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London Smile Clinic
                                        The London Smile Clinic is a centre of excellence
                                        for cosmetic dentistry in Central London and was
                                        awarded the ‘Private Dentistry Practice of the Year
                                        Award’ at the end of 2004. Yet whilst The London
                                        Smile Clinic is at the forefront of innovations in dental
                                        technology, its IT system was not meeting the same
                                        exacting standards set by the practice.

“We can now depend upon                 “We have a team of 12                  must be switched off. It was
our IT systems to do the job.           people who rely on IT systems          also suggested that high
The server no longer crashes            to effectively complete                temperatures in the room that
and it is switched on 24x7.
                                        their daily tasks and ensure           housed the server was likely to
We now have a clear
understanding of our IT                 that the practice runs like            be the cause of the problem
requirement and their                   clockwork,” comments Owner             and that an additional, higher
associated costs, enabling us           of The London Smile Clinic,            capacity air conditioning unit
to budget effectively.”                 Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith. At the         should be purchased.”
                                        heart of the IT infrastructure
Owner of The London Smile
Clinic, Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith          sits the server, critical to the       The Rising Cost to
                                        running of the practice,               the Practice
                                        it hosts the appointment
                                        scheduling software, email,            “The team at the London
                                        Internet and also contains             Smile Clinic are experts in
                                        vital client information.              the field of dentistry not IT,
                                                                               however we were becoming
                                        A Lot of Hot Air                       wary that the advice we
                                                                               were being given and the
                                        When the practice started              associated costs incurred
                                        experiencing major periods             were not in sync.”
                                        of downtime with the server            Bradstock-Smith adds,
                                        constantly crashing, they              “We were being charged
                                        contacted their freelance IT           £250 per hour for onsite
                                        contractor who was being               consultancy and a further
                                        used to oversee IT issues.             £250 per hour for telephone
                                        Bradstock-Smith explains,              support. Every additional
                                        “We were advised that should           and unexpected IT expense
                                        the practise be closed for             was diverting budget from
                                        a couple of days, such as              vital practice affairs and this
                                        over the weekend, the server           clearly could not continue.”

ramsac limited, ashcombe court, woolsack way, godalming, surrey, GU7 1LQ   0844 225 1600
case study

The final straw for The London          conduct an IT audit and                London Smile Clinic.
Smile Clinic came when the              discuss the IT requirements            “Working together with
server crashed once again               both immediately and in                ramsac we now have a
and a considerable amount               the future. Upon reviewing             clear understanding of
of data was lost. “An invoice           the existing server it was             our IT requirement and the
for a considerable amount               clear that a costly new air            associated costs, enabling
of money was received                   conditioning unit would not            us to budget effectively and
for recovering the data,”               remedy the situation. A new            plan strategically,” enthuses
continues Bradstock-Smith.              Dell PowerEdge Server running          Bradstock-Smith.
“We realised that they should           Microsoft Small Business
                                                                               With a fully outsourced IT
have implemented a back-up              Server 2003 was installed,
                                                                               function The London Smile
to guard against this                   solving the problem virtually
                                                                               Clinic can focus on delivering
eventuality and we were                 overnight and at a fraction of
                                                                               its award winning service
paying for a mistake that was           the cost. In addition ramsac
                                                                               to customers, safe in the
not of our making.”                     fully checked and updated
                                                                               knowledge that they do not
                                        every PC and established the
                                                                               need to think about
Exasperated by the lack of              missing data back-up process.          day-to-day IT management
a solution, poor advice and
                                                                               and if an issue arises telephone
spiralling costs The London             The benefits to The London
                                                                               support is always available.
Smile Clinic went looking for           Smile Clinic were immediate,
                                                                               Bradstock-Smith concludes,
a proven and established                as Bradstock-Smith explains,
                                                                               “On the rare occasion that
company to outsource its                “For the first time we were
                                                                               an issue arises we are able
entire IT function. The specialist      able to depend upon our IT
                                                                               to explain the situation to
IT outsourcing consultants,             systems to function without            ramsac over the telephone
ramsac, were recommended                question. The server no                and not be baffled by jargon
by The London Smile Clinic’s            longer crashes and it remains          or high cost solutions.”
own accountancy firm who                switched on 24x7.”
were already using them for
their IT requirements.                  A ramsac technical
                                        consultant visits the practice
A Regular Check-Up                      once a month to ensure that
Keeps IT Healthy                        all IT systems are running
                                        smoothly and to advise
A ramsac technical consultant           on how IT can support the
visited the practice to                 continuing progress of The

ramsac limited, ashcombe court, woolsack way, godalming, surrey, GU7 1LQ   0844 225 1600

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