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Town Gateway Floral Display Plans Underway
In their attempt to impress the judges in this summer’s contest, Hailsham Town
Council’s South East in Bloom sub-committee will be proposing the introduction of
town gateway structures at the seven entrances to the town.

Initial designs of the gateway structures and landscaping were presented in
December, and it was confirmed that the features will consist of planters with an
angled shield - incorporating the Hailsham Town Crest - and marginal floral
planting. Work on the production of a prototype will commence soon and the
final plan will be submitted this spring.

If the project proposal is approved, the entrances into the town that will benefit
from these features will be South Road, Ersham Road, Hempstead Lane, London
Road, Hawks Road, Battle Road and Mill Road.

Deputy Town Mayor and Chairman of the South & South East in Bloom sub-
committee, Cllr Jeff Bentley-Astor, said:

“With floral planting playing a major role, each of the town gateways will be
transformed to create an attractive first impression for visitors to the town, along
with a sense of pride among its residents.”

“The new floral displays will not only contribute significantly to the enhancement
of the aesthetics of Hailsham, but are an excellent opportunity for local
businesses to gain maximum exposure to thousands of residents and tourists
passing the floral displays at the town gateways. Any local businesses interested
in raising their profile should consider sponsorship of the town entry displays.”

“Furthermore, this project should earn Hailsham extra points in the regional
competition this summer!”

Members of the public are invited to discuss this project with councillors at the
next South & South East in Bloom meeting, which will take place at the Fleur de
Lys meeting room (town council offices) on Thursday 29th January at 7.30pm.

If you require further information about sponsorship of the displays or would like
to get involved in the ‘Hailsham In Bloom’ project in general, please contact Terry
Hall on 841702 (during office hours) or email terry.hall@hailsham-tc.gov.uk.



For all enquiries relating to this press release, contact:

Terry Hall
Public Information Officer
Hailsham Town Council
Market Street
East Sussex, BN27 2AE

Tel: (01323) 841702 | Email: terry-hall@Hailsham-tc.gov.uk

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