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									 Issue 44                                                                                        14 February 2000

Complex Emergencies– page 2,3
♦ DRC: African leaders &
   Security Council meet
♦ Burundi: concerns for
♦ Sierra Leone: an update

Headquarters: -page 3
♦ Missions: Sudan                           Graves by the side of a road side in the Democratic Republic of Congo
♦ Vacancies: Republic of                                        Photo courtesy of OCHA-DRC
Natural disasters – page 4
♦ Mozambique &
                                                  ince January 1992, 184 staff members have lost their
   Botswana: appeal for aid                       lives in the service of the United Nations. Of these, 98
   after floods                                   were murdered. And yet, to date, only two perpetrators
♦ Mongolia: seeks support              have been brought to justice and convicted. What does this tell the
   after snowstorms                    world? That it is alright to kill United Nations personnel? That
                                       those who do so are guaranteed impunity? I trust not.” said Deputy-
                                       Secretary-General Louise Frechette during her address tot he open
                                       session of the Security Council on the protection of humanitarian
   Appeals for Ethiopia &              workers in conflict situations. She went on to emphasise that
   Eritrea are launched                “Security is not a luxury… It is not a favour to be granted. Security
   Security Council holds              is something we owe the troops and civilians who volunteer to
   open session on the                 serve in far-away places under the most challenging circumstances,
   protection of humanitarian          and the local staff who help us fulfil our mandates.”
   personnel on 9 February
   SRSG for East Timor,                The DSG used the opportunity to appeal to Member States to
   Sergio Vieira de Mello,             endorse the statute of the International Criminal Court making
   visits New York                     attacks on humanitarian personnel war crimes, and to expand the
   ERC        a.i.      Carolyn        Convention on the Protection of UN and Associated Personnel to
   McAskie         travels   to        cover humanitarian personnel. Member states expressed their
   Geneva                              commitment to support the “new security system”. The
                                       challenge… how fast will their words become material and human
                                       resources at the disposition of the UN?

   Read OCHA News online at: www.reliefweb.int/ocha_ol   -1-   For further information please contact: malango@un.org
                                                      OCHA News/Complex Emergencies
                                                                                       Issue 44, 14 February 2000

  African leaders & Security Council                             Are we ready for post-regroupment
            table DRC crisis                                             needs in Burundi?
In an incredible display, six African leaders,                According to recent field reports, the
namely the Presidents of Angola, the                          dismantling of regroupment camps has begun in
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda,                   Burundi with the evacuation of some 4,800
Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, crossed the                      people from the camp in Maramvya (Bujumbura
Atlantic to share with the Security Council their             Rurale). The Representative of the Secretary-
views on how the international community could                General on Internally Displaced Persons, Francis
assist them in their efforts to attain sustainable            Deng, who visited Burundi from 6 to 11
peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.                February, visited the site on the last day of his
The Secretaries-General of the United Nations                 visit. Mr. Deng travelled to the country on behalf
and the Organization of African Unity, the                    of the IASC and also to follow-up on his last
American Secretary of State and the Canadian                  visit in 1994. During his stay, he shared with
Foreign Minister were also among those who                    Government officials the policy paper on forced
converged in New York from the 23 to 25                       relocation recently adopted by the Inter-Agency
January to determine the most effective ways to               Standing Committee (IASC).
contribute to the implementation of the Lusaka
peace agreement.                                                                           Last month, the
                                                            On 19 January, the     Government of Burundi
Several activities are being undertaken in                  IASC        expressed  announced its decision to
various continents as part of efforts to build on           strong opposition to   begin       to      dismantle
the momentum created in New York. In a recent               forced relocation in   regroupment camps on 7
                                                            Burundi holding the
interview with IRIN (OCHA’ Integrated                                              February 2000. At that
Regional Information Network), the Ugandan                  responsible for its
                                                                                   time, there were 53
Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that                  humanitarian           regroupment            camps
preparations were underway for a summit of                  impact. The same       holding more than 320,000
regional heads of states sometime this month. In            day the Secretary-     people in the province of
New York, members of the Security Council are               General reiterated     Bujumbura Rurale alone. A
finalizing a resolution that will spell out the             this position in his   positive development was
scope of the mandate and resources to be made               briefing on Burundi    the recent invitation from
available to the peace-keeping mission as well as           to the Security        the Government to the
the conditions for deployment.                              Council.               Head of the OCHA Unit in
                                                                                   Burundi to participate in
In addition to peace-building initiatives, the                the     technical   committee      planning    the
international community in general and the                    dismantling of the first batch of 11 regroupment
Security Council in particular, will seek to attain           camps. This forum has agreed that inter-agency
guarantees for the safety of UN and associated                assessments will take place before the sites are
and humanitarian personnel in the DRC as well                 dismantled and there will be a common
as an enabling environment for the delivery of                agreement on the dates to dismantle camps. The
humanitarian aid.                                             main challenge ahead for the humanitarian
                                                              community in Burundi will be to ensure the
                                                              availability of resources and the capacity to
                                                              provide the required aid in health, food,
                                                              education, shelter, water and sanitation, to the
Read OCHA News online at: www.reliefweb.int/ocha_ol   -2-   For further information please contact: malango@un.org
                                                      OCHA News/Complex Emergencies
                                                                                     Issue 44, 14 February 2000
                                                              joint sensitization campaign into rebel controlled
                                                              areas. This is expected to improve unhindered
Promoting the humanitarian agenda in                          and safe access for humanitarian operators
            Sierra Leone                                      nationwide.

A joint UN/NGO humanitarian assessment                        Ongoing missions of interest:
mission departed for Makeni on 10 February
following the deployment of peace-keepers into                Sudan: The Special Envoy for Humanitarian
the area. The mission is to assess humanitarian               Affairs for the Sudan, Ambassador Tom Eric
conditions as a basis for determining the                     Vraalsen, is visiting the Sudan and Kenya,
possible resumption of humanitarian activities in             specifically Khartoum, Juba, Thiek Thou, Akak,
the area. Relief agencies have received reports               Lokichokio and Nairobi from 11 to 19 February.
indicating that the region has some of the                    During this mission, which is in the context of
country’ highest rates of malnutrition since the
         s                                                    his regular visits to the area, he will be following
start of the war. The delivery of aid to needy                up on the status of affairs regarding the
populations in Makeni was temporarily                         implementation of (a) the various agreements of
suspended following the attack by Revolutionary               the Technical Committee on Humanitarian
United Front (RUF) on the Armed Forces                        Affairs (TCHA), and (b) humanitarian
Revolutionary Council (AFRC) in October last                  programmes by Operation Lifeline Sudan
year. During this period, MSF and AICF have                   (OLS). He will be paying particular attention to
been providing minimal medical and therapeutic                access and security among other issues. Mr.
assistance.                                                   Vraalsen has met with officials of the
                                                              Government of Sudan, and will be meeting with
A joint UNDP, UNHCR, World Bank mission                       members of the Sudan People's Liberation
visited Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea during               Movement, officials of the Government of
the first week of February as part of the                     Kenya, as well as with representatives of UN
Brookings initiative to identify gaps in the                  agencies, NGOs and donors.
transition from relief to development. The four
main gaps identified by the mission were in the                   VACANCY! VACANCY! VACANCY!
areas of (a) reintegration, (b) governance, (c)               OCHA is still seeking candidates interested in
sub-regional leadership and (d) resource and                  the following position:
partnership alliances. In their recent debriefing
to UN agencies and donor representatives in                   ♦ Senior Humanitarian Affairs                  Officer,
New York, mission participants urged                            Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, L4
humanitarian and development actors to build on
and accelerate existing programmes through
creative partnerships among key actors. They                  Applications should be sent to Maria Schwab,
also called on donors to maintain pressure on the             Office of the Director, OCHA, Geneva, by 11
political actors.                                             February 2000.
Meanwhile, the Government has invited a
representative of the RUF party to participate in
the national commission for rehabilitation. In
collaboration     with      the     Humanitarian
Coordinator,     government       officials  and
representatives of the RUF party will begin to
define modalities for global access and launch a
Read OCHA News online at: www.reliefweb.int/ocha_ol   -3-   For further information please contact: malango@un.org
                                                             OCHA News/Natural Disasters
                                                                                       Issue 44, 14 February 2000

   Southern African floods devastate                                    Snowstorms hit Mongolia
     Mozambique and Botswana                                  Heavy snowstorms and extreme cold in the
                                                              southern and western aimags (provinces) of
The Governments of Mozambique and
                                                              Mongolia have led to severe loss of livestock,
Botswana have appealed for international aid
                                                              which constitute the main means of subsistence
following devastating torrential rains in their
                                                              for thousands of herders and their families.
countries. As much as US$ 2.7 million is
                                                              Preliminary data made available by the
required for emergency humanitarian assistance
                                                              Mongolian Government indicates that three
in Mozambique while requirements to help the
                                                              people have died and more than 577,000 heads
victims of the floods in Botswana are being
                                                              of cattle, sheep and goats have been killed.
                                                              Following a request for international assistance
                                                              OCHA launched an appeal for international
As part of efforts by the United Nations to assist
                                                              support on 14 February while the UN Resident
Mozambican authorities, a four-person UN
                                                              Coordinator in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, is
Disaster Assessment and Coordination team was
                                                              finalizing plans to send an inter-agency team to
deployed on 10 February. National authorities
                                                              the affected areas.
are working closely with UN agencies, NGOs
and the city councils of Maputo and Matola to
assist those affected. In this context, WFP has               Please continue to send your valuable inputs for
been providing food to victims from existing                  OCHA News to Rosa Malango at:
stocks, WHO is deploying a team from Harare to                malango@UN.org; Tel.: (1212) 9632380;
help assess health needs and UNICEF is in the                 Fax: (1212) 9631312, AERU, OCHA – New
process of providing medical kits and medicines               York.
to respond to malaria and diarrhea problems.

In Botswana, preliminary estimates indicate that
more than 25,000 people have been affected and
some 4,000 houses/huts have been destroyed as
well as numerous bridges and roads. Priority
requirements include tents, blankets and food.

OCHA calls on the international community to
respond generously and urgently to the appeals
for aid in these two countries severely affected
by the floods “whipping” Southern-Africa.

Read OCHA News online at: www.reliefweb.int/ocha_ol   -4-   For further information please contact: malango@un.org

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