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									     LLM in Technology
     & Intellectual
     Property Law

LLM in Technology & Intellectual Property Law †

By the end of the programme, you               exchange of different legal and business           learning platform and then continue with
will have an advanced understanding            perspectives provides new opportunities            the module content.
of both the framework that governs             for learning that a traditional classroom          Each following module is eight weeks in
the commercial application of                  cannot match.                                      length. By taking one module at a time
technology and intellectual property                                                              you can explore a specific subject in
law, and the latest developments                                                                  depth without distractions.
                                               Core modules cover legal methodology,
in this fast-changing area. Whether
                                               conflict of laws in business and
you are a practising lawyer or
                                               commerce, copyright, patents, internet             A. Core modules
have broader management
                                               law, and information security. You can
responsibilities, this LLM will enable
                                               then personalise your Masters with two             • Legal methodology
you to advance your career in both
the legal profession and the broader
                                               elective modules chosen from aspects               • Conflict of law in business
                                               of banking law, international money                  and commerce
business world.
                                               laundering regulation, competition law,            • Copyright
                                               commercial contracts, international
Programme outline                              law and foreign investment, and law of
                                                                                                  • Patents
Our LLM in Technology & Intellectual           business organisations. You complete               • Internet law
Property Law is a specialist Master of         your degree with an original dissertation.         • Information security
Laws degree that will equip you with
the skills and knowledge to manage             You will graduate with specialist legal and        B. Elective modules
the technology and intellectual property
demands of the business environment
                                               commercial expertise in technology and IP          • Aspects of banking law
                                               law – expertise that is increasingly required
within a legal context. It provides a firm     by international organisations seeking to
                                                                                                  • International money
foundation in commercial law, covering                                                              laundering regulation
                                               flourish in the knowledge economy. The
the latest internet and technology-            knowledge you aquire will be invaluable            • Competition law
based intellectual issues and offering         to both practising lawyers and business            • Commercial contracts
the opportunity to pursue your specific        professionals with responsibility for
interests. In doing so, you will master the                                                       • International law and foreign investment
                                               overseeing legal structures and strategies.
key doctrines of intellectual property law     As the advent of new technologies,                 • Law of business organisations
– in copyright, patents and trademark/         increased globalisation and the expanding
unfair competition law – which now play        scope of patentable subject matter place           C. Dissertation
a vital role in the rapidly changing global    an even higher premium on your new
communications and technical landscape.                                                           Students refine their dissertation topic
                                               skills, this advanced qualification will           in conjunction with their Personal
                                               enable you to develop your career in an            Dissertation Advisor, an academic
Our virtual classroom is the ideal             expanding and exciting range of legal and          supervisor who will provide support
environment for practising lawyers             commercial environments.                           throughout the writing process.
and business professionals to learn
together and from each other. Reflecting       Programme structure
the cross-border and cross-discipline
                                               The program is composed of 6 core
reality of global business networks, it
                                               modules, 2 elective modules and a
brings together students from around
                                               dissertation (for a total of 180 credit points).
the world in a dynamic, collaborative
forum. Together you will discover and
debate the nature and development of           Your first module will be nine weeks in
the legal context that shapes worldwide        length where you begin with a week long
commercial activity. This online               brief introduction to the programme, the

† Subject to final approval from the senate.
     LLM in Technology & Intellectual Property Law

LLM in Technology & Intellectual Property Law Modules

Core modules                                    Copyright                                      Information Security
Legal Methodology                               Aim: To analyse the legal rights in            Aim: To develop your understanding
Aim: To provide a comprehensive                 works of authorship.                           of the nature of information security
grounding in the specialist skills and          In this module you will examine                and the varied threats to it, as well
perspectives necessary for independent          copyrightable subject matter, the              as the legal, technical and business
legal reading and presentation.                 duration and ownership of copyrights,          responses to those threats.
The structured exercises that comprise          the exclusive rights of copyright holders,     This module covers a wide range
this module will help you develop               defences, infringement and remedies.           of information security threats and
appropriate skills and introduce you to                                                        responses. You will examine technical
intellectual perspectives over a range of                                                      issues such as cryptography and
international, European and domestic                                                           e-signatures and study the legal
                                                Aim: To assess the legal aspect of             response to information security threats
legal subject areas. You will work
                                                patenting inventions and examine               in the UK, EU, US and Australia. You
on reading, writing and presentation
                                                trademark law in global arenas.                will also consider the issues surrounding
techniques and receive specific
counselling on legal writing skills.            This module assesses the nature of             setting standards in information security
                                                industrial rights, notably patentable          and the impact of information security on
                                                inventions and trademarks, and                 corporations and the workplace.
Conflict of Law in Business and                 investigates the interaction of those rights
Commerce                                        in both the UK and European arenas.
Aim: To introduce the theoretical basis
of conflict of laws and the purpose of
rules in law.
                                                Internet Law
This module provides an introduction to
conflict of laws, including its theoretical     Aim: To introduce the conceptual
basis, the purpose of the rules and             and practical dimensions of internet
issues of particular relevance to business.     technology and their effect on an
You will study issues such as where to          emerging legal architecture.
litigate, and the jurisdiction of the English   In this module you will examine
courts under the common law rules, the          the impact of the international
Brussels Convention/Regulation and              communications infrastructure on
the Lugano Convention. You will cover           economic, political and social institutions.
the choice of law in contract, torts and        It will cover a range of themes against
in relation to movable and immovable            the background of globalisation, drawing
property, including issues such as              material from a number of jurisdictions
jurisdiction, renvoi and expropriation.         and from a wide range of perspectives
You will develop a view on what system          (not limited to law).
should govern e-commerce and examine
the recognition and enforcement of
foreign judgments.
    LLM in Technology & Intellectual Property Law

LLM in Technology & Intellectual Property Law Modules

Elective modules                              analysis of the main judicial decisions      Law of Business Organisations
Aspects of Banking Law                        and administrative practice of the EU        Aim: To analyse the relationships
                                              authorities. You will also apply your        arising out of different business
Aim: To analyse the role of the
                                              knowledge of EU competition law              organisations and in particular the
banking sector and issues relating to
                                              suggest solutions to practical problems.     legal effects of establishing limited
bank regulation.
                                                                                           liability companies.
This module focuses particularly on the       Commercial Contracts
shortcomings of banking regulators. You                                                   This module introduces different forms
                                              Aim: To provide an understanding of         of business organisations, such as
will study the development of the banker/
                                              the substantive law of contracts in the     partnerships and LLPs. You will explore
customer relationship with an emphasis
                                              UK and the EU.                              the relationships arising out of different
on bank confidentiality and money
laundering regimes. You will also look at     This module provides a basic                business organisations, including those
mitigating factors in banking transactions,   understanding of the substantive law        between partners; partners and third
such as undue influence and duress,           of contracts in the UK, the EU and          parties; contractual obligations; rules of
with special reference to the impact of       international arenas. Contracts are a       agency law as applicable to partners, and
third-party behaviour (O’Brien and the        prominent feature of not only business,     dissolution of the partnership. You will
subsequent cases).                            but also consumer law, residential leases, then look at the limited liability partnership
                                              the sale of property and so on. This        and the changes to general partnership
                                              module deals with how contracts are         it has entailed. Finally, you will explore
International Money Laundering                formed, which contracts are valid, when a the different types of limited liability
Regulation                                    contract has been breached, defences to company, the legal effect of establishing
Aim: To provide a comparative study           contractual liability, the various remedies such a company, and rules relating to
of UK and international responses to          for breach, and quasi-contractual           management and contractual capacity.
the problems of money laundering and          theories of liability based on detrimental
economic crime.                               reliance and unjust enrichment.             Dissertation
In this module you will undertake a                                                        Aim: To undertake a piece of original
comparative survey of major countries,                                                     research to demonstrate your mastery
including the history of financial crimes     International Law and Foreign                and integration of knowledge you have
and their regulation, methods of money-       Investment                                   acquired during the programme.
laundering, the uses and abuses of off-       Aim: To examine the problems                 You will choose your dissertation topic
shore financial centres, and international    concerning the legal regulation of           in conjunction with your personal
regulation of money movements. You will       foreign investment.                          dissertation advisor, an academic
also learn about the increasing role that     This module examines responses to            supervisor, who will provide support
tax counsel plays in compliance and due       these problems at the national, bilateral    throughout the study and writing
diligence investigations.                     and multilateral level. You will study legal process. Your dissertation will apply your
                                              frameworks as well as the law and policy new knowledge and work experience and
Competition Law                               issues involved. You will also examine the must have merit beyond the narrower
                                              concerns of developed and developing         scope of your particular need.
Aim: To develop your knowledge of             countries. In addition, you will address
competition law and enable you to             the interrelationships between foreign
apply it to practical problems.               investment regulation and environmental
This module covers the main areas             and social concerns, and consider the
of competition law in the EU. You will        role of civil society in international law
develop and demonstrate knowledge             and policy-making.
of the principles and legal rules of EU
competition law and engage in a critical

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