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									OMM Product Manual

    OMM Ultra Waist pouch 4L
                          OMM Ultra Waist Pouch 4L - PRODUCT MANUAL

    OMM Features

      A larger Waist Pouch with innovative “quick stash” single handed bottle holster,
      supplied complete with Ultra Bottle.
      Why only one holster? Avoiding bounce is the key factor.

      There is an extra horizontal sleeve inside to hold a second bottle close to the body.
      Compression elastics to stabilise load or stash additional gear. Whistle integrated
      with zip puller.

      The Ultra Bottle is 66mm diameter - not the 76mm standard for cycle bottles. It is
      therefore easier to hold in the hand for long periods, and bounces less.

      The Ultra Bottle has a wide opening and fill marks to make it easy to add drinks
      powders. Also available as an accessory.

      Linking System
      Ultra Waist Pouch has linking buckles to fit to The Last Drop to give a 14 litre pack,
      complete with belt pockets. Alternatively the belt can be folded away in the integral
      pocket, and the Ultra Waist Pouch can be attached to the linking buckles under the
      lid of our larger packs.”

  Elastic compression cord
                                                                         Clips aid compression and
                                                                         help link to other OMM

Zipped Pockets with key
clips inside
                                                                66mm Waterbottle pouch

                    Clips capture elastic from
                    top to aid compresion                Whistle on zip pull

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                OMM Ultra Waist Pouch 4L - PRODUCT MANUAL

   ***        Fell running
   ***        Trail running
              2 Day mountain marathons
    **        Adventure racing
   ***        Day walks
              Long distance walking
    *         Weekend / ultralight backpacking
   ***        Expedition / travel
    *         Ski touring
    **        Cragging
   ***        Via ferratta/scrambling
   ***        MTB
    *         Mountaineering

Full Weight       Leanweight      Volume         BackLength   Pockets

  220gms            190gms         4.5L             N/A          3

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                    OMM Ultra Waist Pouch 4L - PRODUCT MANUAL

OMM So, whats new?

The OMM Waist Pack 3 has been a great success, but we couldn’t leave it there – so
listening to your feedback we have increased performance by creating the OMM Ultra
waist Pack 4L

Now with a larger zipped waist belt pocket for added security – Key clips inside to
make sure you don’t lose valuables.

Fully OMM Leanweight Linking System compatible – this pouch can be used as a
standalone system or integrates with other packs for added versatility.

It comes complete with an OMM water bottle. This is a purpose designed, wide
opening bottle for easy use with energy powders, and marked for SIS powders. It is an
ideal size to carry in your hand.

Internal pouch for second bottle, along with mobile phone/GPS pouch, and pen holder.

Whistle supplied as standard - attached to main pouch zip.

Elastic on lid – can carry extra clothing, or be used to aid compression by linking to
clips on bottom seam.

Main waist belt can be concealed behind back pad, allowing it to be used in an OMM
pack as security pocket.

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                 OMM Ultra Waist Pouch 4L - PRODUCT MANUAL

 OMM Product overview

Our packs stand out from the crowd because of the following:-


             Unique method of customisation by stripping OMM Adventure Packs to
             their LEANWEIGHT™ or adding features .e.g. Mountain Mover pack is
             1.8 kg full weight and 700g LEANWEIGHT™


             Whether you are in UK uplands where water is freely available year
             round and doesn't (yet) need treatment --- or in a limestone area or hot
             desert where all water must be carried; our packs offer you total
             flexibility using traditional, readily available bladder systems and/or
             bottles – carried inside or outside the pack for rapid refill, right or left
             shoulder tube feed.


             Unique flexible designs enable you to carry any tool required for the
             route, journey or competition: compass, camera, poles, axes, skis,
             snow shoes, snow shovel and so much more See tool carry diagrams
             by each product


             For the lightweight pundits we provide advice on more aggressive
             customisation and still hold guarantees if you 'resort to the knife’


             A special configuration of harness attachment points and compression
             systems keeps the load with you


             Lightweight is achieved without strength loss by means of the OMM
             LEANWEIGHT™ (textile) CHASSIS

   7. OTMA:

             On The Move Accessibility. Means speed and efficiency on the hill. All
             the things ideally placed where you want them - when you want them.

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                 OMM Ultra Waist Pouch 4L - PRODUCT MANUAL

OMM Leanweight Link System (Patent applied for)

 This is a practical system driven by ideas coming from our lead user group.
 Efficiency on the hill comes from having your gear where you want it, when
 you want it. OMM Leanweight™ systems are about customising the pack
 capacity and capability.

 Ultra Waist Pouch has linking buckles to fit to The Last Drop to give a 14 litre
 pack, complete with belt pockets. Alternatively the belt can be folded away in
 the integral pocket, and the Ultra Waist Pouch can be attached to the linking
 buckles under the lid of our larger packs.

                                          Using the small cord buckle
                                          clips, the OMM Ultra waist
                                          Pouch 4 L will marry up to
                                          the clips under the lid flap of
                                          most OMM pack, this allows
                                          the Ultra waist pouch to be
                                          used as a secure pocket

                                          Again using the small cord
                                          clips, the OMM Ultra Waist
                                          pouch will match up with the
                                          OMM last drop making a
                                          larger 14L pack complete
                                          with waist belt pockets!

                                          The unique OMM 500ml
                                          drink bottle comes with the
                                          Ultra waist pouch, but due
                                          to its size can be used alone
                                          as a ‘hand held’ bottle, or
                                          intergrates with other OMM
                                          packs like the new
                                          Adventure Light 20L

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                 OMM Ultra Waist Pouch 4L - PRODUCT MANUAL

OMM Care and Maintainance

 How to - get best product life and performance

 All OMM packs are designed to be light and comfortable. Once a pack loses
 its DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish, it will get heavier and less
 comfortable when it rains due to the ingress of water into the fibres of the
 pack, especially the mesh.

 OMM recommend Grangers cleaning and re-proofing products. By treating
 the outer fabric with Granger’s Fabsil or Fabsil Gold products you will not only
 keep your OMM pack as light as the day you bought it, but also help prevent
 fabric damage due to U.V. degradation.
 Light soiling can be removed with a damp cloth. For more serious cleaning or
 re-proofing either hand or machine wash using Fabsil Universal Cleaner.
 If machine washing, then follow the instructions below.

    •   If a pack is particularly soiled in a certain area, Granger’s water based
        cleaner ‘Plus’ allows you to spot clean before you clean the entire pack.
        Simply apply a 50% treatment/water solution onto a clean cloth and
        gently work the solution into the soiled area. Make sure you wash the
        entire pack surface straight after applying the treatment
    •   Remove the Duomat, ice axe straps and loops.
    •   Make sure all zips and buckles are done up.
    •   Place inside an old pillowcase, to make sure that straps do not get
        tangled and caught.
    •   Wash at 30°C, synthetics cycle, short slow spin.
    •   Drip dry.
    •   Allow the pack to dry completely before applying Fabsil or Fabsil Gold

 Small tears in the rucksack fabric should be repaired promptly to stop them
 spreading and prevent fraying. This can be done using a proprietary repair
 tape such as Tenacious Tape, available from most specialist outdoor shops.
 To further strengthen the repair, seal the edges of the patch with seam seal
 adhesive. Effective temporary repairs can be made in the field using duct

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                        OMM Ultra Waist Pouch 4L - PRODUCT MANUAL

OMM Guarantee & contact details

 We have a no hassle guarantee meaning that we stand by our products at all
 times as being fit for the intended purpose.
 Returns and warranty claims. In the first instance, please contact the retailer
 from whom you purchased the product. Alternatively contact our UK Sales
 UK sales agents, after Sales Service:
 returns and warranty issues.

 ARK Group,
 Lowbrook Barn,
 Lancaster Road,
 LA2 6AL

 Tel   +44 (0)1524 822 084
 Fax   +44 (0)1524 824 417

 If you have comments or suggestions for improvements please email or call
 Mike Parsons on the product help line: (UK) 01768 482182

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