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					                                                                  Volume 3, Issue 3

              LA DELFINA                                             2008/2009

                 NAPLES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                          09 February 09

               Upcoming Dates
                to Remember
                                                                   What to look for.

     February 7-12                         March 9-13             Dates to Know        1

       Spring Photos                 Terra Nova Standardized
                                                                  Principal’s Corner   2
      February 12                                                 Accelerated          3
Reading Awards 4th & 5th grade              March 20              Withdrawal &
            13:30                  Early Release Day at 13:00     Registration

      February 13                                                 Health Office        4
Reading Awards 2nd & 3rd grade              April 3-10            Information
            08:30                           Spring Break          PTA Excitement 5

      February 13                          April 13-24
Early Release Day at 13:00           School Year 2009-2010
      February 16                                               Are you PCS’ing?
President’s Day—No School                        May 14
                                      Accelerated Withdrawal    If you are PCS’ing at
                                                                the end of this school
                                                                year, please notify the
                                                                front office via phone

                                                                or email.

                        Mona Morgan
                      Assistant Principal
                       Jeremy Simpson
                      Assistant Principal
                         Jerry Hood
                        DSN 629-4037
                     NES Principal E-mail
 Principal’s Corner
 Parents Can Help With TerraNova Test Preparation

            Test week: March 9-13, 2009
In just a few weeks, our students in grades 3-6 will be taking the
TerraNova which is a norm-referenced national standardized achieve-
ment test. The students will be required to answer multiple-choice
questions and write out answers to demonstrate their problem-solving
skills. The results of these efforts will show the student's strengths and
weaknesses in five subject areas: Reading, Language Arts, Math,
Science and Social Studies.
As parents, you can assist by ensuring that your children get plenty of
rest, eat a healthy; not heavy breakfast; arrive to school on time, and do
their very best. You can also assist by not scheduling appointments
(medical, dental, etc.) during the morning hours (0800-1200) of the test
week of March 9-13, as this period is used for testing.
We want our students to do well, so your assistance during the week of
TerraNova testing is most appreciated.

Thank you
                             Accelerated Withdrawal
  The accelerated withdrawal date for SY 2008-2009 is May 14, 2009.    Students must be in school all day on May
  13, 2009.

  The accelerated withdrawal date has never been intended to apply or be extended for, the convenience of family
  travel, visits or other discretionary reasons. The policy therefore requires verification of Permanent Change of
  Station (PCS) or other official orders, to school officials in order to receive consideration for full academic

  Approval and final grades are contingent on two criteria: the request must fall within the maximum 20-day
  early withdrawal limit, and the student must complete all assignments.

  Students who depart prior to the 20-day early withdrawal limit will receive a “withdrawal” grade, not a final

  Parents should begin coordinating as soon as possible to help ensure the student can complete all schoolwork
  in accordance with the guidelines set. Students who do not complete the assignments will receive an incom-
  plete grade.

                              Registration SY 2009-2010
  Registration packets for returning and new students will be available March 16th.

  Returning NES Students will receive a registration packet from their homeroom teacher.

  New Students will need to pick up a registration packet at NES. This includes incoming
  kindergarten and first time first grade students.

  Students that are pre-registered online must print out the application to bring with them at
  spring registration.

  No student will be registered without a current set of orders and DSE 803 form verified by the
  personnel department, if orders have expired.

Volume 3, Issue 3                                                                                                 Page 3
             Health office
Please take a moment and make sure that any clothes borrowed from the Health office are
returned. We are missing several pairs of sweat pants given to children who slipped in the
mud on the playground. Please help us continue to have clothes available for your chil-

Plans for Dental Health week are in the works! Dental Health Week will take place February
9-13. A special thanks to the Dental Clinic for their continued support of our school.

Dear parents please continue to be diligent in checking your children for head lice. We
have had several new cases in the last week and please continue to be diligent and help us
control this outbreak.

Thank you to everyone who has complied with our immunization requirements! All of the
letters went home over the last couple of weeks to those parents whose children needed
current shots.

The hospital is very excited about their
Pediatric Asthma refresher course on Feb 19th
starting at 1730. The Pediatricians and
Respiratory Techs have prepared this class for
parents and children ages 5-10 years
old and it will focus on how to care
for your asthmatic child. Please
register at 629 -6445.
                                    NES SPIRIT GEAR HATS 
The new hats are $8.00 and another note about sweatshirt sizes...We have youth sizes AND adult sizes....the YS, YM, 
YL and S, M for adults in the sweatshirts....We will have soon L and XL for adults too. 

                                                SPIRIT DAY 
It was so much fun seeing everyone decked out in their yellow and black on our Spelling Bee Spirit Day, 
we’re continuing the fun. Mark your calendars: Monday, March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’ birthday. How about we 
show some more school spirit and our appreciation for the man who made green eggs famous – come 
dressed in Dr. Seuss wear on his birthday (3/2/09). The class with the most spirit (costumes/hats/wigs...
you name it!) is sure to get acknowledged with something fun! C. K., PTA 

                       WANTED – YOUR CANDID PHOTOS! 
Have a few pictures from your child’s class party or special event? We’d love to include them in the yearbook! 
Please contact the Yearbook chair at 
                                   INTERNATIONAL NIGHT 
There is a wonderful opportunity at our school!  The PTA would like to host an international night.  We are fortu‐
nate to have a wonderful representation of countries and cultures in our midst.  We want to help you spread your 
knowledge and love of your country to our students and families.  Beginning immediately, you may sign up to host a 
table about your country.  After that, it is up to you.  You may bring in food samples, pictures, art, books, truly what‐
ever you think will help people understand and appreciate your country.  Registration (no fee) will be for the next 
two weeks.  If there is more than one person interested in hosting a table for the same county, we will put you in 
touch and you can co‐host the table.  Thank you so much for your assistance, and for considering helping us enrich 
our students’ knowledge and experiences.  To register, or for questions, please contact    

                                          SCHOOL PHOTOS 
Every child will be in the yearbook regardless of a photo purchase! Classroom pictures will also be taken, and they 
are in front of a green screen – probably appearing as ‘The Bay of Naples’. This means that if your child comes to 
school dressed in green, he/she will disappear…so no green clothing please. THE MINIMUM ORDER FOR 
ANY ORDER IS $20. School orders can be returned with payment (cash and checks to NES PTA – NO EURO) to your 
teacher or to the Front Office, the PTA will be collecting orders daily.  
                           SCHEDULED CLASSROOM PHOTOS 
Monday, 2/9/09: Truzzolino; Scott; Powell; Lauro‐Geruso; Saccuman; Camilleri; Wood; Frenette;  
Haughland; LaGioia; Salinas; Fitzgerald 
Tuesday, 2/10/09: Binci; Nichols; Bidez; Losada; Ruffino; Davis; Carter; Earhart; Hail; Muzyka; Strand; 
Wednesday, 2/11/09: Boyd; Amy Thomas; Hood; Flake; Brunacci; Weaver; Daniels; Linda Thomas;  
Christian; Devezin; Cheek 
Thursday, 2/11/09: Oropallo; Simpson; Bratcher; Giddens; Linderman; Mancino; Enoch; McKenzie;  
Satallante; Bryant 
                                         FUTURE EVENTS 
The PTA fun never ends at NES, we still have these events in store for you: Science Fair, Math Night Out, 
Spring Carnival, Field Day, Volunteer Appreciation and Teacher Appreciation, to name a few. Have a few 
extra hours and want to help? We can ALWAYS use volunteer help; please contact 
with your generous offer to help. Thanks in advance!  
                                    CLASSROOM PICTURES  
Let's pretend you're not getting tired of solicitations for volunteer help...our school events wouldn't be 
possible without the help of generous parents and family members and we need some of that help soon! 
Classroom photos run 2/9‐2/12 throughout the school day, and the photographer has his hands full  
trying to corral 25+ wiggly children into place. If you find yourself with an extra hour or two, a sign‐up 
sheet is next to the Front Office and we could badly use some help during the various photo sessions. The 
more hands we have to help the photographer, the less likely we'll be to have a classroom shot similar to a  
Calvin and Hobbs cartoon. Thanks in advance! C. K. 
                                    POP ROCKS and CANDY 
Pop rocks (the candy) are not allowed at NES.  These have been used in the cafeteria to explode water 
bottles which is a highly dangerous and not appropriate past time.  Gum and candy are not allowed 
on the NES campus as they are often distracting and used inappropriately. 
                                          RUNNING CLUB
Those students who continue to run/walk the Dolphin course deserve a round of applause! Way to go eve‐
ryone! Keep up the great work, and don’t forget you can log your PE laps on your classroom Running Club 
chart. Below are the top runners for classrooms with recorded laps. If your child’s classroom is not listed, 
no laps were recorded.  

First Grade: 1B ~ D C.; 1G ~ A G.
Second Grade: 2C~ M S.; 2E ~ M S. & H T.; 2G ~ S Z. & E W.; 2F ~ B W.; 2D ~ A M.; 2B ~ L B.; Powell ~ H M.
Third Grade: 3B  ~ H B. & J B.; 3A  ~ A W.; 3E ~ MD.; 3F ~ A B.
Fourth Grade: 4A ~ S F.; 4B ~ N R.; 4C ~ K B.; 4D ~ K H.; 4E ~ D K.
Fourth/Fifth Grade: 45 ~ D H.
Fifth Grade: 5A ~ T A.; 5C ~ N B.; 5E ~ K H. & N L. 
Sixth Grade: 6B ~ C Q.
         The American Soccer Club of Napoli (ASC)
 ASC has made arrangements with Non Stop Soccer (a Virginia based soccer training school) to
visit Naples and conduct a soccer camp. The Non Stop Soccer philosophy is to design camps that
"focus on proper soccer techniques in a fun, confidence building, and creative environment tai-
lored to challenge players of all ages and abilities."

The camp will take place the week of February 23rd through 27th from 3:00 to 5:00 pm at the
South Support Site Lighted Soccer Fields. This camp is open to all players ages 7 - 12 years old.
While participation every day is desireable, it is not required.

Interested players can contact ASC through the ASC website, or call 081-
816-5165. Registration will be conducted online at The Non Stop Soccer
website is not yet accepting FPO address so we have been advised to place FPO AE in the city
line and any state in the state line. The cost on the Non-Stop Soccer website is listed as $120 but
we are working with the company to reduce the cost to $100. Non Stop Soccer Camps of the level
we are bringing to Naples typically cost $180 per player. We are hoping that with enough players
we will be able to reduce the cost to $100 due to the quantity and quality of players that Naples
has to offer.
Thank you very much for your help and support!

This is a great way for the students of NES to learn about soccer and that being healthy can be

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