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                                        Administration & Support Services
                                      Employee Relations Committee Meeting
                                                January 26, 2006

Time:              1:30 p.m.
Place:             8th Floor Board Room, Andy Holt Tower
Present:           Susan Burchfield, Linda Chatham, Alan Chesney, Sylvia Davis, Tammy Devine, Michelle
                   Howerton (for Angie Holtzclaw), Therese Leadbetter, Armintha Loveday, Vickie Mahan,
                   Robert Osborne, Carol Raxter, Lynette Russell, Karla Sass, Karen Seal, Joanie Shannon,
                   Pam Trentham (alternate with Tammy Devine)
Absent:            Patricia Burke (stranded in traffic), Jeanette Dean, Angie Holtzclaw, Luckey Morton,
                   Deany Newcomb, Butch Peccolo, Cathy Thurman, Gloria Tipton, Salina Young, Carmella

                                            NOTE LOCATION CHANGE
                                                    Next Meeting
                                                  February 23, 2006
                                         2ND Floor Lady Vols Crew Boathouse

    1. Supervisory Newsletter - David Bowman, Employee & Organizational Development, was unable to
       attend the meeting; but will attend the February 23 meeting.

    2. Board of Regents Fee Waivers - Patricia Burke was stranded in a traffic jam and was unable to
       make the meeting. This agenda item will be discussed at the next ERC meeting.

    3. Parking Charges for Mobile Mammography – Vickie Mahan

         Vickie Mahan she received a concern from a constituent who recently learned that the annual
         Mobile Mammography lab had been discontinued due to parking charges. Ms. Mahan’s constituent
         stressed that this is a convenient benefit to UT employees, and asked that the decision be

         Therese Leadbetter replied that funding had been discontinued. Alan Chesney asked the group if
         they felt this was an important service to employees, and everyone replied it was. [Note: The
         service will be reinstated.]

4. Tuition Fee Waiver/Discount – Armintha Loveday

   Armintha Loveday asked about the following:

   What is the possibility of adding Tusculum College to the Board of Regents since they now have a
   Knoxville Campus?

   Alan Chesney replied that it would not be possible since they are a private college.

   Why can the independent study courses not be waived? It would be easier if employees took
   those than actually having to take courses on campus. Employees in UT branch offices like
   Nashville want to know why UT will not pay for them to take the same amount of classes as they
   do those that work on the UT Knoxville campus. They would like for UT to look at some way of
   making it fair across the board as far as taking classes and credit hours.

   Sylvia Davis replied that the nine hours do not have to be taken at a UT campus. UT employees
   may opt to take one course per term at a TBR institution without paying fees. UT employees are
   limited to taking one free course per term at a TBR campus because UT's fee waiver policy
   differs from the TBR employee fee waiver policy.

   Ms. Loveday suggested that a workshop be held to explain the different options with UT and TBR
   courses. Ms. Davis agreed that it is very confusing and agreed to develop a fact sheet.

5. Special Events Parking – Armintha Loveday

   Armintha Loveday had received a request asking if Parking Services could wait until 5:30 before
   blocking entrances to the faculty/staff lots for Special Event Parking.

   Sylvia Davis suggested that employees ask the Special Event staff about directing incoming
   traffic so they could exit the parking lot.

6. Off-Campus Events – Armintha Loveday

   Armintha Loveday stated she had received requests about the University sponsoring some type of
   event, like the Fall Festival, for Nashville employees and others who do not work on the Knoxville

   Sylvia Davis asked how many employees Ms. Loveday thought might take advantage of such an
   event. Ms. Loveday will ask the IPS staff about it at their March ERC meeting.

7. Faculty/Staff Attorney – Michelle Howerton for Angie Holtzclaw

   Michelle Howerton asked about the possibility of having a faculty/staff attorney or financial
   advisor available as an added benefit for those who cannot afford to hire one.

   Therese Leadbetter suggested that employees look into the UT Employee Assistance Program
   (EAP) which is designed to provide free, confidential assistance to help employees and their
   families resolve problems that influence their personal lives or job performance. Spouses and
   dependent children of employees also qualify for EAP benefits.

   The program is available to all UT employees and their immediate families. In addition to the
   Knoxville campus contact, the state EAP provides free short-term counseling, financial counseling,
   and brief legal advice for regular employees scheduled to work at least 75% (30 hours per week)
   time. The State of Tennessee EAP contact is Magellan Health Services (800-308-4934). In the
   Knoxville area, if you have questions, you may contact Therese Leadbetter 974-2118.

8. 4 Day/10 Hour Work Week – Michelle Howerton

   Michelle Howerton asked about having 4 day/10 hour work weeks for employees due to high gas

   Alan Chesney replied that this had been looked into, but that a general concern exists for the
   continuation of necessary services. Additionally, the proposal would be difficult to implement and
   administer throughout the University. Sylvia Davis described how the Motor Pool has used this
   schedule to increase operating hours and boost employee morale. She added that if employees
   were interested, they should talk with their department heads. If work schedules can be changed
   and the department's duties still be carried out with offices remaining open and effective during
   standard university work hours and doing so does not adversely impact department operations,
   then 10 hour/4days work weeks may be possible for some.

9. Longevity Issues/Family Medical Leave (FMA) – Lynette Leonard

   Lynette Leonard shared some concerns she experienced regarding her longevity date while on
   maternity leave.

   Therese Leadbetter will work on this with Ms. Leonard, as well as looking into developing an
   information sheet or check-list for employees prior to going on FML.

10. Other Issues -

      Melrose Place – Michelle Howerton reported that although Melrose Place between Hodges
       Library and Tyson Alumni Center is a one-way street coming from Volunteer Boulevard,
       drivers often go the wrong way towards Volunteer Boulevard. A “Do Not Enter” sign has been
       posted, but it is too high on the light pole and drivers either do not see or ignore it.

       Sylvia Davis agreed this is a long-term issue and should be addressed. It will be reported to
       Mary Lynn Holloway, Parking Services, who will report it to the city engineers since it is a city
       street. [Note: The concern was sent to Parking Services and UT Police. There are officers
       stationed in this area on a regular basis. Ms. Holloway agreed to look at the signage.]

      Arena Dining Crosswalk – Vickie Mahan commented about the dangerous crosswalk from Andy
       Holt Tower parking garage to Arena Dining.

       Alan Chesney replied that he had spoken with Mary Lynn Holloway, Parking Services, on
       several occasions about the situation, and there does not appear to be a viable solution since it
       is a city street. Sylvia Davis suggested that police officers stationed in the area might slow
       drivers down. Dr. Chesney will speak with Assistant Chief Deborah Perry, Police Control.

      Tennessee Grill – Karla Sass said she had heard rumors that ARAMARK has plans to move into
       the Tennessee Grill now that it has been closed, and asked if this was correct.

       Sylvia Davis replied that several businesses are talking about moving into the location, but that
       she had not heard of any definite decisions.

       Ms. Sass stated she is more concerned about the daily maintenance issues and whose
       responsibility it is to take care of them (i.e. leaks, plumbing problems).

       Ms. Davis will speak with Alvin Payne, Assistant Vice President for Capital Projects, and get
       back with Ms. Sass.

      Mail Services - Michelle Howerton stated that the department for whom she works often mails
       large volumes of flyers and that, although they deliver mail to the department every day, Mail
       Services would not deliver leftover flyers back to their office without a $20 charge. Tammy
       Devine added that they would not deliver payroll to their department (Graduate School of
       Medicine) at UT Hospital.

       Sylvia Davis will look into these issues and report back at the next meeting.

      New Travel Policy- Vickie Mahan asked why the travel policy had been changed.

       Sylvia Davis replied that it was done to comply with the State policy.

10. Comments – No additional business was discussed.


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