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     Dunking dos and don’ts
Whether you are a proud
dunker, or dunk on the
quiet, we have tested a
variety of biscuits to guide
you to the best buy.
Jessica Ablitt Sudbury

Butter finger ♦♦♦♦♦
                                         Chocolate lover’s choice ♦♦♦♦♦           Classic choice ♦♦♦♦♦
McVites All Butter Shortbread
                                         Maryland Double Chocolate Cookies        McVities Rich Tea Biscuits
                                         (£0.85/150g)                             (£0.99/200g)
Crunchy and creamy, this biscuit
                                         This cookie hits your tongue with a      This biscuit gets the star rating for
tastes of rich butter and was not
                                         pleasurable balance of plain cookie      dunking. It has a mellow, plain
really made for dunking. Its rich
                                         and chocolate chips. The chocolate       flavour which means your taste
taste means it can be enjoyed on its
                                         chips melt nicely when you dunk it.      buds don’t have to work overtime to
own. It is too solid in texture for
                                         The flavour is slightly artificial and   decode the mix of flavours. It
dunking and does not really absorb
                                         over-sweet but on the whole this         absorbs the drink well and does not
your drink. This biscuit is certainly
                                         cookie is a good dunking                 have a sickly sweet aftertaste. This
not a dunkers dream.
                                         companion.                               biscuit is perfect for the dunkaholic.

Sugar rush ♦♦♦♦♦                         Cookie dough ♦♦♦♦♦
Oreo Chocolate Flavoured Cookies         Border Viennese Whirls
(£1.49/176g)                             (£1.39/150g)
“Twist, lick and dunk” are the           Light and fluffy in texture, this
instructions on the side of this         biscuit leaves you wanting more.
cookie packet. This American cookie      It’s a good round size for dunking
has a strong cocoa flavour and a         and takes to your tea very well.
sweet cream filling. Again, the          This whirl is very sweet and has an
texture of this cookie is a little too   aftertaste of raw cookie dough
dense to absorb anything during the      which may be a bit too sickly for
dunk and is probably best left           the faint hearted.
across the pond.
                                                                                  What we found
                                                                                  Biscuits vary enormously in calorie
                                                                                  content. If you are calorie conscious
                                                                                  it is worth checking the cookie pack
                                                                                  for details. Just one shortbread can
                                                                                  contain 75 calories, compared to a
                                                                                  modest 38 calories found in a rich
                                                                                     The plainer the flavour the better
                                                                                  the dunking experience as you are
                                                                                  not bombarded with too many
                                                                                     over-powering tastes of drink and
                                                                                  biscuit at the same time. Likewise,
                                                                                  the modest flavour of milk and tea
                                                                                  make these the best drinking com-
                                                                                     For those of you on a gluten free
                                                                                  diet or who prefer organic produce
                                                                         sells a
                                                                                  good range of biscuits.
                                                                                      Many biscuits contain traces of
                                                                                  nuts so if you have an allergy it is
                                                                                  important to check the details on the
                                                                                  packet before consuming.

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