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Download the PPE-VPN-Pack.ZIP from the Pre-production Section of the
Technical Library

There are 2 files and 2 folders in this pack:
       The MacOSX folder contains the Mac installation file
       The Windows folder contains the PC installation file

Open the pack:
Unzip the file to a convenient location.

Install the client:
Open the Windows folder, then unzip the file to
a convenient location. Run the vpnclient_setup.exe to install the client.

Open the MacOSX folder, then double-click the Disk Image file. This will mount
the disk image. Open the CiscoVPNClient disk/folder. Double-click the Cisco VPN
Client.mpkg installer package to install the client.

(Both Platforms)
Follow the on screen prompts. Just go with the default choices…

Import the profiles:
Launch the client from the Start menu or the Quick Start tray (look for the
padlock icon)

Launch the client from the Applications folder

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(Both platforms)
The pictures below are from the Windows platform, but the MacOSX looks
similar, and the process is the same

Click the import button. Locate the EMBC-PPE-External.pcf file that you
unpacked earlier.

Repeat to add the EMBC-PPE-Internal.pcf file.

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Use the client to connect:

If you are using a machine connected the embc network, double-click the EMBC-
PPE-Internal profile.

If you are using a machine that is not connected to the embc network, double-
click the EMBC-PPE-External profile

You will be prompted for a username and password. These will be provided
separately via your embc or LA technical contact.

The client window will minimise to an icon in the system tray on successful
connection. (Windows).
You can hide or minimise the client on MacOSX…

Once the VPN client is connected, you will need to disable the proxy settings of
your workstation to access PPE.

Using your browser navigate to one of the embc portal addresses, e.g.

Please do not use bookmarked or favourite link items stored in your browser as
these may point to dynamic locations not present in PPE.

You should see the familiar web site, look for the 'PPE identifying text' to confirm
you are using the PPE environment.

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Log in to the portal as usual, look for the 'PPE identifying text' to confirm you are
using the PPE environment.

Your usual portal login name is available, but your password will have been
changed to Supp0rt1 – Sierra – uniform – papa – papa – Zero – romeo – tango -
One. We would recommend that you maintain a different password from your
live service account to avoid accidental changes to the live service.

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       Not all services are configured in the embc PPE environment:

Netsweeper is not yet installed
Connection to the Internet is restricted.
At this time there is no onward connection to the World Wide Web.
HTTP connections to web sites outside of the PPE are not available.

Shibboleth SSO connections to external service providers are also affected.

Plesk is not installed.
School web sites are not replicated in the PPE.
DNS start of authority records are emulated within the PPE environment.

EMF is not installed.
Email filtering is not available.
The mail hub transport function of the EMF service is emulated.
Exchange -> Exchange (Internal) email is correctly vectored out and back.
Email sent from the PPE is also correctly routed to domains outside of the PPE.
Email cannot be sent into the PPE from outside of the environment.

Embc and LA Portals
The PPE does not contain all content copied from the production environment
(embc / LA) as this would require a large duplication of capacity to
accommodate. PPE does contain all of the functionality of the production

None of the MySite portals have been copied over to the PPE area. When you
first access your MySite area it will be constructed from MySite templates.

Issues and Defects:
If you discover functional defects within PPE these should be lodged in the PPE-
UAT area on the PPE embc portal, which is used to track and manage these items.
Please offer as much detail as possible to aide in the correction of issues raised.
Thank you.

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