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As online marketers there are two things we depend on above all else.
Getting customers, and a way to get their money… ie a payment

As a “newbie” I never thought that that accepting payments would be
the hard part. Getting customers is what I thought was going to be the
hard part.

After working hours on end creating great products and services I
decided that I would use PayPal as my payment processor, so that
when I did finally get these hard to find customers to buy, I could
easily access the money they paid me.

PayPal had everything I wanted. Low rates, ease of use, and quick and
easy access to the money my customers paid me.

A few months later I found that getting customers to buy my products
wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Through the use of many
marketing tactics that I implemented, I had a good steady income
coming in from these customers, and using PayPal to process their
payments was great.


The wake up call that almost cost me everything I had
worked so hard to build…

In September of 2005 I created a 7-day marketing event called the
“Insane Blowout Sale”. This was a “make me or break me” event
that I knew had to work in order to push my business to that next

I worked hours on end putting this event together. Hours spent away
from my husband and 5 kiddos. If you have a family you know that
hours spent with your spouse and growing children are precious hours.

I had also recruited several hundred valued affiliate partners who
trusted me enough to promote this event.

My reputation, which is everything in this business, was on the line.
Not only with my affiliates who could potentially make me thousands
of dollars over and over again with this promotion and many others,
but also thousands of customers whom could become repeat buyers.
As you can see this really was a “make me or break me” event.

On Sept. 5th this event was unleashed to the masses. It was one of the
biggest events in the Internet marketing industry. The site where this
event was held ( Alexa ranking
shot up to a whopping 1100. If you know anything about the Alexa
traffic ranking system, you’ll know that this is an incredible number.

In the first 48 hours, the “Insane Blowout Sale” made over $25,000
in sales. This was becoming a “make me” event, until Sept. 7th when
PayPal who was taking 92% of my customer’s payments shut my
account down.

This wonderful event quickly became a hellish

When PayPal shuts your account down, you cannot accept payments,
send payments, or withdraw any money. They have the right to hold
any money that is in your account for up to 180 days (6 months).

I had over $25,000 in my PayPal account that I couldn’t touch. That
means my affiliates weren’t going to be paid for the sales that they
had referred, and I wasn’t being paid for what was being sold from the
site. Not only all of this, but hundreds of customers who will only use
PayPal were at my site with money in hand and couldn’t purchase.
They were all leaving my site never to return. $1000’s of dollars in
sales were being lost…

Now let’s break for a second…

Put yourself in my shoes. What if you had done all this work and
invested all this time to only have every single little bit of success
ripped away from you with the push of a button. No email or phone
call to warn you. You are automatically crippled and there is nothing
you can do about it.


With that thought in your head, let’s continue…

I admit it. At first I panicked. I panicked big time.
My first step was to call PayPal. After getting the run around from
them for several hours, I finally got in touch with someone who gave
me instructions on what I needed to do.

I was to fax a list of information that they needed to verify that I
wasn’t a con artist just taking people’s money. Now I can understand
that. There are a lot of people out there who will do anything to get
someone’s money.

I understand that in the society that we live in that you have to prove
yourself innocent because you are always considered guilty. I faxed
everything I was supposed to, and was then told it would be 3-5
business days before it would be reviewed.

Once again, I’m back in panic mode. I am holding a 7-day event that
is now on day 3 and I still can’t accept payments through PayPal, and
they are telling me it will be 3-5 days before than can even “review”
my account.

In the mean time…

More and more paying customers are leaving my site with each hour
that passes.

I call PayPal again with a vow not to get off the phone until someone
could open my account. After three hours of hassles and getting
passed around what seemed the entire PayPal customer support team,
I was finally put in touch with a lady named Erin in their Executive
Escalations department.

I told Erin my entire story. After reviewing my account, she told me to
give her 20 minutes and she would see what she could do for me. 20
minutes later, my phone rang. It was Erin with good news. My account
had been re-opened.

She stated that I had made too much money too fast, and that’s why
they closed my account.

Okay, I never read in their Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that if you
make too much money too fast that they will shut your account down.
I stated this to Erin, and she said, “No, it does not state that exactly.
However, it does state that PayPal can shut your account down at their
sole discretion.” I asked Erin if that meant that PayPal could shut your
account down for anything they wanted to and she said that was
Now that’s scary!

Okay, my account was now open again, and I could accept payments
once again. Problem solved right?


What about the thousands of people who had come to buy the
“Insane Blowout Sale” package, and couldn’t.

When you go to a website to buy a product, and the site is down or is
having payment processing trouble, 9 out of 10 times you are going to
forget about that product and never return to that site.

PayPal shutting down my account resulted in $1000’s of dollars in
sales lost. Not only to me but all of my affiliate partners who were
promoting this event.

The “Insane Blowout Sale” went on to do almost $50,000 in sales.
Please don’t get me wrong. I’m very happy with that figure, but I still
don’t think what PayPal did was ethical by any means, and it did cost
me a lot of money.

If I wasn’t a strong persistent person who refuses to give up, this
event could have been a “break me” event. Without the support of my
affiliates and many of my wonderful customers, I was able to turn it
around even with the PayPal handicap.

I had heard of the nightmares other marketers had had with PayPal
shutting their accounts down, so I made triple sure I was in complete
compliance of their “AUP”.

I figured that those other marketers weren’t because why would such
a big reputable company like PayPal shut your account down for no
reason? I figured wrong… Almost to the point of ruining my entire

I did have a back up payment processor, but no one wanted to use it
because everyone who buys “trusts” PayPal. 95% of people will ONLY
use PayPal. Are you ready to lose 95% of your customers?

You don’t have to, and at the end of this report, I will teach you how
to turn your PayPal buyers into customers who will pay through any
payment processor you want to use.
The PayPal nightmare doesn’t stop there…

On December 1st, PayPal sent me an email stating that my account
had been permanently shut down. I was to remove all payment
buttons from my site, and anything else relating to PayPal that was on
any of my sites.

Their reason for shutting my account down this time was just totally
asinine. Here is the direct quote once again from Erin, on why my
account was shut down.

Dear Elizabeth Tomey,

I received your voicemail message to me early this morning and I would
like to address the concerns you are having with your account.

A review of your account registered to the email address shows that on December 1, 2005, an Account
Closure limitation was placed for violating the Acceptable Use Policy
regarding MLM, Pyramid and Matrix Programs. Specifically, you were
accepting payments for the resell rights of products listed on your
site, -Website Name Withheld-. This is a direct violation of the
Multi-Level Marketing policy which resulted in the closure of your

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, Ms.
Tomey, however this limitation cannot be appealed. Should you have
any inquiries in regards to our Acceptable Use Policy terms and
conditions, please feel free to contact our Acceptable Use Policy
Department at You may also contact me directly at with any other questions or concerns.

Executive Escalations
PayPal, an eBay Company

Now that would be fine except the site they are claiming is mine isn’t
mine. Yes, they shut my account down because another site totally
not related to my site, nor owned by me was violating PayPal’s AUP.

I have explained this to what feels like everyone at PayPal and I
receive the exact same response.

They are telling me

#1 If you sell products with resale rights, you will have your account
#2 If you accept a payment from someone who is in violation of
PayPal’s AUP that your account will be closed.

Did you really read what I just said? Now go read it

I do not have a PayPal account now. No big deal, right?


I have to spend hours taking payment buttons off,,, and over 52 of my other sites.

My site alone has over 100 PayPal buttons on it
because I offer so many products and services from just this one site.
What I have worked so hard to build I now have to spend hours
combing through and changing.

So, now PayPal has over $6,000 of my customer’s payments and has
stated that they can hold it for up to 180 days (6 months). Anyone at
PayPal care to explain to my 5 children why this Christmas is going to
be a slim Christmas because a big company called PayPal makes up
the rules as they play the game?

No, my children wont suffer because of this. My business does well
enough that $6000 being tied up for 6 months isn’t going to financially
devastate me.

What if it were you?

What would $6000 being taken away from you and held for up to 6
months do to you and your family a few weeks before Christmas? Even
put aside Christmas because we all (well I hope I can say “all”) know
that Christmas is more than about buying Christmas gifts.

Wouldn’t $6000 being taken from you cause your bills to start piling
up? Imagine if right now you had $6000 taken from you. What would
that do to your business? Your family?

If you’re using PayPal as a payment processor this can
happen to you!
Everyone keeps asking me what am I going to do now?

Well, PayPal is a huge corporation. I’ve talked to my lawyers and they
say since I agreed to their AUP when I signed up there isn’t much that
would stand up in court.

I’m sure a class action lawsuit could be filed, but I am one person
running a business that takes a lot of time, and not to mention the
time that goes with raising five kids.

So, I’ve started by writing this report. Knowledge is power and I want
to empower you with some vital knowledge that could “make or
break you”!

At the bottom of this report is a link that will allow you to download
this report and customize it with your name and information. You can
send it to anyone and everyone you would like to and it wont cost you
or them anything. I’m enabling you to help me empower people with
this vital information.

If you could save just one of your customers or business associates by
giving them this report can you imagine how they would feel about

I wish someone had given me this report many
months ago.

As promised I’m also going to share a technique with you that you can
use to get your customers to pay through any processor that you

When you create your sales page, and place your order buttons on
your page to a payment processor other than PayPal, simply put a
small note stating that you do not accept payments via PayPal. Also
state that if the customer is a PayPal customer that you will give them
10% off for purchasing through your payment processor. Assure them
that their transaction is very secure, and they can use their credit card
(or check if your processor supports check payments) like they would
purchasing anything else.

No, you can’t verify that the person is a PayPal customer, but you’re
only giving them 10% off. If it’s a digital product what you are offering
really isn’t going to break you.
If you feel that 10% is too much then make it a smaller discount. By
using this technique you wont have to worry about losing 95% of your
customers who prefer to pay with PayPal.

PayPal has brainwashed many people into thinking how safe they are
to use, and how easy it is to pay with PayPal.

It’s our job to un-brainwash these people…

The only way to cripple such a big company like PayPal is to hit them
where it hurts. In their “money”. If we all come together and boycott
PayPal maybe they will take it’s sellers into more consideration.

We can all fight back by:

   •   Encouraging our customers to use other payment processors we

   •   Closing our PayPal accounts.

Now closing a PayPal account isn’t an easy process, and maybe not
even an option for some of us. However, if you would like to join the
PayPal boycott and fight back against PayPal you can close your
account by doing the following:

1. Log in to your PayPal account.

2. Click the Profile sub-tab.

3. Click on the Close Account link in the Account Information column.

4. Click Continue.

5. To continue, click Close Account.
I hope you have seen the consequences in using PayPal as a payment
processor. In a blink of an eye they can shut you down and hold your
money for up to 180 days (6 months). Those are consequences that
many people can’t afford to face.

Below I have listed a few payment processors that I have found to be
good alternatives to PayPal. Investigate each and find one that will
work well for your business.


If you would like to tell us your “PayPal Hell” stories or leave other
comments please visit Click on
the category that says “Comments From Visitors”! We love getting
feedback, and appreciate all that stop by to support our cause!

I wish you much success in your online endeavors!

Liz Tomey

   You now have full resale/giveaway rights to this report.
    You may sell it or give it away to anyone. You may also
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