Episode Careful what you wish for Opportunities offered for by fdjerue7eeu


Episode Careful what you wish for Opportunities offered for

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									Episode: Careful   Opportunities offered for curriculum development/reinforcement   Links to
what you wish                                                                       website
for                                                                                 activities

Examples of        Principle curriculum area covered: CLL
values and         Communication, language and literacy
principles   Writing                        In this episode it is Pinny’s birthday. Ask the
                                            children about their birthdays and other special
                                            days and talk about how we give each other cards.
                                            Children could write their own cards for the other
                                            children in their class on their special days.

                                            Onny talks about making a cake, and lists the
                                            ingredients she needs – flour, sugar, chocolate and
                                            eggs. You could make cakes with the children,
                                            modeling the following of a recipe, and encourage
                                            children to write their own shopping lists and

                                            If you use the ideas for discussing ‘what you would
                                            wish for’, the children could write and illustrate their
                                            ideas using emergent writing.

                                            In this episode, Yam Yam has to apologise twice
             Conversational conventions     when he does things wrong. The first time is when
                                            he breaks the eggs, and the second when he
                                            breaks Pinny’s painting. You could use these
                                            examples as a stimulus to talk about when we
                                            should say ‘sorry’. It is also interesting to talk about
                                            the difference between ‘deliberately’ breaking things
                                            or doing it by accident, and how in both cases it is
                                            important to apologise. You could also draw
                                            attention to Pinny’s response to his apology, ‘That’s
                                            alright’ she says and they both smile.

                                            The characters use a lot of language that helps
             Language for thinking skills   them to solve problems. Examples to model to the
             and problem solving            children are, ‘we just need to find out which way to
                                            go’, ‘How will we make the cake now?’, ‘one step at
                                            a time’ and ‘I’m sure we’ll think of something’.

                                            The storyline of this episode is similar to ‘Aladdin’
             Reading                        who finds a magic lamp. You could read the
             (Understanding and enjoying    children this story, and talk about what they would
Links and ideas for curriculum development in other areas:

Personal, social and emotional development

Friendship and community     This episode offers several examples of how friends
                             within a community think of, and help, each other.
                             When Onny suggests a surprise for Pinny’s
                             birthday, Gully is really pleased for her and thinks
                             about what Pinny might like for her birthday. Bodkin
                             is similarly excited when he thinks how pleased
                             Pinny will be, ‘When I bring back some treasure’.
                             Encourage the children to think about what others
                             might like as a present, and why.

Mathematical development

Numbers as labels and for    Birthdays provide an excellent context for the
counting / calculating and   development of children’s number skills. Use the
estimating                   idea of a birthday cake with candles to represent
                             each year of the children’s ages to develop one to
                             one correspondence, and simple addition and
                             subtraction stories, for example – Pinny is 5. Yam
                             Yam is 3 – how much older is Pinny than Yam

                             Use birthday cards that the children make with
                             different ages on them, or shop-bought cards, to
                             develop their ordering skills.

Knowledge and understanding of the world
A sense of place: features of   In this episode Pi is shown fixing a signpost to the
the environment                 mountain and Bodkin reading a map to find the
                                treasure. Talk to the children about how we find our
                                way around places, asking them to spot signposts
                                etc. when you are ‘out and about’ or on their way to
                                and from school. You could design signs for where
                                things are in the setting or the outside area.
                                Children can make up their own ‘maps’ of the
                                classroom and their homes.

                                Ruddle and Bodkin find the magic tea-pot in a cave.
                                Talk about what it would be like in this environment,
                                why things don’t grow, and what might live in a
                                cave. You could encourage them to make a ‘cave’
                                environment, and even try growing plants in dark,
                                cold areas to see what happens. This could lead to
                                an exploration of light and dark and using torches to
                                explore light sources.

Creative development

Exploring media and materials   Huge spiders’ webs are shown on the walls of the
Art                             cave that Bodkin and Ruddle find. You could
                                develop this theme by looking at spiders webs
                                (especially with dew or frost on them), then
                                encouraging children to make or draw their own,
                                using a variety of media and materials.

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