Domestic violence                             Who can stay in a
           Domestic violence can take many forms,        refuge?
           such as physical, mental and even
                                                         Refuges are open to any woman who is
           financial abuse. The violence or threat of
                                                         trying to get away from a violent
           violence can be from a partner, ex-partner
                                                         relationship. If you have children they will
           or a relative.
                                                         be able to go with you; however, sons over
           If you are suffering any form of domestic     the age of 12 years old will not normally be
           violence and have taken the brave step of     able to stay in a refuge. If this is the case
           doing something about it you should           in your situation staff will be able to help
           contact the council’s Housing Services        you in arranging for somewhere else for
           team for advice and assistance. We can        your son(s) to stay.
           help you to secure a place in a refuge out
                                                         Most refuges will not be able to accept
           of Copeland to ensure your safety and that
                                                         pets but will assist you in trying to find
           of your children and offer advice and
                                                         somewhere else for them to stay.
           assistance in deciding the way forward.

           What is a refuge?                             How do I get into a
           Refuges provide safe, temporary housing       refuge?
           for women and their children, who have        Experience has shown us that women
           experienced violence or threats of violence   placed in refuges in the same area from
           from someone living with them or who          where they
           used to live with them.                       are fleeing violence have a high chance of
           In most refuges you will have a room of       being found by the person from whom they
           your own for you and your children and will   are fleeing. It is for this reason that we
           share a living room, kitchen and bathroom.    would not ordinarily place you in a local
                                                         refuge. We will therefore contact a number
           The majority of refuges are staffed 24        of refuges outside of the area in order to
           hours a day, 7 days a week, and staff are     find you a place of safety.
           usually female. The staff have a great deal
           of experience in dealing with issues          You can also contact the Women’s Aid 24
           surrounding domestic violence and will        hour free phone advice line on 0808 2000
           support you in the immediate short term       247.
           and also when making your longer-term
           decisions. Refuges impose a number of         Long term solutions
           safety measures to ensure that the women      Refuges can only provide emergency
           staying in them are protected from danger.    temporary accommodation. At some stage
           These will include:                           you will need to consider your longer-term
           •   an ex-directory telephone number          options and the staff at either the refuge or
           •   a PO Box address for the refuge,          the Housing Options staff at Copeland
           •   CCTV                                      Council will be able to help you with the
           •   usually no male visitors                  next steps such as helping you to:
           Refuge addresses are confidential and         •   get an injunction against the person who
           under no circumstances will the address of        is being violent, ordering them to stay
Domestic   the refuge ever be given out to a third
Violence                                                     away from you and your home;

•   get in touch with specialist legal advisors who             Victim Support
    can explain your legal rights: even if you have             Helps people cope with the effects of crime
    a joint tenancy or mortgage with the person                 0845 3030 900
    who is being violent towards you, you may be      
    able to stop them from coming into the home;
                                                                The Samaritans
•   make a homeless approach with the council                   08457 90 90 90
•   put your name on the local housing                
    associations housing registers for a
    permanent home                                              For further information please contact
                                                                The Housing Options Team
•   consider changing your name, in order
                                                                The Copeland Centre
    to ensure that you cannot be traced
                                                                Catherine Street
Useful numbers                                                  Cumbria CA28 7SJ
IN AN EMERGENCY DIAL 999                                        Tel: 0845 054 8600
Women's Aid 24-Hour National
Domestic Violence Helpline
Women's Aid offers support and refuge for
women and children affected by domestic
violence. Public numbers for the refuges are on
the website.
0808 2000 247

Rights of Women
A charity providing free legal advice by
telephone, to women in England and Wales.

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