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									A sponsorship proposal for the

World Record
Attempt for sailing
Solo Non-Stop
unassisted around
                          Mr. Ian Thomson
                          SOS Ocean Racing
                          P.O. Box 283
                          Airlie Beach QLD 4802
                          +61 (0)4 1293 2808


                Saving our Seas one plastic bag at a time
     Save our Seas Ocean Racing Campaign

     To raise awareness of the damage plastic bags are doing to our environment, Ian Thomson
     created Save Our Seas Ocean Racing to raise awareness of this major environmental

     In 2010 Ian will race in the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race over the Easter Break. This
     will be the first solo running in this iconic event which is now in its 62nd year. It will act as a
     trial run for the vessel and Ian to ensure all systems are ready for the major event, an
     attempt at the solo non-stop unassisted circumnavigation of Australia world record.

     Currently set at 68 days, 8 hours and 30 minutes, Ian’s personal goal is to break through
     the 50 day barrier and with a newer and faster yacht, this is very achievable. After his
     attempt he will continue to race the yacht in 4 major regattas including the Sydney to
     Southport Yacht Race, Brisbane to Keppel Yacht Race, Airlie Beach Race Week and
     culminating in the Hamilton Island Race Week. Your sponsorship will continue right
     throughout this campaign from Easter to the end of August.

     SOS Ocean Racing
     – Raising awareness of the damage plastic bags do to your environment
             Some of the statistics
                 Australian’s use 6.9 billion plastic bags a year, 3.6 billion of these are shopping
                 100,000 marine creatures die every year from plastic entanglement or suffocation
                 An estimated 6.67 billion, or 36,700 tonnes, of plastic bags go into our landfill
                  every year.
                 If each Australian family used one less plastic bag every year, that would be 253
                  million less bags a year

                            In addition to racing, Ian will also campaign the local, state and federal
The SOS Ocean Racing        governments to make changes to the laws regarding plastic bags.
campaign provides           South Australia has already banned non biodegradable bags and Ian
sponsors a unique           wants the rest of the states to follow. He also wants a plastic bag tax
opportunity to reach        introduced. This worked in Ireland when they introduced a 15 cent bag
                            tax and plastic bag consumption fell by 90% in the first year. They
residents and to
                            have now increased this to 22 cents.
align themselves with
environmental issues        The SOLO WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT, is designed to bring
that effect everyone        awareness of the damage plastic bags do to our environment. For
throughout the Australia    your brand it will generate exposure as only an extreme sailing mission
                            can with the added bonus of an environmental cause.


                                                         Saving our Seas one plastic bag at a time
   World record attempt – Capturing the audience for 50 days at sea
        The SOS Ocean Racing campaign is an ideal opportunity to align your brand with an
        environmental cause and a “plastic bag free” philosophy. The unique property of this
        event is that it is not just sailors who will be interested in this event. A wide audience is
        expected throughout the campaign due to the media hype behind this world record
        attempt. Already the media are running stories on the campaign and with the arrival of
        solo world record circumnavigator Jessica Watson just prior to our departure will ensure
        the focus on solo sailing will be in the media. It is due to the nature of the campaign that
        audiences will be taken in. It is a campaign of courage, skill and stamina, a battle against
        mother nature and all its wondrous power. It takes in the whole of Australia starting in
        tropical Queensland before heading off around the top end and down the west coast
        before the great southern ocean stint across to Tasmania before heading back up past
        Sydney to the Gold Coast where a new world record will be created. Some will call Ian
        crazy, others will say it is extreme but it is with determination that Ian will achieve this
        momentous achievement and become the fastest solo sailor around Australia.
Over 10.8                Our campaign will be one of the most interactive campaigns in the history
million people           of sailing. A tracking system will give viewers to our website an update
use our oceans and       every 30 minutes of speed, location, estimated time of arrival and
beaches annually.        advance/deficit on the world record. Live video streaming will be
                         available in HD and hence suitable for news broadcasts. Interviews with
        Ian on board and regular news articles will be sent from the vessel to print media around
        the world. If its coverage you want, its coverage you will get.
        Our campaign will be live to the audience 24/7. Worldwide this campaign is also creating
        attention amongst green groups and the sailing community. As the departure
        approaches, the media hype will continue to grow. This is not a small campaign, this
        campaign will go out to the millions as our plastic bag cause is something that effects
        every person, every day.

   Proof Positive – Controlled surveys to measure success
     Results talk. To gauge effectiveness, SOS Ocean Racing will run a survey on the
     website throughout the entire campaign. This poll will encourage people to vote on what
     they believe the government should do in regards to plastic bag legislation. Visitors will
     be able to vote on four alternate answers:
               1. Ban Plastic Bags altogether
               2. Ban non bio-degradable bags
               3. Introduce a plastic bag tax of 10 cents
               4. Do nothing, leave it as it is.


                                                      Saving our Seas one plastic bag at a time

Sponsorship Opportunities
     Cost-Effective Customized Branding
       Sponsor participation provides a unique billboard logo and public relations
       opportunities. Our yacht and website will be your billboard.
         The cost of sponsoring our campaign is minimal, provides exceptional exposure
         around Australia and the world, and fosters community goodwill. Your corporate
         logo will be displayed on the vessel, on our website, on all onsite banners at
         events, on newsletters to our members and there is an opportunity to have
         your logo on all video streaming from the site. Program sponsorship also
         ensures inclusion in all media press releases and the launching ceremony with the
         Mayor of the Gold Coast and other city officials. Benefits are many and include:
            Potential exposure to the entire population of Australia
            Distribution or advertising of your organisation’s products at any of SOS Ocean
             Racing Project-related events
            Distribution of advertising of your organisation’s products in membership
            Brand recognition and association with community issues, environmental

                                   Sponsorship Packages
    SOS Naming Rights Package       $60,000 worth of cash or product             1 only
    SOS Platinum Package            $25,000 worth of cash or product             3 only
    SOS Gold Package                $10,000 worth of cash or product           10 only
    SOS Silver Package               $5,000 worth of cash or product          Unlimited
    SOS Bronze Package               $2,000 worth of cash or product          Unlimited
    SOS Affiliate Package            $1,000 worth of cash or product          Unlimited
    Media Supporter                   Provide continuous coverage             Unlimited
    Video Streaming Sponsor                       TBA                            2 only

         The video streaming sponsor will work directly with our streaming video system
         provider. You will be able to have your logo on all streaming video on our site and
         their site as well as any other company that takes our footage, i.e news broadcasts

         For full details contact Mark Christiansen at Streaming Video Systems


                                                  Saving our Seas one plastic bag at a time

                                           Sponsorship Value

Activity                                    Naming   Platinum   Gold    Silver   Bronze   Affiliate
Vessel Naming Rights                          √
Event VIP Tickets                             √         √
Direct link from campaign website             √         √        √        √        √         √
Logo display on official vessels              √         √        √
Logo on Spinnaker                             √
Prominent logo on mainsail                    √
Large logo on mainsail & website                        √
Medium logo on hull & website                                    √
Small logo on hull & website                                              √        √
Small logo on website                                                                        √
Large logo on crew shirts (front breast)      √
Small logo on crew shirts (back)                        √
Logo on Ian’s official race shirt             √         √        √        √
Large logo on onsite event signage            √
Medium logo on onsite event signage                     √        √
Small logo on onsite event signage                                        √        √
Tickets to pre-event launch                   20       10        6        4        2         2
Tickets to post event celebration             20       10        6        4        2         2
Tickets on official start boat                10        5        2        2
Advertising in Membership Package              √        √        √        √        √         √
Product in Membership Package                  √        √        √        √        √         √
Publicity                                      √        √        √        √        √         √
Mention in marketing                           √        √        √        √        √         √
Invitation to official functions               √        √        √        √        √         √
Onsite event signage/branding                  √        √        √        √        √         √
Sampling opportunity                           √        √        √        √        √         √

                         Teaming up with SOS Ocean Racing
                           makes a world of difference…
                           …and a difference in the world!


                                                      Saving our Seas one plastic bag at a time

Marketing and Communications Opportunities
Public Relations
SOS Ocean Racing’s PR will co-ordinate an extensive integrated media relations, publicity
and promotional campaign regarding all the events, accessing its extensive network of
media contacts.
The Public Relations campaign will include;

Pre, Event and Post Publicity:
Targeting international and national online, print, radio and word of mouth mediums, SOS
Ocean Racing PR will conduct an extensive awareness campaign for all parts of the
campaign. This campaign will include listings, promotions and feature stories featuring SOS
Ocean Racing sponsors, sponsor product and services wherever possible.

SOS Ocean Racing PR will negotiate promotional space and airtime with. SOS Ocean
Racing sponsors will be given the opportunity to have their product featured in these
promotions. Database building can also be leveraged as part of your campaign.

Networking is an important part of business and SOS Ocean Racing events are the perfect
opportunity to take it one step further. SOS Ocean Racing PR will work with your company
to develop ways for partners and attendees to work together to build relationships that can
go beyond the duration of the events.

Marketing Collateral
Sponsors logos and company names will appear on the entire following printed marketing
material distributed world wide;
• Promotional brochures and flyers
• Posters
• Invitations
• Membership newsletters

E – Newsletter to be distributed to all media outlets nationally and selected internationally.
This provides a great branding opportunity.

Membership Packages
All members will be provided a membership package on joining our campaign, this is a
great way to advertise your product.


                                                 Saving our Seas one plastic bag at a time
Pre Event Launch
To be hosted on Friday April 30th this informal will welcome members, sponsors, media and
A list personalities to launch the campaign around Australia. The event will be held on the
Gold Coast at a venue yet to be determined. Our vessel will be on display for viewing by
the general public in the lead up to the event. For event sponsors and partners an
allocation of tickets as per the level of participation will be packaged. Additional tickets will
be made available for officials, family and friends to purchase.

Spectator Boats
For sponsors to entertain clients and guests, fully catered spectator boats will be packaged
and available for hire. The general public may purchase or win tickets in pre event
promotional activities. The spectator boats will view the start and finish of the various
events. Boats such as luxury power boats and large yachts can be sourced.

World Record Celebration
A presentation ceremony and final function will be held to celebrate the success of the
event and congratulate Ian on his achievement. The event will include live entertainment,
food and refreshments. Once again sponsors and supporters will be allocated tickets
according to their participation level. Media and officials will also be invited to attend this

                         For additional information, please contact:

                                      SOS Ocean Racing
                                          Ian Thomson
                                          P.O. Box 283
                                    Airlie Beach QLD 4802
                                      +61 (0)4 1293 2808


                                                  Saving our Seas one plastic bag at a time

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