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									                                            Summer High School Institute
Contact Information:

     University of Wyoming
     Summer High School Institute
     Dept. 4147, 101 Merica Hall
     Laramie, WY 82071
     307-766-3005 (office)
     307-766-4298 (fax)

     Duncan Harris, Director
     102 Merica Hall
                                             June 6 – 26, 2010
     Susan Vialpando, Program Coordinator
     101 Merica Hall                        Student Information
     307-766-3005                                     &
                                             Application Packet
Mission Statement

The mission of the Summer High School Institute is to provide a place where some of
the state’s most intellectually talented sophomores can gather before their junior and
senior years, live and study in an environment with no pressure for grades, and share
ideas and friendship with other gifted students.
                                                                                             DATES TO REMEMBER
The primary purpose of the program is to draw talented high school sophomore
students to the University of Wyoming for an intensive examination of unanswered
questions and unresolved challenges. Among the areas that will be probed are: world
hunger, plants and people, knights and cowboys, drama, ethics and society,                         December 4, 2009
communicating with computers, understanding cultural development, pharmacy, and
the links between life and the arts.                                                                HSI will send Packets to
The goal is not to require students to learn another body of knowledge and pass yet
another test. It is, rather to challenge imaginations, focus diverse disciplines on
specific issues or problems, and integrate various individual talents into a larger
perspective. In the process we hope to help selected high school students achieve                   February 5, 2010
their academic and personal potential by cultivating their leadership capabilities,
expanding their horizons, developing their adaptability, creativity, and critical thinking   Applications and Transmittal Forms due
abilities, and heightening their sensitivity to future possibilities for themselves,                    back from schools
Wyoming society, and to stimulate and reward excellence in Wyoming schools.

                                                                                                     March 19, 2010
                                                                                                    Notification of Student
   The Summer High School Institute is an attitude—a state of mind.
     It is the excitement of learning—learning in its fullest sense.                                June 6-26, 2010
            It is creative, energetic, difficult and challenging.
                         It is exhilaration—it is fun!                                                 UW Summer High
                                                                                                       School Institute

                                           Page 1
Which intellectual characteristics and abilities will you most remember about
the student?                                                                    They had never been around so many people like themselves before, not for three
                                                                                weeks. But apprehensions fell away in the close quarters of dorm life and in the shared
                                                                                struggle to assimilate Sartre and Frisbee. Students will spend three non-stop weeks
                                                                                exploring issues with an intensity seldom matched in any other situation.

                                                                                There were kids from the mountains, from the farms, and kids from the suburbs, but
                                                                                they began the summer on common ground – all of them were among the smartest
                                                                                sophomore students in Wyoming and they had been chosen for the Summer High
                                                                                School Institute Program.

                                                                                They packed notebooks crammed with thoughts on bioethics and books on astronomy
Which personal qualities stand out in the applicant? Are there any special      and cloning. They packed drama scripts and pictures from the talent show.
strengths or weaknesses?
                                                                                They put their adaptations of 16th-century poems alongside computer printouts. They
                                                                                packed away memories of meeting with UW faculty who told them the importance of
                                                                                taking risks.

                                                                                This could be you!

                                                                                HSI was created to fill the gaps left by the public schools for some of Wyoming’s most
                                                                                capable students. The program’s philosophy attempts to develop the whole person
                                                                                rather than concentrate on academics exclusively. Students experience a sense of
                                                                                personal validation as a consequence of seeing so many others like themselves. An
We would welcome any additional comments you think might be helpful to us.      environment of total acceptance provoked, prodded, and gave them the freedom to
                                                                                engage in conversations and explorations they would never attempt in their local high

                                                                                It appears that HSI is successful because of several components along with one
                                                                                transcendent quality. The components include three aspects of the program, which
                                                                                complement each other: classes, planned activities, and staff oversight (including dorm
                                                                                activities, evening group sessions, and counselor contact). The transcendent quality,
                                                                                which makes the three components of the program successful, is the emphasis placed
                                                                                upon developing a climate of total acceptance of each individual participant.

Name ___________________________________ Position _________________________

Signature _____________________________________________ Date _______________

                                                                                                                       Page 2
    2010 UW SUMMER HSI PROGRAM INFORMATION                                                                             INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS

                                                                                                               UW SUMMER HIGH SCHOOL INSTITUTE 2010
What is the UW Summer High School Institute?
                                                                                                                          RECOMMENDATION FORM
The UW Summer High School Institute (HSI) is a three-week summer residential
program. It is designed to offer intellectually talented high school students (like you!)
                                                                                             Applicant’s Name _________________________________________________________
a challenging and enriching educational experience on the University of Wyoming
campus. HSI provides an opportunity for you to:
                                                                                             School Attending _______________________________ District ___________________
      take part in an exceptional summer enrichment program,
      spend three weeks on the University of Wyoming campus,                                To the teacher, counselor, or youth group leader: The student whose name appears
      learn in small, informal classes with no grades or tests,                             above is applying to attend the UW Summer High School Institute 2009. Because so
      study with outstanding university faculty,
                                                                                             many applicants present strong credentials, a detailed recommendation from you
      enjoy an environment where you can be yourself,
      meet new people in a relaxed university atmosphere,                                   offering specific information about the accomplishments and qualifications of the
      develop long-lasting friendships, and                                                 applicant is an essential and invaluable tool for selection. Your candid appraisal of the
      discover how students from all over Wyoming think about themselves and the world.     student will be seriously considered. If necessary, feel free to attach an additional
                                                                                             sheet. If you prefer to write a letter, please address each of the questions below.
The program will provide you with a well-balanced campus experience. The university          Specific illustrative examples are especially helpful.
community, with its rich academic and cultural opportunities, is a challenging and
exciting place. Within this dynamic environment you can grow intellectually and              As you complete this form, please keep in mind that we are looking for the following
personally as well as cultivate your leadership capabilities.                                characteristics: creativity, imagination, curiosity, initiative, insight, and enthusiasm
                                                                                             about learning and life in general.
At the Summer High School Institute, students, faculty and staff exchange ideas and
share the joy of learning in an award community atmosphere without concern about
grades or credits. A highly qualified group of university faculty and special consultants    How long have you know the applicant, and in what context?
work closely with students in classes, seminars, and extracurricular activities, including
stimulating speakers, films, field trips and recreational events.

Institute students are a wonderfully diverse mixture of young people from all over the
state. HSI is a time of challenge, excitement, exploration and discovery. The young
people who attend share common problems at a time in their lives when they are
questioning, reaching, and searching—a time during which they change and grow. The
program gives them a unique opportunity to stimulate each other with their
enthusiasm and vitality in an academic community in which learning thrives.                  What are the first words that come to your mind to describe the applicant and

                                         Page 3
Which intellectual characteristics and abilities will you most remember      When does the program take place?
about the student?
                                                                             The Summer High School Institute is held every year in the month of June. The timing
                                                                             was selected so that it would not conflict, as much as possible, with other youth
                                                                             programs available or students’ family plans. This period also fits well with other UW
                                                                             summer activities that could enhance the students’ experience—the interactions with
                                                                             other faculty members and regular summer school students.

                                                                             The 2010 Institute begins the evening of June 6th and ends the afternoon of June 26th.
                                                                             The UW Summer HSI is for serious, committed students who expect to remain
                                                                             on campus for the entire three weeks of the program.

Which personal qualities stand out in the applicant? Are there any special   Who are the HSI participants?
strengths or weaknesses?
                                                                             One hundred students will be selected in a cooperative effort between the Wyoming
                                                                             high schools and the University.

                                                                             Some are shy, and some are quite gregarious. Some come from ranches, from small
                                                                             towns, and from Wyoming's cities. Some are extraordinarily versatile; and bring special
                                                                             talents in areas such as the arts, animal training, outdoor and athletic skills, creative
                                                                             writing or woodworking. To respond to this diversity, we will provide a wide range of
                                                                             activities, both academic and non-academic, so that students can expand their own
                                                                             capacities and interests. Even with all of the scheduled events, you should be able to
                                                                             find time to stop and reflect about your life and your personal goals.
We would welcome any additional comments you think might be helpful to
us.                                                                          Who pays for the HSI program?

                                                                             Room, board, and instructional supplies are paid from funds granted by the Wyoming
                                                                             Legislature to the University of Wyoming. HSI pays for all the institute activities -- even
                                                                             movies, concerts, miniature golf outings and a trip to Denver! There is no cost to students
                                                                             except for travel and personal expenses (snacks, extra activities, laundry, and personal

Name ________________________________ Position _________________________

Signature __________________________________________ Date _______________

                                                                                                                      Page 4
What is the curriculum?                                                                                                   INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS

Students will be enrolled in one humanities/social science class, one math/science                                UW SUMMER HIGH SCHOOL INSTITUTE 2010
class, and one personal growth seminar. The courses are designed especially for the
Institute by our outstanding UW faculty. They are stimulating and fun--with no                                               RECOMMENDATION FORM
                                                                                                Applicant’s Name _________________________________________________________
Classes focus on the conceptual foundations of learning. The goal is not to learn
another set of facts and pass yet another test. We want to challenge imagination and            School Attending _______________________________ District ___________________
help make the most of this exciting new opportunity for learning! Field trips planned in
conjunction with classes provide faculty and students a special learning experience.            To the teacher, counselor, or youth group leader: The student whose name appears
                                                                                                above is applying to attend the UW Summer High School Institute 2010. Because so
In small groups, students will investigate topics discussed in the classroom by doing           many applicants present strong credentials, a detailed recommendation from you
fieldwork in Laramie and the beautiful mountains in the vicinity. Courses require some          offering specific information about the accomplishments and qualifications of the
time outside the classroom for reading, researching, and working on class projects with         applicant is an essential and invaluable tool for selection. Your candid appraisal of the
other students. No tests, grades or credits are given (classes are limited to a                 student will be seriously considered. If necessary, feel free to attach an additional
maximum of 16 students per class).                                                              sheet. If you prefer to write a letter, please address each of the questions below.
                                                                                                Specific illustrative examples are especially helpful.
Classes meet four days a week. We have various activities scheduled for the evenings
and weekends as well. You'll be busy!                                                           As you complete this form, please keep in mind that we are looking for the following
                                                                                                characteristics: creativity, imagination, curiosity, initiative, insight, and enthusiasm
Because some of our most memorable moments and learning experiences occur                       about learning and life in general.
outside of the classroom, the program provides occasions for many informal contacts
between faculty and students. The faculty will host their students at a dinner in their
homes.                                                                                          How long have you know the applicant, and in what context?

Classes for the 2010 Institute will be listed on the HSI web site sometime in December.
Check out last year classes on the current web site

What schedule will a student usually follow on class days?

Each day at the Institute is a little different because of the special events and field trips
that are planned. In general, however, the class-day schedule will be similar to the one
outlined on page 6.                                                                             What are the first words that come to your mind to describe the applicant and

                                                       Page 5
ACTIVITIES:      An example of class schedule

                              7:00-8:00 a.m.          Breakfast
                              9:00-11:15a.m.          Humanities/Social Science Class
                              12:00-1:00p.m.          Lunch
                              1:45-4:00 p.m.          Science/Math Class
                              5:00-5:45p.m.           Dinner
                              6:00-7:00p.m.           Seminar Class (Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays)
                              7:00-9:45p.m.           Sign-up Activities
                              10:00pm                 Wing Meetings
                              10:30p.m.               In Own Room

                 What other activities are offered?

                 Summer High School Institute maintains a fleet of 5 passenger vans for class field trips
                 and small excursions. For large group excursions we use chartered buses with
HONORS/AWARDS:   professional drivers.

                 The extensive schedule of extracurricular activities, including cultural and social events, will
                 thoroughly engage students’ time, including weekends. Speakers, performers, films,
                 excursions, special workshops, plays, and concerts offer ongoing excitement every day of
                 the week. Students might want to perform in the talent show we have the last week of the
                 Institute. We will take a trip to Denver, were we go to the IMAX Theater or the Natural
                 History Museum, stop at a mall to shop and maybe even take in a Rockies baseball game.

                 Students will have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of recreational activities
                 (basketball, volleyball, swimming, softball, tennis) while they are on campus. There's often
                 a group that likes to run or workout before breakfast! HSI participants have access to UW
                 athletic facilities (swimming pool, weight room, aerobics room, tennis courts), which are
                 open daily. There is a fee for using the University golf course ($10.00/9 holes).

                 The Summer High School Institute has established a tradition of helping to make the
                 community a better place in which to live and learn. Students have performed many
                 hours of community service. Some activities include: serving meals at a soup kitchen,
                 park clean-ups, sorting clothes and canned goods for the Salvation Army, and much

                 If students want to attend religious services while they are at the HSI, a schedule and
                 transportation will be provided.

                                                            Page 6
What are the living/meal accommodations?                                                                                     STUDENT APPLICATION FORM

College learning encompasses more than just classes. A very important component of                                UW SUMMER HIGH SCHOOL INSTITUTE 2010
pre-college experience is life outside the classroom – living and learning with others.
The residence hall at HSI is not only a place to sleep and study, but also a place to          INSTRUCTIONS: Complete and sign this application form. The consent and signature
interact with students of various cultures, lifestyles and beliefs. Most importantly it is a   of your parent or guardian is also required. Return this form, recommendation letters,
place to develop friendships. An experienced team of program counselors (PC’s) are             letter of application, and essay to the high school principal, counselor, or teacher who
available around the clock to ensure a smooth transition to college living.                    coordinates the application process in your school. It is the responsibility of the high
                                                                                               school to attach transcript and test scores.
All Summer High School Institute students live together in one residence hall – a
special feature of our program. Males and females are on separate floors. This feature         Please list your name as it appears on your school record. If you want to be addressed
enables HSI students and staff to develop the close-knit community feeling of living           by another name, please put that in parentheses.
under one roof. Although our students enjoy their independence in the greater
university community, they have a distinct ―home‖ on campus, which provides                    Please type or print in ink
immeasurable social, educational and safety benefits. Rooms are doubles and feature
two beds and study desks, ample closet space, telephones and laundry rooms (lessons            Name__________________________________________ Phone (                                      )______________
available). There is also a hotel style front desk staffed 24 hours a day.

Summer High School Institute students eat in the UW dining hall. They receive three            Address____________________________________ Age______                               Birthdate__________
meals a day while on campus. The 2010 summer students will be eating in the newly
modern Washakie Center. Included daily is a choice of nutritious entrees, low-fat and
vegetarian selections, hot breakfast, salad bar, deli bar, fresh fruit, and a wide             _______________________________________ Social Security #__________________
selection of desserts and frozen yogurt in a food court atmosphere.
                                                                                                     city               state                zip
Students experience what it means to live together in a campus community, they will
learn a great deal about themselves and others. They will develop long-lasting                 School currently attending_____________________ School district_________________
friendships, even in the few weeks you are in the program.

What kind of health, safety and security are provided?                                                            The following information is being requested to insure equal admission
                                                                                                                           Opportunity. Completion of this section is voluntary.

The health, safety, and security of our students are our primary concerns. The quality                                          Sex___________ Race______________
and consistency of our staff, training, communications and medical facilities ensure that
the student will be well taken care of.                                                        Name of Parent(s) or Legal Guardian(s)_______________________________________
Doctor appointments are arranged with the University of Wyoming Student Health
Center. For 24-hour/emergency care, students are taken to Ivinson Memorial Hospital.           Address of Parent(s) or Legal Guardian(s)______________________________________
Summer High School Institute staff makes all medical appointments, transports and
accompanies student to medical facilities, and obtains prescription medications.                                                           ________________________________________
Because Summer High School Students are underage, parents are notified before
medical visits.                                                                                Applicant’s Signature ______________________________________________________

                                          Page 7                                               Parent’s Signature ________________________________________________________
Student Applications                                                                       Students must complete a medical history form prior to attendance.

All student applications should contain the following information                          Although students, faculty and residents agree that the campus and town are quite safe,
                                                                                           Summer High School Institute PC’s and University of Wyoming dorm housing staff are
          student application form with activities list                                   on duty on and off campus 24 hours a day, the Program Coordinators (PC’s) live in the
          two recommendations                                                             dorm with the students. For additional safety: access to the building is electronically
          student letter of application                                                   controlled: visitors are required to check-in at the front desk; and no students are
          student essay                                                                   housed on the ground floor. In keeping with a collegiate atmosphere, students are
          transcript with standardized test scores.                                       permitted to walk freely on campus, but are required to be in small groups.

Application Process for Students
                                                                                           What staff support and supervision are provided?
Student Application Form -- Include list of activities.
                                                                                           The Summer High School Institute staff consists of eight (8) Program Coordinators
Two recommendations -- One recommendation must be from a current high school               (PC’s) and eight (8) Personal Growth Facilitators (Small Group Leaders).
   teacher; the second may be from another high school teacher, a counselor, a junior
   high school teacher, or a youth group leader.                                           The PC’s stay on campus and live with the students for the duration of the institute.
                                                                                           They supervise and counsel students when needed. They participate as group leaders
Letter of Application (one page)--Include the reasons for wanting to participate AND an    in activities. They are in charge of planning and chaperoning weekend and evening
    explanation of what you hope to gain from the experience.                              excursions and recreational activities. PC’s work supportively with the small group
                                                                                           leaders, faculty, residence hall staff, and students to make the institute more effective
Essay (one page)--Discuss a project or activity (over and above regular school work)       and interesting during the students three-week stay.
   that best represents you as an individual, OR a personal experience or event that
   has made a deep impact.                                                                 The Personal Growth Seminar Facilitators (small group leaders) lead a group of 12-13
                                                                                           students in nine (9) evenings (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday’s) of discussion and
Because so many applicants present strong credentials, THE UNIVERSITY SELECTION            activities that encourage affective and intellectual growth. Small group leaders work
COMMITTEE WILL PLACE HEAVY EMPHASIS ON LETTERS AND ESSAYS IN CHOOSING                      supportively with other facilitators, PC’s, faculty, residence hall staff and students to
AMONG THE CANDIDATES.                                                                      make the institute more effective and interesting.

Transcript and Test Scores (if available)--Include a copy of a transcript from the first   The success of the program, other than the importance of the personalities involved
   semester of 10th grade. The student will be evaluated on the strength and breadth       with it, depends on balance—an intelligent balance between the intellectual and
   of work completed, grade point average, and standardized achievement test               personal growth of the students. With 100 students there will be 100 different ways of
   scores.                                                                                 learning and growing. There is no way to say exactly what will be the single activity,
                                                                                           person, or experience that will touch each of these wonderful young people. We can
                                                                                           only try to touch each of them in some significant way. Every decision made was to
                                                                                           accomplish this goal: to touch each of these students in a way that would make a
                                                                                           positive change in their lives.

                                         Page 11                                                                                   Page 8
Program Requirements                                                                     The individual coordinating the high school nomination process should –

Student Selection                                                                         establish high school due dates for receiving completed applications from students;

HSI is an enrichment program for high ability high school students. Nominees should       distribute HSI packets to qualified 10th graders;
be outstanding 10th-grade students who have many of the following traits, aptitudes,
and behaviors (which are associated with the ―gifted and talented‖ construct):            determine the total number of nominees allowed for the high school (see the
                                                                                           ―Distribution Chart‖);
          creativity, imagination, and curiosity
          initiative and motivation                                                      screen the applications to determine the best nominees;
          communication skills
          problem-solving skills                                                         send the signed ―Transmittal Form‖ and appropriate number of complete applications
          insight                                                                         to the UW Summer High School Institute Office;
          humor
          enthusiasm about learning and life in general.                                 send a copy of the "Transmittal Form" to the district superintendent so that the
                                                                                           district office will know which students have been nominated from your school; and
To be eligible to apply, students must:
                                                                                          notify the students who have applied whether their applications are or are not being
          be in the 10th grade at a public or private high school in Wyoming;             sent to UW as nominees.
          be current residents of Wyoming;
          intend to return to a Wyoming school for the next term; and                   Number of nominees by school
          be committed to participate fully and remain for the entire three weeks of
           the program.                                                                  High School Distribution Chart

The UW Summer High School Institute is committed to a diverse student body. The                      Number of Students in                  Maximum Number of
program seeks students representing all economic levels of the population and                        Sophomore Class                       Nominees per High School
reflecting of the racial and gender composition of the state’s 10th-grade students.
                                                                                                              1 - 50                                    2
The names submitted by each school are nominations only. A UW Committee will                                 51 - 100                                   3
make the final selections. One hundred students will be selected from the nominations                       101 - 150                                   4
sent by school districts throughout the state. To assure statewide representation,                          151 - 250                                   6
every school district that submits qualified nominees is guaranteed at least one                            Over 250                                    8

School Coordination of Applications

Nominations for the HSI should be submitted to UW by principals of Wyoming high
schools. In most high schools, one person (such as a counselor or a classroom
teacher) is designated to coordinate the applications of interested and qualified 10th
                                          Page 9                                                                                 Page 10

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