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									             Programme Schedule                                                  Radio Caroline’s outlets
Monday                                                                       Sky Digital Channel 0199
01:00 Non Stop Caroline             07:00 Breakfast in LA with Tony Paul   ● If you have Sky TV simply switch to Channel
06:00 Paul Andrews                  09:00 Top 15 with Cliff Osbourne
07:00 Tony Paul’s Breakfast in LA   10:00 Pat Edison                         O199 to listen to Radio Caroline. There’s
09:00 Top 15 with Cliff Osbourne    14:00 Alan Watts                         programme information on Sky’s EPG
10:00 Pat Edison                    18:00 Andrew Austin
14:00 Non Stop Caroline             21:00 Magic Carpet Ride with Tim         (Electronic Programme Guide) too.
18:00 Roy Masters’ Advice Line
20:00 Tom Lodge Jr
                                          Charles                                                                                          The world’s most famous
21:00 Ray Copeland                  Friday
                                    00:00 John Patrick
                                                                             Internet Streams
                                                                           ● Internet radio is a growing area and Radio
                                                                                                                                            offshore radio station is
Tuesday                             02:00 Non Stop Caroline
00:00 Non Stop Caroline
06:00 Paul Andrews
                                    06:00 Paul Andrews
                                    07:00 Tony Paul’s Breakfast in LA
                                                                             Caroline provides a number of streams                           now the world’s finest
                                                                                                                                                 onshore one
07:00 Tony Paul’s Breakfast in LA   09:00 Top 15 with Cliff Osbourne         to suit most people’s circumstances
09:00 Top 15 with Cliff Osbourne    10:00 Barry James                        including high quality aacPlus streams
10:00 Barry Marsh                   14:00 Jim Ross
13:00 Roger Mathews                 18:00 Bob Lawrence’s Album               and an ‘office friendly’ 22k stream.
14:00 Johnny Lewis                         Collection
                                                                           ● Many people are purchasing stand-alone
17:00 The Elvis Hour                20:00 Roy Masters’ Advice Line
      with Todd Slaughter           21:00 Cliff Osbourne                     ‘Wi-fi’ radios that plug directly into a
18:00 Good Rockin’ Tonight with
       Del Richardson               Saturday                                 broadband wall socket without the need
21:00 60’s & 70’s Request Show      00:00 Jeremy Chartham                    for a computer.
                                    03:00 Non Stop Caroline
Wednesday                           07:00 Dave Richards
00:00 Radio Marabu                  09:00 Peter Antony
06:00 Paul Andrews                  12:00 Nigel Harris
07:00 Tony Paul’s Breakfast in LA   15:00 Ted Elliott
09:00 Top 15 with Cliff Osbourne    17:00 Doug Wood
10:00 Brian Martin                  20:00 Pandora’s Rock Box
14:00 Ray Collins                                                                              The well thought of Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi
18:00 Mike Brill                    Sunday                                                     radio – but there are many other brands.
20:00 Marc Griffiths                 00:00 Bob Lawrence’s Album                                 Prices start from around £60.
23:00 Martin Fisher                       Collection
                                    06:00 Calvary Chapel
Thursday                            10:00 Pat Edison                         Music
00:00 Ted Elliott                   14:00 Dave Foster
                                                                           ● Radio Caroline plays music across the decades with an
02:00 Non Stop Caroline             18:00 Stafford’s World
06:00 Paul Andrews                  21:00 Tom Lodge Jr                       emphasis on album tracks from quality musicians.
                                                                           ● We don’t ignore the better contemporary acts either. You
                                                                             can hear several Caroline “Featured Tracks” every hour from
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                                        Radio Caroline – a potted history
In the early Sixties the UK was gradually climbing out of            advertise, supply or broadcast on such a station of course. As the   months Laser 558 was starved in to submission but Radio
post war depression and the post war baby boomers were in            other off-shore stations closed down on or before the August 14th    Caroline being more experienced and resourceful, survived.
their teens, hungry for new fashions and lifestyle and music.        1967 deadline all eyes were on Caroline, the first and the last –
The BBC, in control of all UK sound broadcasting, were still         would she capitulate too? In the event, she didn’t, as a defiant      It was at this stage that what had hitherto been a game of cat
entrenched with Mrs Dales Diary, Listen With Mother and The          midnight speech by Johnnie Walker well illustrated.                  and mouse with the UK Government took a sinister twist,
Billy Cotton Band Show. They would only play established                                                                                  when in company with the Dutch Authorities, the British co-
artists and saw no need to reflect new music trends.                  The BBC created Radio One, a supposed replacement for the            operated in an armed raid on our ship, where the crew were
                                                                     offshore broadcasters and used many ex-Caroline staff, but Radio     confined while boarders smashed and stripped the vessel of
Young Irishman Ronan O’Rahilly, trying to promote new                Caroline continued albeit starved of advertising revenue and air     all broadcast equipment.
talents such as the singer Georgie Fame, came up against a           brushed out of the public awareness, since the Government had
blank wall of refusal when trying to get air time for his artists.   gagged the media from even mentioning Caroline. But it was not       Even after this wicked and illegal act, Caroline struggled back
In a fine piece of lateral thinking he soon decided that he           legislation that ended the stations first era.                        on air, but mostly as a token gesture of defiance, since by 1990
needed his own radio station, but this was prohibited in UK                                                                               some very severe legislation against the station was on the
law.                                                                 Debts were mounting from the massive costs of provisioning           statute books and money, again, was running out. Whilst staff
                                                                     Caroline’s ships from abroad. In March 68, creditors towed the       sought a legal loophole to enable broadcasts to continue, the
He bought a ship and placed his radio station on that, beyond        ships to Holland and impounded them against money owed.              Ross Revenge broke anchor and went aground on the notorious
UK jurisdiction. Radio Caroline, named after Caroline                Caroline was silenced.                                               Goodwin Sands, ending the stations third era at sea.
Kennedy, was a revelation to the British audience who had
never heard all day popular music before. Listener figures            In 1972 a radio enthusiast, under the guise of creating a museum,    Uniquely, of all the many ships that have grounded on the
soon outstripped that of all the BBC networks combined as            bought one ship, the Mi Amigo and sneaked her back to sea. This      Goodwins, Ross Revenge was salvaged, but the station had no
Caroline equipped a second ship to broadcast to the North.           next era became Caroline’s ‘Golden Age’ playing album music          money, no broadcasts and a ruined ship. Loyal fans formed
                                                                     as an alternative to Pop and, as the poor old Mi Amigo gradually     a fighting fund to see what, if anything, could be saved and
Youth culture, fashion and music exploded. London and                rusted away, the station was mostly ignored and untroubled by        with this income the station made local short term broadcasts
Liverpool became the pop capitals of the world. British music        the UK authorities. The vessel seemed to have a charmed existence    around the South of England, while volunteers repaired the
invaded America.                                                     and survived many drama’s, but she was overwhelmed by a fierce        ship and waited for technology to catch up with the dream.
                                                                     storm in March 1980 and while the crew were rescued safe and
As the Sixties progressed towards the ‘Summer Of Love‘ in            sound, the ship and all her equipment was lost.                      The breakthrough came in 1998 with the advent of digital
67, everyone was happy – aside from the British Government.                                                                               satellite broadcasting, followed by the rise on the Internet.
The BBC monopoly was broken and Radio Caroline was quite             It was to be another three years before Radio Caroline could be      Since that time, from studios on land, Caroline has provided a
beyond their control. But Harold Wilson’s government had             heard again. This time from the bigger, better and more powerful     full time radio service on many channels and remains listener
a slim majority and acting against Caroline was a sure vote          former Icelandic trawler Ross Revenge. The Ross proved to be a       supported and probably the only truly independent radio
loser.                                                               tough and stable broadcasting platform but history was about to      station in the UK.
                                                                     repeat itself. The government’s attention was redirected at this
It was to be three years before the re-elected Labour                third age of offshore broadcasting when a second radio-ship the      The vessel Ross Revenge, now the very last ‘pirate radio’ ship
government brought forward their Marine Offences Act                 Communicator home of Laser 558 turned up. Laser’s Top 40 format,     in the world, is undergoing a refit in an Essex dockyard.
intended to outlaw broadcasting from ships, platforms                in marked contrast to Caroline’s album format, began thinning the    Nobody can predict what the future may hold for her when
(and even airplanes!) outside British territorial waters. But        audience of well establish commercial broadcasters on the British    she is restored to good order. The history of Caroline is to
how could you could you ban something outside of your                mainland. The reaction of the authorities this time was a marine     expect the unexpected and never to say never.
jurisdiction? By making it illegal for British nationals to          blockade to deny Laser and Caroline of all supplies. After some

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