll also run your campaign                                   own subscription preferences.
   people would cost £10 plus            through popular spam filters
   (500 x £0.05), just £35.              at the desktop, server and
                                         firewall level before you send                                 Custom Fields
   Big discounts for big senders         it.                                                            Store anything you like on
                                                                                                        subscribers and easily insert them
   We offer big discounts to             Never touch a spreadsheet                                      into email content.
   big senders. If you’re a big          again
   sender or want to avoid lots of                                                                      Customise Everything
   small transactions, we offer a        ProMailer automatically                                        Change the look and feel of every
   pre-purchasing service where          handles all new signups,                                       element; fonts, colours imagery
   you can buy email credits in          unsubscribes, bounces and                                      and more.
   advance. You can use them             even spam complaints for you
   any time you wish and they            behind the scenes.
   never expire, plus we’re happy        Keep on the right side of spam                                 Segments
   to refund any credits you don’t       laws without having to think                                   Send targeted campaigns to
   use.                                  about it.                                                      groups of subscribers based on
                                                                                                        your own criteria.

    Customise              You are in control. Choose from over 30 templates or create something unique at no extra cost.

    List Management        Powerful list management automatically updates based on a recipients settings - saving you time and money.

    Custom Fields          Store anything you like on subscribers and easily insert them into email content.

    Export to Excel        Select the fields and export any list in your account straight into Excel.

   ORDER NOW OR GET A FREE DEMO:                                                                        Suppression lists
                                                                                                        Never send to anyone who has
   Karbon ProMailer is designed          Each ProMailer account is fully                                unsubscribed, bounced or marked
   for businesses looking to             configured on your behalf and                                  you as spam.
   create and send beautiful,            we will also guide you through
   targeted and relevant email to        the process in the future at
   their customers.                      a moments notice - free of                                     RSS feed for list activity
                                         charge.                                                        Track new subscriber activity for
   We have worked hard to                                                                               any of your lists without needing
   remove all of the hassle in           To order or for a free demo                                    to login.
   sending professional email            of ProMailer, please call
   resulting in a system that is         0845 241 5941 and we will
                                                                                                        Flexible importing
   intuative to use, fast, reliable      set up your account today.
                                                                                                        No matter the format your lists
   and delivers results.
                                                                                                        are in, we make it easy to import
                                                                                                        into your account.

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