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Short Term Mission Teams have many and varied purposes. In general they are organized
for evangelism, assistance to local missionaries and exposure of team members to missions
ministry and to other cultures.

While we expect your team to come with a “Ministry” rather than a “Vacation” mentality, we
also know that for teams with time and finances, one or two special excursions can be part
of the “Cultural” experience and a rewarding addition to your time of service.

The following is a guide to some of the blessings of Belize!

   One Day Excursion to a Private Caye (Island) per person                (at least) $60.00

  Overnight Excursion to the Cayes (Islands) per person
                      Boat                                                          $30.00 +
                      Room                                                          $40.00 +
                      Food per meal                                           $5.00 - $15.00
                      Snorkeling Equipment/Boat Ride                                $30.00 +
****Keep in mind transportation to Belize City and back

Costs for the following are only for mileage, except where entry fees are noted, or spending
money is desired:

                                                                               Round Trip
   Blue Hole National Park (swimming)                                          30 miles
   Roaring Creek (In season – swimming)                                        10 miles
   Mayan Ruins (Entry Fee - $10/person)                                        60 miles
   Melchior, Guatemala shopping                                                75 miles
        * (Border crossing fee approximately $25/person)
        *(Mayan Ruins is on the way and can be included in a trip to Guatemala
         for a total of 75 miles for both in one long day.)
   Belize Zoo (Entry Fee $10)                                                  40 miles
   Baboon Sanctuary                                                            45 miles
   Belize City sight seeing and shopping                                      120 miles
   Banana Bank Ranch *Owners of a Jaguar, Horses, Birds, etc…                  20 miles

Trips to other Cayes, horseback riding, and river trips can also be made by special