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									                      My Health Record

My Health Record is being introduced throughout the Trust and is intended to
supply important information about patients who have a learning disability to
nurses, doctors and other health care professionals if the patient needs to attend
hospital. It will support staff to deliver high quality, person- centered care to
patients with a learning disability so we are more equipped to meet there needs.
It will not replace all the information that a patient and their careers and family
can give, but it will provide hospital staff with all the information they need that
patients may not remember in an emergency or if they are ill. The booklet
contains information about individual’s health and medical conditions, medicines
and allergies, best way to communicate, mobility and outlines the degree and
type of support the person with a learning disability will need. It includes likes and
dislikes and there is a section where they can say how they prefer nurses to
perform hospital tasks such as blood samples, temperature and other tests to
accommodate their specific needs.
Julie Ward of the practice development team has worked closely with Tracy
Peters, head of learning Disability Services, NHS South of Tyne and Wear, in this
joint initiative between Primary and Secondary care to implement ‘My Health
Record’ within the Trust and all involved are confident it will both improve the
patients and carers hospital experience and assist our acute staff in their day to
day practice.

The Community Disability Team are in the process of distributing the booklet to
patients known to their service with the aim of the” My Health Record”
accompanying patients to hospital .It is intended spare copies of the booklet will
be distributed throughout the Trust for staff to use should patients not have had
an opportunity to complete one .
A launch is planned on the 8th may in Quenellies restaurant, please come along

Julie Ward
Practice Development Team

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