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									                                   NORTH WEST SOUND ARCHIVE

MARCH 2006                                                                          Issue No. 17

 OPEN DAY 2006                                                     interest.
                                  North West Sound Archive,
   MAY 17TH                         Old Steward’s Office,          The value of oral history
                                       Clitheroe Castle,           recording and the importance

N    orth West Sound Archive
     is holding an Open Day
for people who are interested
                                       Lancs. BB7 1AZ
                                    Tel/Fax 01200 427897
                                                                   that it plays in capturing our
                                                                   heritage continues to become
                                                                   more widely recognised and
in establishing, or are                     e-mail:                accepted. In a constantly
involved in, an oral history          changing world it allows an
project or are interested in                                       understanding of, and an
any aspect of sound recording                                      insight into, the past.
and/or conservation. The day      grants in order to fund new
is open to everyone who is        projects.
involved in any way with such
                                                                   RECIPES & REMINISCENCES
work and would find the day
                                  The Open Day will run from
                                  11.00 am to 4.00 pm on
                                  Wednesday, 17th May 2006
                                                                   T   he Sound Archive has
                                                                   collection   of
                                                                                   received    a
                                  and you are welcome to call in   produced by East Lancs Into
There will be the opportunity
                                  at any time during the day.      Employment. The recordings
to see the work of the Sound
                                  There will be refreshments       principally concentrate on
Archive and meet with
                                  and a light buffet lunch.        memories of the kitchen,
members of the North West
                                                                   cooking and food.
Oral History Network to
exchange ideas.          Sound    If you wish to attend please
Archive staff will be available   either contact the Sound Many memories have been
to give advice and information    Archive or return the slip to captured such as “… we used
on suitable         equipment,    be found on page 3.           to have a lot of sheep’s heads.
project planning, recording
                                                                    My mother used to do them
techniques,       cataloguing,
                                                                   in the oven. The older ones
conservation and any other        NWOHN                            used to get the best part
                                                                   which was the tongue, you
aspect concerning sound
recording and oral history.       T   he membership of the
                                      North West Oral History
                                  Network continues to grow.
                                                                   ripped the tongue out, it was
                                                                   fairly long and you’d cook it.
Also present throughout the
                                                                   That was a little bit of a
                                  Members of the Network
day will be an Archivist from
                                                                   delicacy.    You’d get the
                                  include individuals, local
Lancashire Record Office and
                                                                   sheep’s head on the table and
                                  history societies, museums
staff    from     Lancashire
                                                                   push the brains out with your
                                  and other organisations who
Libraries Local Studies Unit
                                                                   thumb – it was grey and I
                                  are involved in oral history
who will be able to answer
                                                                   don’t know what it tasted
                                  work in the Sound Archive’s
your questions about their
                                  catchment area.
                                  The aim of the Network is to
Representatives from the          give members the opportunity
Heritage Lottery Fund will        to work together towards a
also be attending and will be     common cause and to identify
available to give advice and      potential interviewees in
information to those who are      connection     with     each
interested in applying for        member’s particular area of
“…my Mum did most of her         contact names and addresses. ensuring the preservation of
cooking in the fire oven, the                                 the material for posterity.
oven which was fed by the fire
and all her baking was done      Last autumn staff from NWSA
in there. All her main cooking   visited the Brass Band
– the cooking of meat,           Archive which is located in
everything. It was high range    Wigan. This excellent archive
so that you could put a pan on   is a comprehensive collection
the trivet and coals would       of all kinds of brass band
heat it. You would boil your     memorabilia           including
potatoes and veg in that.        musical scores, recordings,
                                 instruments,         uniforms,
                                 medals and programmes. The
COW HEEL PIE                     curator of the Brass Band
½lb cow heels                    Archive, Walter Ainscough,
½lb stewing beef                 can be reached on 01942
1 large onion                    820526. If you are interested
Salt & pepper                    in brass bands, this archive is
                                                                  The Archive also produces a
                                 well worth a visit
Short crust pastry made with                                      booklet entitled Recording
½lb plain flour, ¼lb marge,                                       Oral History which is on sale
¼lb lard, 4 tbs water.            ORAL HISTORY TRAINING           at a cost of £2.50 (including
                                                                  postage).      This booklet
Place cow heels, beef and
chopped onion in pan of water,
                                 T    he Sound Archive offers
                                      training in oral history
                                 recording techniques and
                                                                  contains advice on recording
                                                                  equipment including how to
season, bring to boil and                                         use    minidisk    recorders,
                                 methodology as well as advice
simmer for 3 hours. Place in                                      conducting an interview etc.,
                                 on suitable equipment and
oven proof dish and cover with                                    as well as several pages of
                                 Copyright.       If you are
pastry. Cook for 45 minutes                                       sample questions. It also
                                 interested in conducting an
                                                                  gives advice on the legalities
                                 interview(s) – either as an
                                                                  such as Copyright.
                                 individual or as part of a
From this excellent collection   group such as a local history
of recordings the Sound          society – and would like to
Archive, in conjunction with     know more then do contact us. NEW RECORDINGS

E.L.E., will soon be producing     There are many people whose        he Archive continues to
an illustrated booklet of        memories are well worth              undertake new recordings
recipes and reminiscences.       preserving       for      future and amongst those recently
                                 generations to listen to. These recorded are: Co-op Wholesale
                                 reminiscences often contain memories, working with the
BRASS BANDS                      valuable information that can early computers, amateur

T   he Archive continues to
    record the memories of
those involved in brass bands
                                 not be obtained from any dramatics with the Garrick
                                 other source and it is vital Theatre, Burnley, living in
                                 that these memories are the hutments in Heaton Park,
– both past and present,         preserved before they are lost an evacuee who came to
young and old. We now have       forever.                         Burnley, Manchester Blitz
a long list of people to                                          fireman and a lady involved
interview covering both the      In addition to giving advice in communism and women’s
well –known large bands and      and training in conducting movements during and after
also the smaller, less well-     oral history interviews the WW2. If you know of anyone
known bands, many of whom        Archive offers a copying who memories should be
are struggling to survive. We    service whereby the originals preserved for posterity please
would like to thank all those    (or copies) can be preserved contact the Archive.
who have come forward with       here at the Archive thus SECURITY COPIES
     ne of the vital aspects of the     collection of 78rpm and vinyl     Almost all of the recordings
O    work of the North West Sound
     Archive is to take and store
                                        discs from the Co-operative       held by NWSA are available
                                        Society Archives for copying      for use by the public (a few do
security copies of recordings in
order to preserve their longevity. It
                                        and recordings from an on-        have Copyright restrictions
is so easy, when listening to a         going project of Woodland         applied). We pride ourselves
tape, to get it tangled and             Recollections.                    on being able to find
destroyed in a tape machine. If                                           recordings applicable to every
this tape is the original then that                                       topic requested - it may only
information is lost forever. The
                                        OH RECORDING DAYS                 be a brief mention if it is a
NWSA offers a copying service of

                                        T    he Archive is keen to hold   more obscure topic although
original material, storing the
originals or the copies.       This          further     oral   history   other subjects such as textiles
service is available not only to        recording days throughout the     would produce a list of
those responsible for large             north west. The idea of these     several thousand!!
collections of material but also        days is to encourage members
anyone with original oral history
                                        of the public to come along       The way to access the
sound recordings - for example as
                                        and share their memories by       recordings is first to contact
part of a degree course or a local                                        us with the subject. You
history project etc. NWSA would         making short recordings. The
not infringe any Copyrights and         topics covered can be wide        would be sent a computer
Rights - these would remain with        ranging       from     general    print-out      of     suitable
the original holders.                   memories of a town or village     recordings. You can then
                                        to a specific event or time of    either visit the Archive by
                                        year. The Sound Archive will      appointment to listen to the
NEW COLLECTIONS                         assist in all ways possible in    recordings (for which there is

T   he Archive has recently             organising such an event and      no charge) or borrow cassette
    taken in several new                will produce posters, handbills   copies of the material on a
collections. One of these, the          and press releases for            one month loan (there is a
Elizabeth Roberts’ collection,          distribution.                     small charge for this service
from The Centre for North                                                 to cover costs and postage).
West Regional Studies at                One Recording Day held
Lancaster University, was               recently     in    Ramsbottom
recorded in the 1970’s and              captured the memories of          EARLY DAYS OF COMPUTING
contains many hundreds of
hours of important oral
                                        Grants Tower. If you are
                                        interested in hosting such a      O
                                                                         ver the past half century
                                                                         computers have changed
                                                                    almost every aspect of
history material. The master            day, please contact the Sound
recordings are being stored at                                      modern day life. Because of
                                        Archive - it is surprising what
the Sound Archive with CD               new information can be      the importance of computers
copies being produced for use           gleaned from recording days.the Archive is keen to record
at the University.      Other                                       the memories of those who
collections recently received                                       worked      with    computers
include the Home Front in               ACCESS TO NWSA COLLECTIONS  whether in development,

                                        T  he Archive’s collections selling or using them. If you
                                           are here to be used!     can help in any way please
                                                                    get in touch with the Archive.

Chorley      during     WW2,       a
I/we would like to attend the North West Sound Archive Open Day on
Wednesday 17th May 2006.


Number expecting to attend________________

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