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Description of Program

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					Description of Program:

Core Courses
o Intensive workshop-based courses of 1-3 days in duration
o Offered once every year and taught by experts in the field

Other (option) Courses
o half-a-day or one-day option courses
o delve into more details on the subject
o offered on average every other year

o $150 for three-day courses
o $100 for two-day courses
o $50 for full-day courses
o $25 for half-day courses

OCE will subsidize course fees, meals and accommodation, as well as cover travel costs
to a maximum of $200. At the end of the program, each student completing their course
of VAP studies will receive a framed completion certificate.

Applications are accepted at any time and must include:

-   Your personal information, as per the attached application form;
-   A summary detailing your reasons for wanting to enter the program, including a
    demonstration of the understanding of the time and financial commitment (max 250
-   A list of the courses you are interested in taking;
-   An up-to-date curriculum vitae;
-   A letter of support from your supervisor recommending your participation in the VAP
-   A Deposit cheque in the amount of $100 credited to your first VAP course.

Send completed applications to the attention of:

Roxy Hamilton
VAP Program Manager
OCE Inc.
2625 Queensview Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K2B 8K2
Value-Added Personnel Program
Application Form
Please type in the requested information and mail your application and $100 deposit
cheque to:

Roxy Hamilton
OCE Inc.
2625 Queensview Drive
Ottawa, ON K2B 8K2

Full name:

Full Address at work/school:

Full address at home:

Telephone numbers:
   - Home:
   - Work:
   - Cell or others:
   - Fax:

Email address:

Program (Master's or Ph.D.):
   - Supervisor:
   - OCE-funded project working on:
   - Expected date of graduation from graduate program:

Please submit below a text detailing your reasons for wanting to enter the program,
including a demonstration of your understanding of the time and financial commitment
(max 250 words)

[Include your text on the next page]
    Please list the courses that you are interested in taking:

        Value-Added Personnel Program Courses
                                                      Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer
                                                      (Option Course)
                                                      Fundamental knowledge of intellectual property and
                                                      technology transfer has been identified by Ontario
Business and Entrepreneurship Skills                  industry as essential to a potential hire’s skillset.
Development (Core Course)                             Find out how to declare an invention and how to
                                                      protect intellectual property; learn about technology
Learn how to move ideas out of the lab and into
                                                      transfer and how to implement the tech transfer
the marketplace with a course that covers the         process.
business basics and putting your business plan
into action.
                                                      Market Strategy (Option Course)
                                                      Study the relationship between sales and marketing
                                                      and how to utilize this knowledge to succeed with
                                                      high-tech products and services.

Strategic and Business Planning (Core                 New Ventures (Option Course)
Course)                                               Understand and develop the skill set to
This course presents you with the analytical          commercialize a new technology using a start-up as
                                                      a vehicle. Learn how to prepare a business pitch
tools to assess firms, industries and business
                                                      and how to market your ideas.
opportunities and the basic principles of
strategic management and planning.

                                                      Leadership (Option Course)
                                                      This course is prepared to raise your awareness of
Team-Based Project Management (Core                   leadership skills that will enable you to uncover your
Course)                                               potential as a leader, develop your own leadership
In this course we offer the tools that will assist    style and generally understand varied leadership
in managing projects. Through case studies            strategies.
learn to recognize the root causes of project
failures as well as the need, value and
importance of soft skills when managing               Visual Presentation Skills (Option Course
projects.                                             Learn how to structure and design a visual
                                                      presentation and thought process necessary to
                                                      design an excellent presentation.

Networking & Communications (Core                     Business Etiquette (Option Course)
Course)                                               Learn to use proper manners and protocol in a
Develop your effectiveness when attending             variety of business situations, including participating
conferences, competing in research                    in a variety of social settings, working with
competitions, and in job interviews.                  colleagues in and out of the office.

    Please include the following with your completed application form:
        An up-to-date CV
        A confidential letter of support from your supervisor, recommending you for participation
         in the VAP program.
        A cheque in the amount of $100. This deposit will be applied to your first VAP courses.

Sign and date your application:

Name: ______________________________________
Date: ______________________
Last update: May, 2009.