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City Airline establishes non-stop route between Göteborg and Visby


									PRESS RELEASE                                                                             Göteborg, 2 April 2009
Attn: News manager, economic editor, travel editor

City Airline establishes non-stop route
between Göteborg and Visby this summer
The Göteborg-based City Airline, which operates direct flights from Göteborg’s Landvetter
airport to 12 cities in Europe, announces an attractive direct summer route between Göteborg
and Visby.
The route opens on 11 June and City Airline will fly to Visby on Thursdays, Saturdays and
Sundays until August.

City Airline has flown the attractive route
Göteborg-Visby for several years during the
summer, and will do so again this year. City
Airline’s jet aircraft will fly the route, and the
journey time is less than an hour.

“There is considerable interest in the route
from both families with children and other
holiday-makers who have Visby and Gotland
as their destination. Gotland is a marvellous
place for a holiday during the summer, and
we are expecting heavy demand this year,
now that the trend is that Swedish tourists are
                                                         Contact Louise Arvidsson, telephone +46 739 608003 for
tending to take their holidays in Sweden”,               press photographs for publication.
says Jimmie Bergqvist, managing director at
City Airline.

City Airline has targeted the market for leisure travel during the last year. A route to Nice has been
opened this spring, and the flights are already heavily booked for the coming period. The opening of
the route to Visby is an important part of the City Airline’s continued endeavour to become a major
player in the market for leisure travel.

“We have focussed intensely for many years on direct flights from Göteborg, and flown business
travellers to destinations both in Sweden and Europe. We shall continue to develop these routes, and
we will convince those who live in Göteborg to travel with us also when they are going on holiday.
Our strengths are that we fly directly to our destinations from Göteborg, and that we do it using our
flexible jet aircraft”, continues Jimmie Bergqvist.

For more information:
Jimmie Bergqvist, Managing Director at City Airline, tel. +46 31 600381 or mobile: +46 706 062940.
Contact Louise Arvidsson, telephone +46 739 608003, for press photographs for publication.

City Airline currently flies both business travellers and leisure travellers from Göteborg, Landvetter, to Manchester,
Birmingham, Sundsvall, Lyon, Prague, Nice, Zürich. Helsinki, Tallinn and Luleå, and to seasonal destinations
Åre/Östersund and Visby. The company's aim is to supply through controlled growth the market in western Sweden with
direct flights from Göteborg's Landvetter airport. City Airline was founded in 2000 and is owned by Investment AB Janus,
with head offices in Göteborg. The company owns a fleet of five modern jet aircraft.

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