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									              Do you accept Credit & Debit Cards?
                 Are you getting the best deal?
      The Licensed Trade Charity are delighted to be able to
          announce a money saving benefit to members
                      In association with

       You do not need to Bank with Barclays to take up this offer.
                  A summary of terms are as follows:
Consumer Credit Card Rate
Cr T/o <£400k p.a                               1.374%
Cr T/o <400 pa.                                 1.285%
Debit Cards:                                    16p per Transaction
Joining Fee:                                    £50 (Normally £150)
PDQ Terminal Rental:                            From £13.00+Vat Per Month – dependant upon model
                                                All FULLY CHIP & PIN READY
            - Call BMS for full details on Commercial Credit & Debit Card Rates

                          PDQ TT41Desktop          Classic      Portable (Take machine to customer)

These rates could save you hundreds of ££££££ over your current charges.
If you do not take cards yet, now may well be the best time to consider offering your
customers the method they prefer to pay by. These terms are for those transactions that are
carried out in a secure manner ie via Chip & Pin or the CSC (Card Security Code) service.

 If you wish to take advantage of these highly beneficial terms, and you are not processing your cards
              with BMS, simply phone Barclaycard Merchant Services for full details on:

                                      0800 616161
  (LTC Members who are existing BMS Customers, and wish to take advantage of the preferential terms
                                should phone BMS on 0870 6060060)
  It is imperative that you ask to join the “Licensed Trade Charity - trade
                             Association scheme”

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