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									                                           Perie Banou II
                                                           PO Box 5226, Falcon WA 6210
                                                                     ABN 93779913015

Dear Potential Sponsor

Sponsorship Request – Perie Banou II Sydney Hobart Race 2008

I am writing on behalf of Jon Sanders, David Dicks and other committed crew members of the
Perie Banou II Sydney Hobart Race team 2008.

The crew are a determined team of yachtsmen with years of collective ocean sailing and racing
experience, who are personally investing their individual time, resources and skills in
preparation for the coming Sydney Hobart Race. A brief synopsis of Jon and David’s
achievements is attached, and further information on the team’s experience and skills can be
found on our website

Our objectives are to:

   1. Restore Perie Banou II to prime ocean racing condition – a grassroots endeavour
      by a group of working men

   2. Demonstrate the crew’s sailing prowess in the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race – a
      remarkable team performing at its best on a distinguished yacht

   3. Achieve the position of overall winner of the Race.

You are invited to contribute to this internationally significant yachting endeavour and to be
recognised as a supporter of iconic yachting achievers Jon Sanders and David Dicks.

Work on Perie Banou II is underway and we have secured some sponsorship, but there is still
significant expenditure and work required. We welcome any offers of support, no matter how

Attached is an outline of the categories of sponsorship and some of the opportunities that we
are able to offer. Please direct your enquiries to me by phoning 0408 951642 or by emailing

Yours sincerely

Cheryl Song Loong
Team Organiser

6 March 2010
                       Jon Sanders AO, OBE, CitWA

Celebrated for two and three consecutive non-stop, unassisted circumnavigations of
the globe, Jon has achieved numerous records incorporated into the Guinness Book of
Records. Jon's records include: “Longest distance ever sailed continuously by any
vessel unassisted and solo - 71,023 nautical miles”; and “Longest period ever spent
alone at sea - 657 days”. Jon has circumnavigated the world seven times in yachts and
undertaken many other long passages.

Since the year 2000, Jon has skippered a 44ft sloop from Sydney to Europe via the
Red Sea and Suez Canal, which comprised his 11th crossing of the Indian Ocean and
fourth transit of the Suez. Most recently, he has completed two further west-east
crossings of the Indian Ocean. Other ocean races and voyages include:
      Sydney Hobart in Perie Banou and Perie Banou II, five times (1977 3 rd place in
       Division, 1978, 1984 3rd place overall, 1989 and 1994).
      UK to Australia in the Parmelia Race, 2nd place overall winner in the open
       division, 1979
      Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro, divisional placing, 1976
      Transited the Indian Ocean 13 times, the Atlantic Ocean ten times, and the
       Pacific Ocean ten times
      Transited the Panama Canal four times, and the Suez Canal four times
      Navigated the Australian seaboard, west-east, east-west, 39 times
      Cleared Cape Horn five times and the Cape of Good Hope eight times

During his triple circumnavigation Jon Sanders set the following records, which have
been ratified by the Guinness Book of Records:
      First single-handed to complete five circumnavigations (two having been
       completed by Sanders in Perie Banou in 1981-82)
      First single-handed to complete three non-stop circumnavigations consecutively.
      First single-handed to complete a total of four non-stop circumnavigations (the
       first in 1981-82)
      First single-handed to complete more than one non-stop circumnavigation.
      First single-handed to complete five Cape Horn roundings (one east-west, four
      First single-handed to complete four Cape Horn roundings during non-stop
      First single-handed to round the five southernmost capes four times.
      First single-handed to complete a circumnavigation using the east-west route
       (i.e. Cape Horn plus two other capes - Leeuwin and Good Hope).
      First single-handed to complete four circumnavigations using the west-east route
       (i.e. Cape Horn plus four other capes - Good Hope, Leeuwin, South East,
       Tasmanian and Southwest, New Zealand).
      First small yacht (less than 15.5m) skipper to complete five circumnavigations,
       crewed or single-handed
      Longest distance ever sailed continuously by any vessel (71,023 nautical miles
       or 131,535km).
      Longest period ever spent alone at sea (657 days 21 hours 18 minutes).
      Believed first yachtsman to complete five circumnavigations via Cape Horn (as
       crewed or single-handed).
      First yachtsman to circumnavigate non-stop via the Horn west about and east
      First yachtsman to complete three consecutive non-stop circumnavigations.


                          David Dicks OAM, CitWA

AGE: 29


1996 - Key to the City of Perth (Parade through streets of Perth)
1996 - Lifetime membership, Fremantle Sailing Club
1996 - Global Achievements Award, British Telecoms Yachting Journalists’
1996 - New Generations Award, Rotary International
1996 - Key to the City of Mandurah
1996 - Young Citizen of the Year Award, City of Melville
1996 - Gold Medal, Ron Tough Yachting Foundation
1997 - Western Australian Citizen of the Year Award, Epic Achievement
1999 - Medal of the Order of Australia, OAM
2000 - Sports Medal
2000 - Guiness Book of Records, youngest solo round-the-world sailor
2001 - Citizen of Western Australia Medal (CitWA)
2002 - Guiness Book of Records, youngest solo round-the-world sailor
2005 - Guiness Book of Records, youngest solo round-the-world sailor


Total 59,525 nautical miles and 717 days logged on sailing vessels.
OCEAN PASSAGES (commencing age 14):

Deliveries with Jon Sanders:
     Portland, Vic – Sydney, Perie Banou II (age 16)
     Fremantle – Cocos Islands, 55ft Roberts (age 17)
     Albany – Fremantle, 34ft sloop (age 14)
     Albany – Fremantle, 40ft yacht
     Fremantle – Sydney, 40ft sloop (age 15)
     Fremantle – Sydney, 65ft yacht
     Mooloolabah – Sydney, 40ft yacht
     Dampier – Carnarvon, 40ft catamaran
     Sydney – Maldive Islands, 43ft sloop
     Brisbane – Fremantle, 45ft catamaran

Other boat deliveries:
     Esperance – Adelaide, 58ft Roberts
     Esperance – Bunbury, 30ft yacht
     Ceduna – Adelaide, 34ft Duncanson sloop
     Fremantle – Sydney, 80ft yacht
     Carnarvon – Geraldton, 53ft ketch
     Geraldton – Fremantle, 43ft sloop

     Fremantle Sailing Club Valmadre Series

     Sydney Hobart 1994, Perie Banou II


     Sailmaker
     Contractor – Approved Austel cable installer
     Motivational speaker
     Professional yachtsman – yacht deliveries

      Perie Banou II Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2008
Perie Banou II Restoration

   Sails(full racing and cruising set) and ropes - being supplied by the Australian
    Sailing Museum
   Rigging (wire, turnbuckles, swages etc)
   Mainsheet system, boom vang
   Undercover secure hardstand area – being supplied by Starpak
   Deck and hull – abrasives, fibreglass, resin, gelcoat, marine paint, varnish
   Electrical cabling, circuit board, circuit breakers, switches etc
   Radio equipment - VHF and HF
   GPS, depthsounder, electronic sailing & navigation equipment
   Hoses, watertank, refrigeration system, toilet system, batteries
   Internal fitout – bunks, storage systems
   Miscellaneous – flares, fire extinguishers etc

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race Requirements

   IRC registration
   Liferaft Category 1
   Personal EPIRBs and personal lights x 7
   Safety & Sea Survival Course completion (min half crew) - $396 per person
   Fees – not yet finalised for 2008 – likely to be an increase on 2007 Race Entry Fee
    $530 plus $350 ($50 times seven crew)
   Charts in paper form – 21 compulsory
   Medical guides Category 1, First Aid Book Cat 2, first aid kit, prescription drugs
   Handheld GPS Category 1, waterproof handheld VHF transceiver
   2 metre and 1 metre harnesses, PFDs AS1512 or equivalent
   Race food supplies


   Crane lifts, boatlifts and transportation of Perie Banou II within Perth – following
    restoration work and for IRC certification etc
   Transportation by truck, or delivery by ocean passage, of Perie Banou II to and from
   Crew airfares and accommodation in Sydney and in Hobart

Marketing and Promotions

   Hosting and catering - promotional events
   Printing, advertising, public relations services
   Website development and hosting – being supplied by Websmart Design

   Wet weather and other personal sailing gear
          Perie Banou II Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2008
                   OFFER OF SPONSORSHIP
Yes - I am offering my support for this endeavour!
           I can offer the following:

□      Cash sponsorship – to the value of $
       Please see attached information
□      Provision of goods
       Type of goods

       Maximum value

□      Provision of services
       Type of services

       Maximum value

□      Provision of goods at cost price
       Type of goods










 Return completed form to Perie Banou II, PO Box 5226, Falcon 6210
or fax 9534 2523 or email – or hand it to one
                             of the crew
     Perie Banou II Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2008 –
                  Sponsorship Benefits
            (Please tick the potential benefits that interest you)

Potential Benefit (details to               Major         Intermediate       Supporter
be negotiated)                             Sponsor          Sponsor
Prominent company name on sails
or hull

Logo on hull

Logo on equipment or on crew
personal gear

Mention as sponsor in all
marketing material and public

Invitation to exclusive promotional
events and launches

Listed as sponsor on our website,
and/or website link to your
company website
Photo updates showing progress of
work on Perie Banou II, for public
Twilight sail with the crew

Certificate of Appreciation

Other – as negotiated – please

Major Sponsor:                        Cash or goods to the value of $30,000 or more.

Intermediate Sponsor;                 Cash or goods to the value of $5,000 or more, but
                                      less than $30,000

Supporter:                            Cash or goods to a value less than $5,000; or
                                      provision of goods at cost

Return completed form to Perie Banou II, PO Box 5226, Falcon 6210 or fax
9534 2523 or email or hand it to one of the crew
                              Cash Sponsorship
For cash sponsorship, please:

       make out your cheque to “Perie Banou II” and mail it to PO Box 5226, Falcon
        WA 6210; OR

       deposit funds via electronic transfer to our bank account in the name of “Perie
        Banou II”, BSB 016205, account no. 4838 41 567

Please provide the following information for issuing of receipts (note: we are not
currently GST registered so will not collect GST):

Company (or individual) name
to be listed on the receipt:

How would you like the receipt to be forwarded to you (please tick one and provide
relevant details)?

□       By mail to address:

□       By fax to fax no:

□       By email to email address:

If you would like your cash sponsorship to be used to pay for particular items, then
please indicate the items you wish to cover:



Please indicate your option for payment:

□       Will pay direct to supplier upon presentation of quotation for goods (tax receipt
        provided to your company from the supplier)

□       Will provide cash or cheque to Perie Banou II upon presentation of quotation
        (receipt provided to your company from Perie Banou II, no GST collected)

Return completed form to Perie Banou II, PO Box 5226, Falcon 6210
or fax 9534 2523 or email – or hand it to one
of the crew

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