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					                                                                                         monica way

Career Summary:
Creative, hard-working designer, information architect and lean business-oriented logical thinker
experienced in new technologies and interactive media, who wakes and sleeps thinking about sustainability,
user-interface design and how to globally improve systems of commercial waste on an organizational level.
Less IS more.


       Director Production & Design
        September '03 to present
        JamBase, Inc., San Francisco, CA
            o Production
                     Rapid production and design of thousands of unique, graphical concepts, HTML
                         e-mailings, e-cards and e-posters used in geographically-targeted email-based
                         marketing campaigns for the music industry’s top bands, venues, promoters and
                     Design complex, user-oriented solutions to streamline information systems
                         within the company’s broad spectrum of community-connecting goals.
                     Build and code the company’s national Monthly Newsletter reaching over
                         140,000 inboxes every month.
                     Collaborate with Production and Marketing Leads to develop and improve the
                         content, design, and principal message of all of the company’s geo-targeted
                         email-based marketing campaigns in order to enhance user experience and
                         increase website registration, email open-rates, and unique click-throughs.
                     All design and code work executed on Windows XP Adobe Photoshop CS2 and
                         Macromedia Dreamweaver.
            o Organizational Management
                     Manage, direct and coordinate assignments for the company’s many off-site
                         Designers, including acting as the communication liaison between the internal
                         Sales Department and off-site Designers, guiding multi-player design teams in
                         efforts to improve end-user experience and gauging new ways of perfecting
                         information design on the company’s content-heavy site.
                     Initiate meetings and discussion acting as an outlet for Sales to voice their needs
                         of new features to aid in their day-to-day activities
                     Acting as a ongoing watchdog of organizational communication between
                         Production & Sales, constant evolution and tweaking of communication lines to
                         help repetitive systems run more smoothly
            o Project Management
                     Complete administration and authority of redesigning, reorganizing and re-
                         strategizing the Peer-to-peer community driven section of, known
                         as MyJamBase.
                     Directed multiple cross-department teams to the successful redesign of the
                         Services Section. Aid Sales department in planning, building and implementing
                         an entire new line of Marketing materials.
            o Sustainability & Green Issues
                     Manage and research the company’s recent purchase of REC (renewable energy
                         credits). Initiating JamBase’s Green-e certification.
                     Conceived of, organized and oversaw the creation of the company’s
                global warming channel.
                     Strategizing future developments regarding personalized Green logo to be used
                         in the search results pages of the website to introduce users to bands, venues,
                    promoters and fans who had made a commitment to using renewables and
                    offsetting the costs of their travel to and from a festival or musical show.
        o    Marketing & Strategy
                 Initiating company-wide marketing strategy meetings which define new
                    marketing message for JamBase and MyJamBase.
                 Lead Marketing summer budget/fiscal discussions.
                 Spearhead numerous market research campaigns to gain knowledge of the email
                    marketing industry.
                 Initiate endless planning solutions to improve the performance of the company’s
                    website, to increase registration, draw users, and gain clientele.

   Freelance Web Designer
    January '03 to September '03, San Francisco, CA
        o Operated as the primary designer, conceiver, project manager and copywriter of 7 large
             commercial web sites including two company profile sites, an e-commerce site, and three
             artist's portfolio sites.

   Web Designer
    September '00 to December '02
    Insight Designs Web Solutions, LLC, Boulder, CO
         o Operated as the primary designer of over 45 commercial web sites including B2B sites,
             company profile sites, e-commerce sites, artist portfolio sites, non-profit and education
         o Responsible for all areas of design production including layout, typography, marketing
             message, flash animation, image selection and recommendation, color palette selection,
             manual graphics creation/exportation and HTML hand-coding.
         o Provided advanced coding solutions using HTML and Javascript.
         o Collaborated with clients and coworkers to provide art direction throughout the duration
             of each project.
         o Conceived and implemented template based design method for artist portfolio web sites.
         o Rendered art direction of corporate identity design and brand creation for clients
             requiring this work.
         o Performed cross-browser and cross-operating-system testing for many of the web sites
             mentioned above.
         o All design work executed on Mac OS 9 and OS X using Macromedia Fireworks,
             Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Photoshop, BBEdit and Fetch FTP.

   Web Designer
    February '00 to August '00
    Total Site, Inc., Boulder, CO
         Created UI and web site designs for a variety of businesses and clients utilizing my
             graphic arts education background and negotiation.
         Worked closely with programmers to create back and front-end e-commerce sites with
             browser-based applications.
        o All work executed on Mac OS 8 and OS 9 using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Imageready,
             Adobe Illustrator, Adobe GoLive, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Freehand and
             Macromedia Dreamweaver.
Software Knowledge:

        Fluent in: Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Flash, BBEdit, entirely hand-
         coded HTML, CSS, Javascript

        Competent in: Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, File Maker Pro, Excel, Word

        Familiar with: Javascript, DHTML, XML, MYSQL, PHP, PERL


        Visual and Communication Arts
         Franklin College Switzerland, Lugano, Switzerland
         Relevant coursework included Art History, Psychology of Art, Painting, Writing, Communication,
         International Affairs, Political Science, German and Italian.

        Summer Exchange Program
         Summer 1996
         St. Peter's College & Pembroke College, Oxford England
         Summer Studio Art and English earning honors. Assisted Professor William Bird in the
         production of his ultimately published book, "Oxford Through The Line", a collection of drawings
         and sketches of Oxford. Contribution including proofreading, layout input and cover design.

Professional References:

        Andy Gadiel
         Founder & President, JamBase, Inc.
         San Francisco, CA

        David Rosenheim
         CEO, JamBase, Inc
         San Francisco, CA

        Nico Toutenhoofd
         Partner, Insight Designs Web Solutions, LLC
         Boulder, CO

        Beth Krodel
         Partner, Insight Designs Web Solutions, LLC
         Boulder, CO

        Matt Helm
         Web Designer, Total Site, Inc.
         Boulder, CO

Please note: Contact information for all references is available upon request.

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