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									      Resale Rocket
How To Profit From Resale Rights, PLR And More!

                 By: Ryan Hogan

        This ebook is proudly brought to you by:
                    Ryan Hogan

                    Resale Rocket
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                    About The Author

With a diverse background in Software development, Graphic design
and Technical Support, Ryan Hogan started working online part time
as an affiliate marketer in late 2001.
Ryan is also a long-time advocate of using traffic exchanges as an
effective, low cost means of online advertising.
His success with them inspired him to open his own traffic exchange,

Some of his websites include:

                           Resale Rocket

 Introduction _______________________________________________________________ 5
 Resale Rights 101 ___________________________________________________________ 7
 Resale Rights – For Profit ____________________________________________________ 9
 Resale Rights – Go Niche____________________________________________________ 13
 Resale Rocket – Keep It Fresh _______________________________________________ 14
 Resale Rocket – Unique Content _____________________________________________ 16
 A Watcher or a Doer? ______________________________________________________ 20

                               Resale Rocket

In its broadest terms, ‘resale rights’ are simply the terms and
conditions that the creator of a product (usually an eBook or software
application) applies to their creation. These ‘rights’ instruct the
customer what they are permitted to do with their purchase.

While the average product is sold for personal use only – resale rights
generally allow the customer to resell the product to others and retain
ALL of the profit.

Less than two years ago, resale rights were everywhere. It seemed
almost every other week, a new product would be released followed by
a flurry of marketers purchasing and then reselling the item to their
own mailing lists and website visitors.

Lately, this trend has swung back the other way. Marketers and list
owners are once again focusing on affiliate programs and, to a lesser
degree, private label rights. Products are still being released through
the ‘resale rights’ model but interest in snatching up new products to
turn around and resell has waned.

                              And that’s why selling products with
                              resale rights has NEVER been more

At the peak of their popularity, when a new product was released with
resale rights, within a matter of days the internet marketing industry
would be flooded with people reselling the item for lower and lower

Within a couple of months, all but the most spectacular of products,
had become old news and its perceived value dwindled away to

                            Resale Rocket
But today, with far less competition, new resale rights products retain
their value for longer time periods and it’s far easier to be the first to
resell a fresh item to an eager audience.

In this report, I will give you a crash course in ‘resale rights’ buying
and selling, what pitfalls to avoid, different ways to profit, how to take
advantage of untapped niches, where to find the latest products, and
even how to create your own unique product!

                             Resale Rocket
                     Resale Rights 101

‘Resale Rights’ packages vary wildly but in general, they will include a
copy of the sales page, the graphics and a definition of the rights you
have obtained.

A few years ago, John Delevera wrote a comprehensive guide to every
variation of resale right and what they mean, called “All Rights
Explained”. It’s worth hunting down but, the main thing to understand
is, there is NO single definition for any kind of right.

The creator will have his own personal and business preference for the
rights that he is selling to you and this will be included in your resale
package. At a minimum this will usually include what you can and
can’t do with the product and the minimum price tag you can apply.

In most cases, ‘Resale Rights’ mean you can resell the product.
‘Master Resale Rights’ mean you can sell the ‘Resale Rights’ together
or separately to the main product. But there is no single, catch-all
definition – especially when the products can include eBooks, software,
audio and video files.

                                     This is why it is imperative that
                                      you check the creator’s terms
                                             and conditions!

If the terms of the rights you have obtained are absent – you must not
conclude that you have free rein to do as you please. It may be that
one of the resellers neglected to include the appropriate document.

If in doubt, always contact the original owner and ask.
If you can’t get in touch with the owner or if you are in any doubt, find
a different product to use!

                            Resale Rocket
When you are ready to proceed with an item, edit the sales copy to
include your name and order link and then upload everything to your

Remember, YOU are selling the item now, so delivery of the item and
customer support is your responsibility.

                          Resale Rocket
               Resale Rights – For Profit

Since the creator and provider of the resale rights is not going to profit
directly from your sales, they will be hoping to gain back-end sales,
mailing list subscribers, name recognition, or a combination of these.

By contrast, you as the purchaser of the resale rights, have the
opportunity to make a direct income.
Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that resale rights cannot be used

Below are a few suggestions on how to use products with resale rights.
This is by no means an exhaustive list, so feel free to try different

                           Direct Sales

This is the most obvious way to use resale rights. Every time you sell
an item you won the resale rights to, you keep 100% of the profit.

You can promote the items through:

      Your mailing list

      Your website

      A blog

      Pay-Per-Click advertising


      Newsletter adverts

In fact, you can market your products in the same way that you would
your own item. Resale rights allow you to sell the item AS IF IT IS
YOUR OWN product, so get into the habit of thinking of it as your own

                            Resale Rocket
To improve your conversion rate, there are two key things to bear in

The Price

Resist the urge to drop the price of your product to a ridiculously low
amount (unless you have other priorities – see below). Your resale
rights will often provide you with a minimum price you can use, but
I’ve yet to see any restriction on a MAXIMUM price.

Lowering the price will only lower the perceived value of your product
and, in many cases, may actually stop someone from purchasing.
Unless your sales copy is prepared properly, the visitor may well
assume that the low price point means the product is low quality.

Increasing the price can have the opposite effect.

Resale rights users tend to lower the price quickly because they see
other people selling the same item for less. Don’t get involved in price
wars – in this field, it only means that everyone will lose.

Set yourself apart by offering a price that suits YOUR product and not
one that reflects the poor marketing skills of other people.

It’s true, that some people will search Google to compare prices, but
these visitors were never going to be your customers anyway. Most, if
not all, will finish up buying from someone illegally selling the item on
Ebay at a price that it would be pointless to try and match.

Not everyone is accustomed to doing price comparisons anyway and
you can reduce this trend by…

Standing Out

Again, you’ll have to check the terms and conditions but, although
most resale rights don’t permit you to change the product, most DO
permit you to edit the sales page.

This is one of the easiest ways to stand out – especially when most of
your competitors will lazily be using the default package.

On a basic level, you can simply tweak the sales copy to improve your
conversions, but there is far more that you can do.

                            Resale Rocket
You could:

      Add your own unique bonuses

Your competitors won’t think to do this and if your bonuses are
REALLY good, then they won’t be able to just copy you.

Try offering bonuses such as consultancy, a support forum, or a
bonus or supplementary report. It takes more work, but if your
bonuses are good enough it will make it much easier to stick to selling
at a premium rate.

      Re-write the sales page

Don’t just tweak the sales page, re-do it from the ground up.

Different sales copy, different colour scheme, different graphics and, if
permissible, you could even change the name of the product slightly.

This will make it much harder for visitors to compare prices and really
will make your sale a unique one.

If this all sounds like a lot of hard work – it doesn’t have to be.

Once you’ve done one or two of these, you’ll find you can complete the
work needed far quicker than you did to begin with. Alternatively, you
can outsource the work to someone else. On there are
hundreds of people who can write sales copy and create fresh graphics
at a very low rate.

                                     The people that fail at selling
                                  resale rights products are the ones
                                  who don’t want to put in the effort.

                                       But you’re different, right?

                             Resale Rocket
This is a very simple way to use resale rights products.

If the terms and conditions permit you to give the item away as part of
another sale or as part of a paid membership site, then this is a simple
way to improve the conversions of other products that you market.

Generally, the lower cost products will permit you to use them as
bonuses, whereas the more expensive items will not.

You could try using the lower cost items as bonuses to help you sell
the more expensive products.

                            Give Away
If the resale rights allow you to give the item away without restriction,
then that is what most people will do, making it hard to sell the
product for a fee.

Instead you should try using these products as:

      incentives for joining your mailing list

      surprise bonuses for your preferred customers to increase loyalty

      Unadvertised bonuses to give new customers a more satisfying
      purchasing experience.

To ensure these items are not viewed as useless or throw-away, be
sure to talk them up in your description. Creating a fresh eCover can
go a long way to improving the perception of the product.

                             Resale Rocket
              Resale Rights – Go Niche!
Most resale rights products are aimed at the Internet Marketing niche.

The consequence is that most people have already decided – even on
a subconscious level – that it’s a waste of time to promote these in
other niches.

This is where you can gain the upper hand.

Get used to identifying resale rights products that will have a broad

For example, an eBook on using a blog to promote a business may
SEEM like IM fodder. But a lot of, even very large, businesses view
blogging as a mystery and would love to know how to make use of this
unique marketing method.

Directly marketing your product to these businesses can prove very
effective, especially if you take the time to edit the sales copy so that
it speaks directly to the target audience.

And, even better, the larger the business, the more they will be used
to paying larger fees for training material. Especially when you
consider that the training manager isn’t personally footing the bill.

                                You would be amazed at how many
                               established businesses are still very
                               inexperienced when it comes to the
                                  internet – let alone the internet
                                         marketing niche.

The products and marketing techniques you may take for granted,
because they have been in the IM niche for months or years, may be
very new to a marketing manager of even a very large organisation.

                             Resale Rocket
          Resale Rocket – Keep It Fresh!
Hopefully you’re beginning to get the picture that resale rights can be
a very profitable area to work within. Especially for those who are
willing to go the extra mile in ensuring their promotions are done

Of course, the more help you can obtain in putting the different parts
together, the easier it will be for you to master these strategies and
begin selling an ever growing catalogue of items.

To that end, I’m pleased to inform you that Resale Rocket will be a
huge help in getting you on the right track.

                             As you can tell from this report,
                        Resale Rocket is not your average website
                         re-circulating the same tired advice and
                          tips that have been around for years.

At Resale Rocket, our mandate is to provide YOU with:

      Fresh products – We scour the resale rights industry to identify
      the most sought-after products in the most currently popular
      genres. You’ll never again have to worry about missing a hot
      new product.

      Variety – Sometimes it seems like resale rights are obsessed
      with just one or two topics within the IM industry. But we know
      where to find resale rights products that cover a BROAD range
      of topics inside and outside the IM field. If you need items for
      even the smallest, most random of niches, we will help you find
      what you need.

      Categorized – Some people spend hours searching Google for
      the product they need. We categorise our product catalogue so
      you can quickly find what you want – no fuss!

                            Resale Rocket
     All Inclusive – We recognise the importance of having the
     COMPLETE reseller package. When you select an item from the
     Resale Rocket database, you can be confident that it will include
     everything you need to get started quickly and easily.

But Resale Rocket also has another main feature that similar sites
cannot provide…

                           Resale Rocket
         Resale Rocket – Unique Content
As we mentioned earlier, making your sales copy and graphics unique
is a superb way to ensure that your product stands out and, more
importantly, converts well.

But what if the product could be unique as well? What if you were the
ONLY person selling one, individual item?

What if, the only way people could get the information you possessed
was by buying it from YOU?

     “This is where Resale Rocket stands head and
               shoulders above the rest.”

Inside our Members Area is an incredible new tool that will allow you
to take your own articles and turn them into a professional-looking
eBook, formatted and ready for you to sell or give away.

The E-Book Wizard is a fantastic piece of equipment but, as if that
wasn’t enough, you can also decide to add resell rights, master resell
rights or even private label rights to your creation.

In just a few clicks, you’ll have your own resale rights product ready to
go. You can even apply to have it included in the Resale Rocket
directory for other members to begin using right away!

Take a look at how simple the E-Book Wizard is:

             Step One: Enter the name of your eBook.

                            Resale Rocket
     Step Two: Enter the title of your eBook.

          Step Three: Enter your name.

Step Four: Enter your web address (if applicable).

                 Resale Rocket
Step Five: Enter the type of rights you want to offer the user.

      Step Six: Paste in or type the text of your eBook.

                        Resale Rocket
Step Seven: After a few moments, your eBook is ready for your
                        to download.

It really couldn’t be simpler!

Of course, you shouldn’t just take my word for it. Try the E-Book
Wizard for yourself and see how easy it is to use.

Just go to and complete your free registration
for more details.

                             Resale Rocket
                   A Watcher or a Doer?
I hope you found the contents of this report useful. If you did, then
this is an excellent time to recall the 80/20 rule.

In this instance that means that AT LEAST 80% of people that
download this report will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with the
knowledge they’ve acquired.

It’s the remaining 20% (probably even less), that will act on, and
benefit from, what they’ve learned.

So the question is….

                              Are you in the 80% of WATCHERS
                                   or the 20% of DOERS?

Go to now, download your first eBook or
software application and start putting what you’ve learned into action!

I’ll see you on the inside.

Best wishes,

Ryan Hogan

                               Resale Rocket
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