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  Asia’s Dragons - 8 Top Internet Gurus Show You How

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Here's The All-star Internet Expert Line-up
Who Will Be Spilling Their Secrets To You:

   1) Jaz Lai - King of List Building & Email Conversion
     Jaz is widely known for his direct, in-your-face approach to teaching
     Internet Marketing success principles has captured the attention of
     literally hundreds and thousands of students in Asia who swear by
     his trainings and his “no frills” approach to creating Multiple Stream
     of Revenue in Internet Marketing.

   2) Alvin Phang - Blogging Expert
     Alvin Phang is a 26-year-old international speaker who has found
     financial freedom and online success with his blog,, which has generated more than
     US$222,579.81in sales! It is currently ranked amongst the top 10
     thousand out of 115 Million blogs by enabling Alvin
     to generate a comfortable five-figure income just from blogging.

   3) Eugene Ang - Pay-Per-Click Advertising Genius
     Eugene is presently CEO of, a
     performance-based Search Engine Marketing firm. He previously
     spent over 15 years in sales and marketing in top global firms like
     DHL, FedEx and 3M. Eugene is a Qualified Google AdWords
     Individual and Certified in Advanced Search Engine Marketing and
     Top SEO Placement awarded by Search Engine Workshops.

   4) Ewen Chia - Super Affiliate
  Ewen is often called upon for his powerful and ingenious marketing
  advice, especially in the areas of affiliate marketing, affiliate
  management, list-building, email marketing, product creation and
  online branding. He is also widely acknowledged as the "powerful
  weapon" of many other Internet marketing experts for his uncanny
  ability to trounce the competition and take on the coveted No. 1
  reseller spot in almost every major market rollout.

5) Benjamin Marc Wee - eBay Millionaire
  This visionary guy has been using eBay as a business platform more
  than a decade ago, that's why he is regarded as the grandfather of
  eBay. Benjamin is, without a doubt, the best person to share with
  you the tricks of the trade and how to establish a top-notch online
  cash cow using eBay.

6) Patric Chan - Niche Marketing Guru
  Patric Chan is an internationally-known Internet marketing expert
  and one of the top in the world. When it comes to marketing online,
  Patric understands how Internet marketing works more than most
  self-claimed experts and consultants because he delivers based on
  successful hands-on experience and results, not from books and

7) Ian Del Carmen - Membership Website Mogul
  Ian del Carmen is the President and CEO of Fireball Planet
  Corporation. He started doing business online in April 2006 and
  after less than a year established a name for himself and an
  established empire in the Internet marketing industry. He is known
  for teaching people how to make money with membership websites.

8) Fabian Lim - Search Engine Marketing Expert
         Fabian is currently CEO of World Internet Academy, Asia’s largest
         and fast-growing Internet training academy. Having personally
         trained over 2,000 graduates in his popular Internet Marketing
         Bootcamp program in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan,
         Fabian has mastered the art of teaching complete newbies and
         seasoned marketers alike how to start an online business from the
         comfort of their homes.

Your Questions:
Q1) I'm a college student and will graduate in about two years time.
I want to make internet business my source of living. How can the
"average Joe" get started online? (asked by Dey Irfan Adianto)
Benjamin Marc Wee: If you are serious about going online and creating a
serious retail business, I would suggest that you go to eBay as the first step.
Find a niche that you know something about as that will help in product
descriptions and you will enjoy the process better. Many people have started
from there and become successful.
You do not have overheads like rental, staff or storage, all of that is taken
care of online. Anybody on an average salary can start one business on
every pay day. Some of the things you can do to draw customers and make
your store different is give them, your buyers, discount coupons or bundle
shipping together to make it attractive.
Do it as a business, not a hobby, and be serious about customer service. I
provide a telephone number that you can call if you have questions. Mix
around with people in the industry that you want to be in as that will
accelerate your learning curve. So, if you are interested in eBay, you should
look me up!

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Q2) With everybody trying to succeed fast in the Internet affiliate
marketing niche, how can I make myself stand out in the crowd?
(asked by Steven Leong)
Ewen Chia: You need to find products that solve problems. There is no point
selling a product that has a fantastic website but doesn't solve any problems.
If people don't see a need to buy it, you'll find yourself hitting a brick wall.
The merchant should also have a website that has a good selling process –
like good sales copy to convert people, testimonials, product images and is
redible by listing contact information.
The number one key to being a good affiliate marketer is your ability to
communicate your message well. The Internet is an informative media so
you need to provide information. That is the easiest way to sell. You must be
able to write clearly and be good at generating content. You don't have to
write your own content as you can outsource. But you have to be able to
present a clear marketing message. Content is the foundation of all Internet
In order to stand out as a good affiliate marketer and earn consistent
income, you need to protect your reputation. You need to come across as
someone who looks out for their customers. This is the mindset all affiliate
marketers should have. Act like a Big Brother and take an authoritative
stance. Lastly, marketing is creativity and the more creative you are, short
of being silly, the more outstanding you become and the more results you

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Q3) I want to build a list, but I'm so overwhelmed by the technical
stuff (which I have no experience with). Can you recommend any
short cuts? (asked by Max Colthrap)
Jaz Lai: Start with a web page called a 'squeeze' page or lead capture page.
Capture the information of the visitors to your website by getting them to
register or opt-in.
My favorite method is video, where I create a series of videos and post them
on YouTube and other video sites. These videos will have a link pointing
viewers to my 'squeeze' page. I also record my content on audio and post
them on podcasting sites like iTunes with my website address at the end of
the audio to point people there. I also do article marketing, which is very
effective for branding. I write a 300 to 500 word article with my website
address at the bottom, post it to article marketing websites and direct
readers back to my 'squeeze' page.
Social networking sites are also good options to build a list. Personally, I use
Facebook and Myspace. Last but not least, do joint ventures (JVs) where you
promote someone else's products and vice versa. JVs have helped me build
a huge list within a very short period of time.

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Q4) I’ve got my product ready to go, but nobody knows who I am.
How can I convince people to buy when I’m not famous? (asked by
Louisa Ng)

Patric Chan: It's all about understanding the niche. You can only find the
market if you understand it properly. There are two components here - the
first is market profitability. This determines if there is a buying market for
your product. The second thing is market reachability. In layman terms, this
means where your traffic source is.
If you want to know whether the market is profitable, you need to know your
traffic source. For example, if the traffic source is from Google Adwords, I'll
search for my keywords in Google and when there are ads, I'll know that
there is a demand for that market. If there are five ads, I'll know that I have
five competitors and that the market is profitable. You can also monitor how
long the ad is running. If it is still running after seven days, I'll know that the
company is making money and that the market is profitable. From there, I
can also monitor how my competitors do their marketing.
If you are selling information products on the Internet, my guideline is to
provide 5x the value in return. You should always remember this when you
are creating a product. Most of the things on the Internet are transparent -
you can see what your competitors are offering on their websites and what
people are doing online. Understand your business model so that you can
research for what you want to know. Whether someone buys from you
depends on your value intensity. If your value intensity is high, then people
will buy from you.

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Q5) What, in your opinion, is the best way to get traffic to your blog
for free? (asked by Max Gan)
Alvin Phang: There are more than 77 ways to drive traffic to your blog. My
top three would be joint ventures (JVs), article writing and forums.
Firstly, for JVs, work with someone more popular than you. One way to do
this is to ask for an interview. For example, I interviewed popular blogger,
John Chow, and when my interview was published on his website, it drove
traffic to my blog.
For the second method, article writing, people used to write one article and
post that to hundreds and thousands of article directories. That doesn't work
anymore. What you should do is post three to four articles consistently every
week to a few popular article directories.
Third, use forums to drive traffic and go to forums related to your market. I
go to, an Internet marketing forum and I go there
very often to get people in that forum to view my blog.

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You don't need special training or even a high school education. It
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home or even while you are on vacation."

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Q6) Is it true that you can make millions from membership
websites? (asked by Helen Lee)

Ian Del Carmen: Yes, that is possible. I am an example of someone who
has done it. When I got married at the age of 23, I had no money. I was
working in TV production and every month, my salary was never enough.
That time, I was just an employee at a TV station earning about US$600 a
month. When I made my first sale and my very first member joined by
sending me $27 for the first month, I thought, if I can get one new member
every single day for the next 30 days, I would earn US$810 a month which
is higher than my salary as an employee!
So I focused on my goal and pushed hard to get 30 members for my very
first membership site. From then on, I harnessed the Internet to pay me
US$810 month after month... until I managed to build a company making
millions every year! Just like that, step-by-step.
What I always do is give out a $1 trial for seven days or even for one full
month, after which, the regular monthly membership fee charges start after
the trial period. This model gives a membership site owner an expectable
recurring monthly income. Right now, I have more than 200 company-owned
membership sites and hundreds of users who resell my membership sites
through and use my membership site
system at

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Q7) I recently launched a new web site and submitted it to the
search engines, but haven't received the first visitor. Is there
something I'm missing here? (asked by Michael Teoh)

Fabian Lim: The process of being found by Google is known as 'indexing'.
This process is called on-page optimization, which means that you are
optimizing your page or website for relevancy for a key phrase.
For more competitive key phrases, let's say, 'cheap electric guitars'. You will
need to obtain a higher level of relevancy. Google has a system that is able
to assess how relevant, or authoritative your website is, and it uses an
internal algorithm known as PageRank. Page Rank is the measure of how
authoritative each page or document within its database is. When you have
a link from an outside source pointing to a page on your website, that, in
Google's eyes, is a vote. Generally, the more votes the better. Now, it is no
more just quantity votes, which is the number of links you get back (link
popularity), but the quality of the votes that you have (link reputation).
Content is important, but I want to introduce you to a new concept called
context. Content refers to the words on the page, while context refers to the
association of the words in the page. The good news today is that Google's
algorithm is very sophisticated and it will recognize you as an industry
expert. For example, a doctor writing an article on colon cleansing will not
need to do anything more other than describe accurately, in his own words,
whether colon cleansing is necessary, and believe me, Google will recognize
that content and give it maximum visibility in the search engine because it is
written by an expert - and therefore is viewed as an authoritative article.

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Q8) I would like to market on the Internet, but I have no idea where
to start. Can you give me some advice on how to drive traffic
through PPC? (asked by Rendy Tan)

Eugene Ang: First, you need to define the objective of your marketing
campaign. Make sure that your objective is in line with the overall marketing
plan and is integrated as part of the overall marketing message. If your aim
is to generate leads using Internet marketing or pay-per-click marketing, but
you do not have a website that can convert traffic into leads, then you are
going to have a big problem because at the end of the campaign, you will
not have any results despite having spent a lot of money.
The entire philosophy of Google's approach to search is on the user
experience. Their aim is to give relevant results when we are searching for
something, whether it is results displayed organically or results displayed on
the advertisement sponsored links. What users want are relevant results so
as long as your advertisements are focused on that aspect, it should be

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Customers’ Feedback
1.How Network Marketing Works:

Jaz has helped me with product launches, email marketing and list building.
His techniques have helped me improve my business by over 300% and my
list size has more than doubled since I started using his methods. He
understands the psychology behind what people want and he addresses
those needs. I've learnt to use these techniques effectively for my own list.
Together, we have made more than 5 figures in a single product launch.

Ng Khai Siung,

2.Atomic Blogging:

Alvin's methods are simple and easy to understand. He opened my eyes to
the world of blogging and online marketing and set a solid foundation for me
to work from home with my personal online business. I started making
money within the first month of blogging but it took about a few months to
maintain a steady stream of income. Response to my Forex blog has been
overwhelming and I am now developing a course targeted to launch in
February 2009!

Jasmond Kang,

3.Emarketing Monthly magazine:
eMarketingMonthly is an online and offline publication on
internet marketing. If you want to start a career online or
have an existing business that you want to boost sales for
then this is a must read.
4.Super Affilates:

Listen up, if you want to become a real super affiliate and make a fortune
online from other people's products, then the best person you can learn from
is just one guy - Ewen Chia. I've known Ewen for a long time and he never
ceases to amaze me with his super affiliate strategies. And best of all, he's a
great teacher with thousands of successful students around the world
already. Ewen has the rare ability to keep things simple and understandable
while getting you real results - I say go for it!

Stephen Pierce,

Membership sites are great as they give recurring income. But we all know
how troublesome it can get as most membership site scripts can be quite
costly and are limited in their functions. What Ian has provided is a simple
yet powerful way for anyone to set up their own membership sites within a
short period of time. I highly recommend Memberfire to anyone who's
looking for a fast and affordable way of generating multiple streams of
recurring income effortlessly. Certainly a dream come true for many!

Calvin Woon,

6.Adwords Code:
I would like to thank Fabian! I wouldn't believe I can earn that much online
but I made it! When I finally took the first step, I got my first sale on the
second day. My ambition is to set up a swim school in Singapore and let
other swimming instructors help teach for me. Previously, I did up a website
promoting swimming lessons in Singapore but nobody came to my site. After
attending Fabian's Bootcamp, I re-designed my website using Fabian's
website template. Then I set-up a Google AdWords campaign. And guess
what? My first sale come in 10 hours after my campaign launched. I
generated a net profit of $2,200 after just two weeks! Now, I consistently
rake in over $15,000 in net profits EVERY month! Thank you, Fabian for your
guidance and support!

Tan Jian Yong, Singapore
7.The Chan Do Internet System:
I'm really glad I hired Patric to assist in my business. He has proven himself
to be extremely valuable to me. It's quick and easy when you work with
Patric because he's a professional Internet marketer that understands your
needs. It would be a lifesaver to have Patric helping you out immediately. I
recommend him.

Dr. Joe Vitale President, Hypnotic Marketing, Inc and #1 Best-Selling
Author - "Spiritual Marketing"

8. Asia’s Dragons:

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The meagre price of the eBook is nothing compared to the overwhelming
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Darren Toh & Sherman Cha

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A former journalist upon graduation, she had a brief foray as a technologist
– as the founder of an online barter site in 2000 and as a business
development manager for CNET Networks Asia. Craving freedom and recogni
zing that there is more to life than being stuck in airports and cubicles, she
sought the help of Internet gurus who have helped her to achieve her dream
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When not hanging around inspiring people or travelling, Pearlin spends her
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