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1. To request a Je-S account go to and select “Create Account”.

2. You will then be presented with the Je-S Terms and Conditions. To continue you
will need to accept the terms and conditions and Submit.

3. You can check to see if the Research Councils already have a record of you by
inputting your email address and selecting Account Check.

4. If there is a record of you, you will see the following message:

After ‘Request Advice’ an email is generated and sent to the Je-S Helpdesk, you will
receive a response to this email.
Alternatively if you select ‘retrieve or update your login details’ you will be taken to
the Je-S screen below:

Enter your email address into the ‘Email address’ section and select ‘Sent user ID’.
The system will generate an email to you containing instructions and links to enable
you to log into your account.

5. If the Research Councils do not have a record of you, you can progress with
completing the details required.

6. Please ensure that you select the appropriate option for the Account Type. All
students should select the ‘The Student’ option only.
7. Enter in your personal details. The sections marked ‘*’ are mandatory.

8. Select the ‘Add Qualification’ option to enter you qualifications.
Please note that it is mandatory for students to enter qualification details. If a
qualification has not yet been awarded please select ‘Not Yet Known’ from the
‘Qualification Class’ option.

9. Select the organisation and department that you are affiliated with.

When creating a studentship account an Organisation and Department is not
mandatory. You can bypass this page by selecting ‘Next Step’.
10. Select a user name, password and password hint. The password hint should be a
prompt of your password to help remind you, should you forget you password.

10. Select Check the summary of your account details. If all information has been
entered correctly select the ‘Create Account’ option.

11. If your account request submits successfully you will be sent an activation email.
Please follow the link in this email and enter your password to activate your account.

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