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									                       City Of Carmine
                       Regular Meeting
                      November 9th, 2009

       The City Council of the City of Carmine met in regular session on
Monday, November 9th, 2009, in the Carmine City Hall Building.
Members of Council present were Mayor Justin Flasowski, Mayor Pro-
Tem Susan Bathe, Wade Eilers, Tim Sanders, Jayne Knox and Emily
Sellers. City employees present were City Secretary Ruth Owen and
Assistant Clerk Leatha Miller.

       At 7:00 PM, Mayor Flasowski declared a quorum present and
called the meeting to order.

     The pledge of allegiance to the United States Flag was recited, and
Mayor Flasowski gave the invocation.

       City Council considered Resolution 05-2009, a Resolution of the
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for participation in the Energy
Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program. After a brief
discussion, Councilperson Knox entered a motion to approve Resolution
05-2009. Councilperson Sellers seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

     City Council considered a letter from the Texas Comptroller of
Public Accounts indicating that the ¼% sales tax for Street Maintenance
would require a reauthorizing election as prescribed in the Election Tax
Code Section 327.007. Mayor Pro-Tem Bathe entered a motion for the
City Secretary to prepare the official documents to conduct a Special
City Election for May 8, 2010, for reauthorization of the Street
Maintenance Sales Tax. Councilperson Sanders seconded the motion.
Motion carried 5-0.

      City Council reviewed specifications for the new irrigation system
to be installed by Jahnz Site Services, LLC for the Wastewater Treatment
Plant as funded through ORCA Grant #728149. Mayor Flasowski and
Councilperson Eilers briefly explained the basic procedures and purpose
for operation of the Micro Rain Irrigator Model #MR58E. Council also
briefly discussed the need to purchase a vehicle for moving the reels
within the prescribed irrigation pattern for maximum production of the
hay meadows.

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      City Council considered complaints received concerning rainwater
standing on E. Thigpen Street. Mayor Flasowski will contact Fayette
County Commissioner Weishuhn and The Texas Department of
Transportation to inquire about remedies for maximum drainage in the

      City Council reviewed the first Biannual Meter Reading Report as
required by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality. Mayor
Flasowski informed Council that the metered accounts are currently
supplied to the reader in account number format but will be partitioned
into routes by the next scheduled reading in April 2010. This will make
the job less tedious and more efficient for the meter reader. He
commented that this first reading was an achievement for the city for the
required compliance.

      City Council considered a request from Maintenance Manager Mike
Proske for contracting with AT & T for a two-year cellular phone service
contract with the purchase of new cell phones. Councilperson Sanders
entered a motion to proceed with the contract and order of new phones.
Councilperson Knox seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

      City Council considered a grant fund reimbursement from Texas
Parks and Wildlife. Councilperson Sanders entered a motion to transfer
$15000.00 to the Muehlbrad Albers Park Fund Certificate of Deposit and
to transfer the remainder to the Perpetual Care Money Market Fund for
future use. Mayor Pro-Tem Bathe seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-

     City Council reviewed the Occupancy Tax Tourism Budget for
2010. After a brief discussion of the potential use for the funds and
recommendations for advertising, approval was tabled until the
December Regular Meeting.

      City Council considered one Building Permit submitted for October
from James and Jane Press. After a brief review of the submitted plans,
Mayor Pro-Tem Bathe entered a motion to approve construction of a
residence on Augsburg Avenue. Councilperson Eilers seconded the
motion. Motion carried 5-0.

      Mayor Flasowski discussed possible participation in the annual
decorating contest sponsored by the Carmine Chamber of Commerce and
suggestions were made for the 2nd annual City Council Christmas Party.

       Council tabled any action concerning the Building Code Ordinance
specifications due to a delay in receiving information from Attorney
Angela Beck.
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       Update of City Park activities and construction included finishing
of the Handicap Parking area, the completed pedestrian bridge, various
estimates to be received for restroom improvements, future utilization of
the Lower Colorado River Authority’s (LCRA) grant funds for sidewalks
and lighting for the north end of the park, and landscaping plans before
the dedication ceremony in April 2010, that will include
acknowledgements to all participants who dedicate time, talent, or funds
for the restoration.

     Minutes of the regular City Council meeting held October 12th,
2009, as submitted; the treasurer’s report for October 2009, as
submitted; and payment of November 2009 bills, as requested; were
approved on a motion entered by Councilperson Sanders and a second
by Councilperson Eilers. Motion carried 5-0.

Additional comments from Mayor and Council addressed the following city
business; however, no action was taken:

      Comments included Mayor Pro-Tem Bathe thanking                 Mayor
Flasowski for grading the excess soil around the new sidewalks.


      Mayor Flasowski declared the Council was to enter into Executive
Closed Session for the purpose of conducting employee evaluations in
accordance with Section 551.074 Texas Government Code - Personnel

      City Secretary Owen and Assistant Clerk Leatha Miller left the

      Council recessed Executive Session and returned to Open Session.

      With no other business to be addressed, Mayor Flasowski requested
a motion for adjournment. A motion was entered by Councilperson Eilers to
adjourn the meeting. Councilperson Sanders seconded the motion. Motion
carried 5-0.

THE CITY OF CARMINE, TEXAS                    Attest:
Minutes, November 9th, 2009

_____________________________                 _____________________________
Justin Flasowski, Mayor                       Ruth Owen, City Secretary

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