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          ROCKETS                       Fabrication Manual             Model Rocketry Teaching                      DATA HELP SHEETS                    The Electricity Book
     A Teacher’s Guide with                                                    Guide
      Activities in Science,                                                                                     An invaluable aid for the busy
           Mathematics,             This excellent fully illustrated                                                                                 An introductions to simple
                                    “how to” book for working on                                                 teacher. These help sheet           circuits and making your own
         and Technology
                                                                                                                 contain teacher’s notes with lots
This manual is loaded with          acrylic plastic has sections on    This science guide for teachers                                               switches       with        plenty       of
                                                                                                                 of sketches showing process
information on the history of       bending,    cutting,    sawing,    covers the basics of model                                                    illustrated         examples           to
                                                                                                                 and techniques. Each sheet
rocket and rocket principles. It    shaping, moulding, polishing,      rocket flight.            It discusses                                        stimulate classroom activities,
                                                                                                                 deals with a theme and
has several activities some of      turning, and much more. It is      stability, centre of gravity and                                              including       bulbs,           motors,
                                                                                                                 suggests ideas, tasks and
which are Rocket Racer,             written by Craftics and has 48                                                                                   buzzers and batteries.                 20
                                                                       centre of pressure relationships,         activities for it.
Newton Car, Bottle Rocket
                                    pages.                             aerodynamics, Newton’s laws of                                                pages
Launcher, and Balloon Staging.
                                                                       motion and other important
It also lists suggested readings.
It is compiled by NASA.                                                topics.

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                                    Cat.# 80-5705-00 . . . . . . . .

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 Making Toys that Teach                      Learn to Turn             Turning Pens and Pencils                        WIldlife Designs              All New Woodworking for
                                    Learn to Turn is a woodturning                                                 Original Patterns for your                 Kids
                                                                       The definitive guide to turning                  Favorite Craft
These toys are not just fun for     book for true beginners. If
                                                                       writing instruments. Projects             Sue Walters offers 30 dynamic
kids, they also teach basic         you’ve     considered     trying                                                                                 Anyone        can        build     terrific
                                                                       show      a        wide    variety   of   North American wildlife designs
motor skills, colour matching,      woodturning—but have been                                                                                        woodworking projects if you
                                                                       techniques to suit your abilities         and 10 border designs. Whether
organizing by size and shape,       intimidated by other books                                                                                       have the details and inspiration
                                                                       and tools. Tips and tricks reveal         you're a novice exploring a new
and problem solving. They will      available on the subject—you’ll                                                                                  and some occasional help from
                                                                       which jigs and fittings increase          craft or an experienced artisan
provide    hours   of   creative    find artist and author Barry                                                                                     and adult friend. This book has
                                                                       efficiency. An impressive bonus           working in your favorite medium,
enjoyment for any child. Step-      Gross puts the fun back into                                                                                     40 fun projects with step-by-
                                                                       gallery       of     finished    items    these unique designs and easy-
by-step    instructions,    with    turning with this approachable                                                                                   steps for children. Details & info
                                                                       includes:                                 to-follow instructions will guide
detailed photos and drawings,       and enjoyable guide.                                                                                             to build everything from a
                                                                                                                 you through the process of
make it easy for anyone to                                                                                                                           simple   box        to    a      beautiful
                                                                                                                 creating realistic or stylized
make toys that will be treasure                                                                                                                      sculpture.
                                                                                                                 images of wildlife.
for generations to come.
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