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					    Call for Hosting the 63rd International Astronautical Congress in 2012
                             Host City Proposals
                              Compliance Matrix                                                             √





                                            Indicate with Y (Yes), N (No) or ? (Uncertain)
A Qualifications
  The proposing organization must demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the IAF,
  that it is:
    1 An IAF member organization in good standing, or a group of IAF member
      organizations [Y/N]

    2 Legally capable of signing a contract with the IAF for the execution an IAC.
    3 Organizationally and financially able to undertake and successfully manage
      an IAC. [Addressed in detail below.]
    4 Capable of fulfilling all of the requirements placed on the Host
      organization. Requirements are summarized in the Minimum
      Requirements sheet (Att. 1), detailed in the Standard Contract including
      Exhibits A-F (Att. 2). [Addressed in detail below.]
    5 Proposed dates:

   Note: The IAF member organization proposing to host an IAC may
   demonstrate that it meets the above requirements through the creation of a
   consortium or other entity with sufficient organizational skills, financial
   backing, human resources and legal structure to meet this requirement. In this
   case, the proposed organization must include in its proposal:
    1 A description of the proposed organizational arrangement. The consortium
      or organization shall also provide documentation to validate its legal
      existence as well as its address, telephone, facsimile and e-mail address for
      follow up communications.
    2 Written commitments from the consortium members specifying the
      organizational and/or financial support they propose to provide.
3 Additional, publicly verifiable information describing the capabilities as
  well as the financial and organizational resources of the consortium
 LOC Chair:

 LOC Chair:

 LOC Chair:




B Proposals
  The IAF member organization or consortium proposing to host the IAC shall
  submit a proposal with a cover letter addressed to the President of the IAF, and
  written on paper with the printed letterhead of the proposed host.
   a Cover letter
   b Written on letterhead

   The Proposals shall discuss and, where appropriate, provide supporting
   documentation on the following factors:
    1 Congress facilities including modern capabilities for holding plenary
      sessions, highlight lectures open to the public, technical sessions, committee
      rooms, offices, special purpose rooms, areas for registration, refreshments
      and meals and other features.

        a The proposal should indicate whether the proposed Congress facilities
          comply fully with Att 2 - Exhibit A (IAC Arrangements) and Att 2 -
          Exhibit D (Student and Young Professionals programs). [See also
          specific sections below in this spreadsheet.]

        b The proposal should discuss additional features of the Congress site that
          might make it attractive for the IAC (e.g. additional meeting rooms,
          flexible facility arrangements, scenic location, wireless internet access,
          security provisions, convenient access to public transportation, etc.).

    2 Exhibition facilities located at the Congress site or not more than 5 minutes
      walk from the Congress facilities. The proposal should discuss their size,
      flexibility to accommodate various types of exhibits, special events and
      other special features.
3 Venues for the opening ceremony (minimum 3000 persons) and closing gala
  banquet (minimum 500 persons).
   a The proposal should indicate whether the opening ceremony can be held
     at the Congress site. If the opening ceremony cannot be accommodated
     at the Congress site, the proposal should indicate the planned site for
     this ceremony, the distance (minutes walking) from the site and, if the
     distance is more than 15 minutes walking from the hotels and Congress
     site what transportation arrangements are envisioned.

   b The proposal should also indicate the probable location of the Gala
     dinner and its location vis-à-vis the proposed Congress hotels.

4 Hotel accommodations of varying types and prices (including information
  on the distance from the Congress area) for attendees including students/
  young professionals.
   a The IAF’s goal is to offer Congress participants high quality lodging at
     prices that are significantly lower than would otherwise be available to
     visitors to the Congress site including those who may book directly from
     the hotels.
   b The proposal should specify whether discounts on hotel rates will be
     offered and, if so, what percentage of discount is guaranteed in each
   c The proximity – both in distance and in time – of hotel accommodations
     to the Congress site. If the majority of the hotels proposed for the
     Congress are not within a 15 minute walk from the Congress site the
     proposing organization should elaborate on how it intends to provide
     frequent, convenient access to and from the Congress site.

5 Anticipated local organization committee structure including names of local
  organizing committee members, organizational and financial support, and
  past experience in organizing large congresses.
 6 Name and qualifications of the person who the local organizing committee
   intends to designate as International Program Committee Co-chair
   (technical program leader).

 7 Local organization plans with regard to ensuring that all Congress
   participants will be granted unimpeded access to enter and leave the host
   country. If visas are required, the proposed host organization should
   indicate which country residents will need to obtain visas. The proposed
   host organization should also describe its plans to facilitate the granting of
   visas for Congress participants.

 8 The proposal should include a preliminary budget for the proposed
   Congress that demonstrates the anticipated financial viability of the
   undertaking. The budget should be developed and presented in Euros and
   included as part of the Host's proposal.

 9 Accessibility of host country and city for international travellers including
   the number and frequency of non-stop international flights from major
   locations, local transportation (including metro, taxi and buses) and
   regional transportation services, language capabilities of host city residents
   to communicate in the Federation’s official languages).

10 Availability of mobile telephone, high speed internet, and wireless internet
   services in the Congress city.

11 Venues for associated events such as the UN/IAF Workshop.
12 Space activities and interests of the host country and city including any
   special events or plans which the host organization plans to pursue in
   connection with the IAF.

13 Proximity of cultural, historical and space program sites of potential interest
   to the IAC attendees.




C Evaluation and Selection Process
   1 Proposal received on or before deadline
   2 Selected by Bureau as a candidate for further consideration
   3 Additional information requested
   4 Additional information received on or before deadline
   5 Additional information provides complete responses to the issues raised
   6 Oral presentations
      a Bidder was well-prepared, presentation was complete and consistent
        with the written proposal
      b Answers to questions seemed direct and thorough, not vague or evasive
      c Representatives have attended previous IACs
       d Representatives have a clear grasp of what it takes to host a Congress

  Evaluation criteria




D Preliminary evaluation - mark each item out of a maximum of 5 points
  The IAF Congress and Symposia Advisory Committee and the IAF Bureau will
  evaluate the extent to which each proposed venue satisfies the above factors.
  The evaluation will also consider:
   1 The anticipated ability of the proposing organizations to comply fully with
     the Minimum Requirements and the Standard Contract
     Overall impression
     Overall impression
     Overall impression
   2 The financial viability of the undertaking as proposed by the host
     organisation or consortium. [see 'Budgets' spreadsheet for details.]
     See details in 'Budgets' spreadsheet
     See details in 'Budgets' spreadsheet
     See details in 'Budgets' spreadsheet
   3 The number of IAF member organizations in the host country and the level
     of involvement of these organizations in the current activities of the

    4 Other incentives that may be proposed by the host

    5 Unique opportunities associated with the venue for the IAF and the host
      organization to promote global space cooperation and space activities in the
      host country.

    6 Ease of access to the host country, to the proposed city and venue, and from
      the selected hotels to the Congress site.
   7 Past experience with regard to the hosting of an IAC or a comparable event
     by an organization, city or country.

   8 IAF practices with regard to the sequence of holding IACs in various
     regions of the world. [Alternate between Europe and somewhere else.] In
     making its recommendation to the General Assembly the Bureau will take
     into account the Federation's desire, when possible, to hold successive IACs
     on different continents.

E Additional Comments/Summary
    Bidder 1
    Bidder 2
    Bidder 3




Room requirements iaw Contract Exhibit A (all theatre style)
This detailed section should reference feedback from the site evaluations.

a   Opening Ceremony - 1 room
    Contract says minimum 3,000 seats -- more likely 2,500 required
b   Plenary and Highlight Lectures - 1 room
    1,000 seats
c   Technical Sessions - 17 rooms
    100 to 250 seats each
d   General Assembly & IPC meetings - 1 room
    300 seats
    Note: may also be used for Academy Day
e   Academy Day - 7 rooms
    300 seats - plenary room
    75 seats - six Commission rooms
f   Gala Dinner - 1 room
    600 seats
g   UN/IAF Workshop - 2 rooms
    180 seats - plenary room
    50 seats - session room
    Note: must be in the vicinity (not co-located with) the Congress
h   Special Sessions - 1 room
    250 seats
i   Committee Meetings - 7 rooms
    30 + seats - Bureau
    20-30 seats - six committee rooms
j   Offices
    Executives - Pres of IAF/IAA/IISL plus IAF ED plus IPC - 5 rooms
        5m x 5m, lockable, window, HS internet
        IAF - telephone w/long-distance capability w/free calls
        IPC - 20 seats
        IISL - computer + printer
    IAF Secretariat - 1 room
        lockable, window, HS internet, computers etc etc
    IAA Secretariat
        lockable, window, HS internet, computers etc etc
    IISL Secretariat
        lockable, window, HS internet, computers etc etc
    Note: all consumables to be supplied no charge
k   Press Centre - 1 room
    10 desktops w/HS internet, 3 computers, 2 printers, 1 receptionist
l   Presentation Preparation - 1 room
    6 computers, projectors, technical staff
m   Internet Café - 1 room or area
    15 HS internet connections, wireless access, 15 computers, printer
n   IAF Members Lounge - 1 room
    30 seats
    25 HS internet connections, 3 computers, 3 printers, 5 telephone lines,
        fax, photocopier, all-day snacks, full-time receptionist to restrict access
o   Special Reception Facilities - 1 or 2 rooms
    Lounge, reception area for VIPs
    Private dining area for VIP lunches
p   Registration Desk area
    8 am - 6 pm Saturday through the following Friday
q   Stands - 6 required
    1 - > 9 sq m area - next Congress host
    5 - > 6 sq m - publications
r   Meeting Facilities for IAF Members - 2 rooms
    15 seats each
    Note: must be within 5 minutes walking distance
s   Additional meeting rooms (must be provide upon request) - availability

NOTE: Additional rooms will be required for hospitality/sales
  presentations in/near the main venue -- various sizes

Students and Young Professionals program requirements iaw Contract




Exhibit D

 1 Facilitate contact between sponsors and local hotels

 2 Provide a dedicated student area of at least 200 square meters in the Space
   Exhibition area

 3 Provide two dedicated session rooms with seating for at least 200 persons
   (theatre style), located either near the other session rooms or near the
   student area within the Space Exhibition

 4 Facilitate organization of daily lunches (catering) and a party (venue, DJ,
   catering) for students, and social and other events supporting the Students
   and Young Professionals program

 5 Designate a Students and Young Professionals program coordinator
Call for Hosting the 63rd International Astronautical Congress in 2012
                         Host City Proposals
                                                                        Bidder 1      Bidder 2       Bidder 3
  REVENUES                                                             priced in €   priced in €    priced in €
  Registration fees - FILL IN THE TABLE BELOW                             9,000 €       9,000 €        9,000 €

  Sponsorship                                                                 0€            0€             0€
  Exhibition                                                                  0€            0€             0€
                                                   Premium space
                                                   Standard space
  Other                                                                       0€            0€             0€
                                                             Item 1
                                                             Item 2
  Total                                                                   9,000 €       9,000 €        9,000 €

  Fee table - 60th IAC, Daejeon, South Korea                                Early          Late       On-site
                                             Full-paying participant        675 €         775 €        825 €
                Full-paying participant - IAF member organisation           600 €         700 €        750 €
               IAF Bureau member, Past President, IPC co-chair              300 €         350 €        375 €
                                                    Retired person          350 €         400 €        450 €
                                               Young professional           250 €         250 €        300 €
                                                   Full-time student        100 €         100 €        125 €
                          Accompanying person, accredited press               0€            0€            0€

  Insert proposed number of registrants in each category                   Early          Late        On-site
  Bidder 1                                                             Total paying delegates: 30
                                            Full-paying participant            0            0                0
               Full-paying participant - IAF member organisation               0            0                0
              IAF Bureau member, Past President, IPC co-chair                 30            0                0
                                                   Retired person              0            0                0
                                              Young professional               0            0                0
                                                  Full-time student            0            0                0
                         Accompanying person, accredited press                 0            0                0
  Bidder 2                                                             Total paying delegates: 30
                                            Full-paying participant            0            0                0
               Full-paying participant - IAF member organisation               0            0                0
              IAF Bureau member, Past President, IPC co-chair                 30            0                0
                                                   Retired person              0            0                0
                                              Young professional               0            0                0
                                                  Full-time student            0            0                0
                         Accompanying person, accredited press                 0            0                0
  Bidder 3                                                             Total paying delegates: 30
                                            Full-paying participant            0            0                0
               Full-paying participant - IAF member organisation               0            0                0
              IAF Bureau member, Past President, IPC co-chair                 30            0                0
                                                   Retired person              0            0                0
                                              Young professional               0            0                0
                                                  Full-time student            0            0                0
                         Accompanying person, accredited press                 0            0                0
                                                         Bidder 1      Bidder 2      Bidder 3
EXPENSES                                                priced in €   priced in €   priced in €
           IAF percentage of registration revenues              0€            0€            0€
                                Congress Centre                0€            0€            0€
                               Meeting room rental
                        AV equipment + technicians
                                    Poster boards
                        Print materials & web site             0€            0€            0€
                           1st announcement (IAF)
                          2nd announcement (IAF)
                                     Final program
                          Abstract book/DVD (IAF)
                Proceedings on CD-ROM/DVD (IAF)
                                      Daily bulletin
                                         Web page
                                    LOC expenses               0€            0€            0€
                            Hotel accommodations               0€            0€            0€
                  Suite for IAF President (11 nights)
                      Five double rooms (12 nights)
                     Three single rooms (12 nights)
            Invited speakers, Committee members                0€            0€            0€
                             Conference materials              0€            0€            0€
                                    Delegate bags
                                   Notepads, pens
                                      Social events            0€            0€            0€
                                 Opening ceremony
                    Opening ceremony - translation
                                Welcome reception
                             Sightseeing tour - APs
                     Banquet - rental, entertainment
                                     Banquet - food
                          Banquet - transportation
                    Banquet - complimentary tickets
                     Congress Centre - Catering                0€            0€            0€
                                    Coffee breaks
             Refreshments for Speakers & Members
                             Refreshments for staff
                                   VIP dining area
                                   Congress Secretariat              0€         0€         0€
                                 Staff for pre-registration
                                                On-site staff
                                             Office supplies
                        Misc (courier, taxi, translation etc)
                                            Exhibition               0€         0€         0€
                                    Management & set-up
                                                   Other             0€         0€         0€
                                         Banking charges
                    Professional Conference Organizer fee
                                                  Sub-total          0€         0€         0€
                                  Taxes, surcharges etc.
Total expenses                                                       0€         0€         0€

ROLL-UP                                                         Bidder 1   Bidder 2   Bidder 3
Revenues                                                         9,000 €    9,000 €    9,000 €
Expenses                                                             0€         0€         0€
Surplus (Deficit)                                                9,000 €    9,000 €    9,000 €

Bidder 1

Bidder 2

Bidder 3
      Call for Hosting the 63rd International Astronautical Congress in 2012
                                   Attachment 1
        Minimum Requirements for Hosting an International Astronautical Congress
                                 Compliance Matrix





              Indicate overall commitment/compliance with Y (yes), N (no) or ? (uncertain)
The host organization will be required to:
 1 Organize and conduct a six-day International Astronautical Congress on
   behalf of the IAF, the IAA and the IISL. This includes an “Academy Day”
   on the first day (Sunday) of the Congress that is open to IAA members and
   the public without charge followed by a five-day Congress (Monday to
   Friday) that is generally open only to registered participants.
 2 Organize and conduct a five-day space exhibition held in conjunction with
   the IAF at the same or an adjacent location.
 3 Provide simultaneous interpretation services - at a minimum in English,
   French, Spanish and Russian - during the Opening Ceremony of the IAC.
 4 Organize and conduct social events normally associated with IACs
     a Welcome reception on the Monday evening of the Congress. This
       reception will be open to all registered participants and accompanying
       persons at no charge.
    b Accompanying persons’ coffee or similar event.
     c Gala dinner on the Friday of the Congress.
 5 Commit to the following minimum financial conditions:
     a Collection of registration fees at rates established by the IAF under
       conditions approved by the IAF.
    b Payment to the IAF of its share of all registration fees collected which
       (except as specified otherwise in Att 2 - Exhibit B) will be at least 50%.
     c Payment of any and all taxes imposed by local and national authorities.
       This includes any taxes that are required to be paid on registration fees.
       Such taxes will be paid by the Host out of its portion of the revenues
       from the Congress; they will not be charged to those registering and will
       not be deducted from the amounts the Host is obliged to pay to the IAF.
    d Payment will be made to the IAF in Euros by the agreed payment
 6 Guarantee of a minimum financial return to the IAF of 300,000 Euros
   through the establishment of an insurance policy issued to the IAF and paid
   by the host organization. This coverage will be provided by an inter-
   nationally recognized insurance firm. The proposed terms and conditions
   of the coverage will be approved by IAF before the policy is issued.
 7 Provide liability insurance coverage for the protection and benefit of the
   IAF, IAA, IISL, and all attendees. This coverage will be provided by an
   internationally recognized insurance firm. The proposed terms and
   conditions of the coverage will be approved by IAF before the policy is
 8 Acknowledge and agree to be bound by the requirements of the non-
   compliance provision that is included in the standard contract (Att 2) the
   IAF signs with the Host organization
 9 Assist - as requested by the IAF - in the organization of meetings associated
   with the IAC. These meetings will include but are not limited to a UN/IAF
   Workshop which is generally held just before the IAC and is sponsored in
   part by the host country.
10 Provide all requested meeting rooms, facilities, equipment, staff support
   and related services in accordance with the provisions of Att 2 - Exhibit A.
11 Register IAC participants in accordance with the provisions of Att 2 -
   Exhibit B and other provisions determined by the IAF and elaborated in a
   contract between the IAF and the Host.
12 Provide for the printing and dissemination of material in accordance with
   the provisions of Att 2 - Exhibit C.
13 Support IAF student and young professional activities in accordance with
   the provisions of Att 2 - Exhibit D.
14 Provide support for the International Institute of Space Law Moot Court
   and related activities in accordance with the provisions of Att 2 - Exhibit E.
15 Provide support for Distinguished Participants (VIPs) and Plenary Speakers
   in accordance with Att 2 - Exhibit F.

Additional Comments
  Bidder 1

   Bidder 2

   Bidder 3
        Call for Hosting the 62nd International Astronautical Congress in 2011
                                 Host City Proposals
                               Congress Site Evaluations

                                                                                                Bid r 2



                                          Score out of 5 points unless otherwise indicated
A General

  Insert site evaluation comments on this spreadsheet
                          Congress and Symposium Advisory Committee

The Call for Proposals for Hosting the 63rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in 2012
contains the following timetable
1 April              Announcement of Call for Proposals for the 63rd IAC in 2012
25 May               Deadline for receipt by IAF Secretariat of intention to submit proposals
22 June              Deadline for receipt by IAF Secretariat of Proposals
10 August (latest)   Announcement of finalist candidates (maximum of 3) as selected by Bureau
7 September          Deadline for receipt by IAF Secretariat of updated Proposals
12 - 16 Octtober     Finalist interviews and presentations during 60th IAC in Daejeon
16 October           Selection of the Host city for the 63rd IAC in 2012
            Previous International Astronautical Congresses
#    Year City              Country          #    Year City               Country
 1   1950   Paris           France           42   1991   Montreal         Canada
 2   1951   London          United Kingdom   43   1992   Washington       USA
 3   1952   Stuttgart       Germany          44   1993   Graz             Austria
 4   1953   Zurich          Switzerland      45   1994   Jerusalem        Israel
 5   1954   Innsbruck       Austria          46   1995   Oslo             Norway
 6   1955   Copenhagen      Denmark          47   1996   Beijing          China
 7   1956   Rome            Italy            48   1997   Turin            Italy
 8   1957   Barcelona       Spain            49   1998   Melbourne        Australia
 9   1958   Amsterdam       Netherlands      50   1999   Amsterdam        Netherlands
10   1959   London          United Kingdom   51   2000   Rio de Janeiro   Brazil
11   1960   Stockholm       Sweden           52   2001   Toulouse         France
12   1961   Washington      USA              53   2002   Houston          USA
13   1962   Varna           Bulgaria         54   2003   Bremen           Germany
14   1963   Paris           France           55   2004   Vancouver        Canada
15   1964   Warsaw          Poland           56   2005   Fukuoka          Japan
16   1965   Athens          Greece           57   2006   Valencia         Spain
17   1966   Madrid          Spain            58   2007   Hyderabad        India
18   1967   Belgrade        Yugoslavia       59   2008   Glasgow          Scotland
19   1968   New York        USA              60   2009   Daejeon          South Korea
20   1969   Mar del Plata   Argentina        61   2010   Prague           Czech Republic
21   1970   Constance       Germany          62   2011   Cape Town        South Africa
22   1971   Brussels        Belgium          63   2012
23   1972   Vienna          Austria
24   1973   Baku            USSR
25   1974   Amsterdam       Netherlands
26   1975   Lisbon          Portugal
27   1976   Anaheim         USA
28   1977   Prague          Czechoslovakia
29   1978   Dubrovnik       Yugoslavia
30   1979   Munich          Germany
31   1980   Tokyo           Japan
32   1981   Rome            Italy
33   1982   Paris           France
34   1983   Budapest        Hungary
35   1984   Lausanne        Switzerland
36   1985   Stockholm       Sweden
37   1986   Innsbruck       Austria
38   1987   Brighton        United Kingdom
39   1988   Bangalore       India
40   1989   Malaga          Spain
41   1990   Dresden         Germany

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