Lithofin WEXA Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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					                                                                                                    Technical Information
                                                                                                                               Art.-No. 012-

                                                                   Lithofin WEXA                            Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Description                                                       Ausgespülte, Gebinde können über Wertstoffsammel-
Lithofin WEXA is a universally usable multi-purpose               systeme (siehe Hinweis auf Etikett) entsorgt werden.
cleaning concentrate. A combination of alkaline
cleaning components and mild solvents allow for a                 Safety
wide field of use. Lithofin WEXA can be diluted with              Contents: anionic surfactants ; non-ionic surfactants;
water and can therefore be optimally adjusted for all             phosphates; auxiliary agents.
uses.                                                             General Information: as with all cleaners, avoid
Technical Data:                                                   prolonged contact with skin or wear rubber gloves.
Density: ca. 0,95 g/cm³                                           First Aid Procedures: in case of contact with eyes
pH-Value: ca. 10 (concentrate)                                    rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and seek medical
Appearance: yellowish, milky                                      advice. In case of ingestion, do not induce vomiting. If
Odour: mildly aromatic, citrus-like                               swallowed by mistake drink plenty of water and seek
                                                                  medical treatment.
Properties                                                        Emergency Procedures: in case of spill or other
Lithofin WEXA dissolves and removes oold wax                      release, take up with absorbent material (e.g. sand,
layers, care product residues, some sealants, self                sawdust, general-purpose binder). Product does not
gloss films, oily and greasy dirt, rubber and tar marks,          burn, fire-extinguishing activities according to
paint, etc.                                                       surrounding.
                                                                  Additional Information is listed on the Material Safety
Field of Use                                                      Data Sheet.
For thoroughly cleaning all types of stones, tiles and            ADR2003: not a dangerous good.
other water and solvent resistant surfaces. Lithofin
WEXA is universally usable in house, garden, garage,              Packaging
workshop and industry. Can be used as a nearly                    1 litre bottle with childproof cap (10 bottles per box)
odourless wax and oil remover. Suitable for indoor                5 litre canister (2 canisters per box)
and outdoor use.

                                                                  Please note: information about environmental protection and safety applies to
Apply Lithofin WEXA with a brush and allow it to work             the (concentrated) product as delivered. When the product is diluted, these
for 5 to 20 minutes depending on the stubbornness of              properties may change.
                                                                  This information should be considered to be informal and non-binding. The
the dirt deposit. Do not allow the product to dry, brush          products must be used according to local conditions and materials. Where no
occasionally. At the end of the working time, add                 previous experience is available, or in cases of doubt, test the product in an
                                                                  inconspicuous area. (GB11.04gps/11.03)
water and brush. Remove the product from the
surface with plenty of water, either wiping or rinsing. In
very stubborn cases, repeat this process with longer
working times and brushing. In case of light deposits,
Lithofin WEXA can be diluted up to 1:20 with water.
Please Note: solvent sensitive surfaces, such as
rubber, plastics, newly varnished surfaces, etc. may
be attacked by the product. In cases of doubt, test the
product in an inconspicuous area.
Coverage: approx. 5-7 m² per litre when used
undiluted, up to 100 m² when used diluted.

Keep cool, closed and dry.
Shelf life of up to two years.

Environmental Protection
Surfactants are biologically degradeable in
accordance with EU-regulations. Free of chlorinated
Disposal: Containers are made of environmentally
friendly tin plate. Clean containers can be recycled
through collection systems.

Manufactured in Germany by: LITHOFIN AG D-73240 Wendlingen Telefon (07024) 9403-0 E-Mail:

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Description: Lithofin WEXA Multi-Purpose Cleaner