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					October 2009

Dear Parents

AS Theatre Studies

I am delighted your son or daughter has chosen to study Theatre Studies with us in the Drama
Department. The course is stimulating and demanding: it will provide a wealth of creative
opportunity for the students. The specification is available for you online at The
Welsh Board offers an excellent website. Please feel free to use it for support material as the course

The students will be examined in a range of disciplines. One of the modules requires the students to
write critically about live theatre, comparing and contrasting productions they have seen. In addition,
their practical work needs to be informed by contemporary theatre practice. To this end, we have
arranged a schedule of theatre trips, with tickets at heavily discounted student rates. I hope you will
also join me in supporting the students’ independent passion for cultural events. They need to
immerse themselves in live art! May I recommend a subscription to Time Out magazine? This provides
up to date listings of a range of cultural events in the West End and on the Fringe. The more the
students see, the more critically astute they become.

I would be grateful if students could attend all workshops, practical exam work and school
productions. We provide many opportunities for the students to see a wide variety of performance
art and I am disappointed when students don’t take advantage of our ‘in house’ work. The AS and A2
course demands a synoptic approach, which asks students to write about all the theatre they see.
Unless they see work, they can’t rob others’ ideas!

The students will sit an actual AS Practical Module in May 2010; more details to follow.

Monday 12 October
The Fastest Clock in the Universe by Philip Ridley:
Depart: 5.40pm from Redhill Station
Return: 11.30pm approximately to Redhill Station, unless alternative destination stated in writing.
Ticket Cost: £14.50
Students will need money for travelcard, dinner and a programme

Tuesday 3 November
Students to the V&A Museum all day, plus evening theatre trip

Meet outside Paperchase on Victoria Station at 10.30am. Travel together to V and A Museum, where
we will watch archive videos of set texts: The Chairs, Far Away and A Number. Students will also be
able to look at the Theatre Exhibitions and Costume Exhibitions. The visit will finish at about 5pm.
Students will then have free time until meeting at 7.00pm outside the Duchess Theatre to see
Endgame by Samuel Beckett

Return: 11.30pm to Redhill Station, unless alternative destination stated in writing
V&A and Theatre Ticket Cost: £4.80 + £16.80
Students will need money for travelcard, lunch, dinner and a programme

O:\DRAMA\2134 AS Theatre Studies Trips 2009-2010.doc
Wednesday 9 – Saturday 12 December
Anything Goes at Reigate Grammar School, Concert Hall, 7.30pm plus matinee Thursday and Saturday
at 2.30pm. The students will review the costume and lighting design of this production.

Saturday 19 December
Matinee: 2.30pm Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake at Sadler’s Wells
Ticket cost: £22.50
Students to meet staff outside Sadler’s Wells theatre at 2.00pm. Travel independent from staff.

Evening: 7.30pm 1984 by Blind Summit at the Battersea Arts Centre, Clapham
Students to meet staff outside the BAC at 7.00pm
Ticket cost: £14.00

Tuesday 12 January
Billy Elliott at Victoria Palace Theatre
Depart: 6.00pm Redhill Station
Return: 11.00pm to Redhill, unless alternative destination stated in writing.
Cost: £26.00

Sunday 17 January
Trestle Theatre Workshop with Sally Hayes £5: sign up on noticeboard.

Friday 22, Saturday 23 January
An Evening of Pinter, Drama Studio, Reigate Grammar School, 7.30pm.
Tickets: £5.00

Tuesday 23 February
RSC’s Twelfth Night
Depart: 5.30pm from Redhill Station
Return: 11.30pm approximately to Redhill Station
Ticket Cost: £28.50
Students will need money for travelcard, dinner and a programme.

March Thursday 4, Friday 5 and Saturday 6
The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Concert Hall, Reigate Grammar School.

Please note that tickets for theatre trips are non-refundable. If your son or daughter cannot use the
ticket at short notice, they are responsible for finding a substitute to take and pay for their ticket.
Once charged to your fee bill, money cannot be refunded.

My mobile number is 07903 584252 should you need to contact me or email Please note that I need written confirmation if students are travelling
independently to or from stations other than Redhill. This is a vital health and safety issue.

I would be grateful if you would complete the attached forms (indemnity and consent) and return
them to me at school by 8 October 2009.

We are planning to run a trip to the National Student Drama Festival in Scarborough during
Easter, 2010. Departing 8.30am, Saturday 27 March until 9pm, Friday 2 April.

O:\DRAMA\2134 AS Theatre Studies Trips 2009-2010.doc
This is an outstanding opportunity to see the best in student drama in the country, take part in
workshops and lectures with leading theatre artists and spend a week by the sea in a chilly northern
town! The approximate cost for train travel to and from Scarborough, tickets to all 15 productions,
all workshops and accommodation will be approximately £400. All details are at

At this stage I need an indication of interest. Further details to follow.

I look forward to seeing you over the coming term at various theatrical enterprises.

Best wishes

Yours sincerely

Sarah Branston
Director of Drama

O:\DRAMA\2134 AS Theatre Studies Trips 2009-2010.doc
Return to Miss S K Branston
Consent Form and Indemnity Form to be returned by 8 October 2009

Sixth Form Theatre Visits 2009-10

I am happy for my son or daughter………………………………………………..

in Form…………………. to join the following theatre trips.

Punk Rock                                        £15.00
The Fastest Clock                                £14.50
V&A Museum                                       £ 4.80
Endgame                                          £16.80
Swan Lake                                        £22.50
1984                                             £14.00
Billy Elliot                                     £26.00
Twelfth Night                                    £28.50

Total Cost to be charged to fee bill:                  £

I am understand that the total sum of £ ……………will be added to the fee bill.

I understand that these tickets are non-refundable.

I confirm that any alternative travel arrangements will be communicated in writing before the trip

I am clear that the students will be unsupervised on 3 November, between the V&A visit and meeting
at the Duchess Theatre to see Endgame. They will also be unsupervised on 19 December, between
matinee at Sadler’s Wells and evening performance at the BAC. The students are allowed to travel in
groups of three or more. They should be sensible and safe and behave according to the rules of the

I have enclosed an Indemnity Form, with details of any medical conditions and emergency contact



Scarborough NSDF 2010
(Please circle one of the above)

O:\DRAMA\2134 AS Theatre Studies Trips 2009-2010.doc

Dates and Theatre Trips                Punk Rock, Fastest Clock – 12/10, V&A Museum & Endgame 3/11, Swan Lake –
                                       19/12, 1984 – 19/12 and Twelfth Night – 23/12


I agree to my son/daughter ___________________________________________ taking part in the above trip.

I have read the details of the visit and I agree to his/her participation in the activities described and the supervision arrangements indicated.
I consent to him/her travelling by any form of public transport and/or in a motor vehicle driven by an adult member of the party. If
swimming is one of the activities involved, I will inform the group leader if I do NOT wish my child to take part.
I agree, insofar as they cannot be recovered under any policy of insurance, to reimburse the School for any costs and expenses reasonably
incurred or disbursed on my son’s or daughter’s behalf during the visit. I agree to indemnify any member of staff involved against any loss
of personal effects or money.
I acknowledge the need for my son/daughter to behave responsibly. In the event that their behaviour is, in the judgement of the Group
Leader, prejudicial to good order and/or the safety of other members of the party, I accept that the Group Leader shall be able to send my
son/daughter home early and that I shall reimburse the School for any costs or expenses incurred.

Medical information about your son/daughter
Please give details below if your child
(a) has any medical conditions requiring treatment, including medication*
(b) has any special dietary requirements
(c) has any allergies, including food and medication
(d) has recently been in contact with any contagious or infectious diseases

You must inform the Group Leader of any changes in the above information prior to departure

You must inform the Group Leader of any changes in the above information prior to departure. The Group Leader also reserves the right
to refuse to allow a sick pupil to accompany the trip, even on the day of departure, if he/she considers that pupil’s illness to be potentially
harmful to other participants on that trip.

*Any prescribed medication should be in its original container or packaging and accompanied by written instructions for its administration.

I agree to my son/daughter receiving medication as instructed and any emergency dental, medical or surgical treatment, including
anaesthetic or blood transfusion, as considered necessary by the medical authorities present.

I consent to my son/daughter being given paracetamol if required (delete if you do NOT give consent).

Signature of parent/guardian__________________________________________________________ Date __________________

Full name (CAPITALS)______________________________________________________________________________________
Emergency contact numbers



                                          Please return this form to the Group Leader
From time to time on school trips, alcohol is available for consumption, particularly at social functions. Please indicate if you would be
happy for your son or daughter to consume moderate amounts of alcohol (not spirits) on such occasions, whilst under supervision.
Please note that they must be of legal age to consume alcoholic drinks.

I give permission for _____________________________________________ to purchase and drink a moderate amount of alcohol
during the trip.
Signature of parent/guardian: __________________________________________

O:\DRAMA\2134 AS Theatre Studies Trips 2009-2010.doc
O:\DRAMA\2134 AS Theatre Studies Trips 2009-2010.doc

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