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DIY Noisepub

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					 Reasonable times for work

We suggest that people need a
rest from noise at the weekend and
in the evening. It is especially
important if young children are
involved; we seek to provide peace
and quiet in the evenings.

We recommend that the noisier
activities (as defined in this leaflet)
are restricted to the following

       Saturday 9am to 5pm
       Sunday 10am to 2pm
                                                                                      DIY Noise
       Weekdays 9am-8pm

                                          Worcester City Council
                                          Environmental Health Division
                                          High Street
                                          Worcester WR1 2EY
                                          tel.   01905 722 213
                                          fax.   01905 722 255

                                                                                    Environmental Protection
           DIY building works                                      Equipment                                     Working practices

Noise from neighbours can annoy, cause            Have you got the right equipment?                   Party Walls and Floors
stress and generally affect the quality of life   Sometimes the more powerful equipment will
in a residential area.                            actually help solve the noise problem.              Work on the party wall or floor between
The best way forward is to avoid causing a                                                            properties can give surprising levels of noise.
problem in the first place. This guidance note                                                        Work such as wallpaper stripping or wall
tries to assist you in dealing effectively with                                                       preparation can sound very loudly next door.
DIY noise.                                                                                            Work on the floor, such as plumbing, rewiring
                                                                                                      and (especially) sanding, can be very loud
Most people have jobs that need doing                                                                 downstairs.
around the home, especially if they have just
moved in, or are redecorating.                    Hand Tools
                                                  Use of hammers, saws etc should be
We have to accept that many people have           restricted to the hours given over the page.
jobs during the day and need to do this DIY
in the evenings and at weekends.

However, this does not give them permission
to annoy neighbours at all hours of the day                                                           Maintenance of Equipment
and night. We all have to be reasonable to                                                            There is nothing worse than someone using
live together.                                                                                        an old piece of machinery that cannot cope
                                                  Power Tools                                         with the job. It makes far more noise, and the
Disturbance from DIY building and decorating      Normal hand-held power tools (drills, saws,         job will often take much longer, than if you
can be minimised by keeping noisy activities      sanders, etc) can cause a lot of noise.             had the correctly maintained equipment.
to reasonable hours and by thinking about
what type of activity you are doing. We would     Plant                                               The Radio
define “noisy activities” as:                     People can now hire more “professional”             It seems most people want the radio on
                                                  tools and plant such as pneumatic hammers,          when they are doing DIY- it eases the
       Hammering                                  cement mixers, large power saws and                 burden! Please keep the volume down,
       Drilling                                   planers, compressors, generators, etc. Use          especially in the evenings.
       Use of power tools                         of this powerful type of equipment needs
                                                  greater consideration, as it is identical to that
Please not that this list is not exhaustive and   used by professional builders and can be
any DIY activity may have the potential to be     very noisy.
a nuisance

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