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					    60 Camtasia Studio
  Tutorials and Resources
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This document was created to help the thousands of new Camtasia Studio users that
resulted from the December 2007 free release of Camtasia Studio version 3 by
TechSmith Corporation.

What follows is a compilation of Camtasia tutorials, most of them being videos with
step-by-step instructions on how to do particular things with Camtasia. Some of these
are version 3 specific, and some are for Camtasia versions 4 and 5. The ones that are
version 3 specific are identified as such.

These resources are all free.

In the event you haven’t yet downloaded and registered your own free Camtasia Studio
3, I have included instructions on how to do so at the end of the document.

I cannot guarantee that TechSmith will honor this giveaway forever, nor can I
guarantee that the giveaway will still be available at the time you acquire this report.

I hope this helps speed the learning process for you, and that you find the experience

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                                         Video Tutorials for Camtasia
                                     (length in minutes annotated where known)

TechSmith Tutorials for Camtasia Studio

TechSmith Product Managers Talk About SnagIt and Camtasia Studio                                              min

Using Camtasia to Capture Video and Animation from your Computer Screen (version 3                            29
specific)                                                                                                     min

How to Convert Video in Camtasia (version 3 specific)                                                         4 min

How to Convert Audio in Camtasia (version 3 specific)                                                         2 min

Camtasia Tutorial: Very Simple Basics                                                                         4 min

How to Use Camtasia                                                                                           4 min

Camtasia Studio Tutorial                                                                                      7 min

How to Make a Basic Video with Camtasia Studio

Screencasting Using Camtasia: 01 - Introduction                                                               2 min

Screencasting Using Camtasia: 02 - Installing                                                                 2 min

Screencasting Using Camtasia: 03 - Microphones                                                                1 min

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Screencasting Using Camtasia: 04 - Starting a Recording                             2 min

Screencasting Using Camtasia: 05 - After Recording                                  1 min

Screencasting Using Camtasia: 06 - Producing                                        3 min

Screencasting Using Camtasia: 07 - Tips                                             3 min

Screencasting Using Camtasia: 08 - Accessibility                                    1 min

How to Edit Camtasia Clips                                                          2 min

How to Use the Zoom and Pan Tool in Camtasia                                        3 min

How to Export Movies with Camtasia                                                  3 min

How to Capture a Computer Screen in Camtasia                                        3 min

Video Editing Tutorials - Audio Enhancement - Camtasia Studio                       min

Video Editing Tutorials - Voice Narration - Camtasia Studio                         5 min

Video Editing Tutorials - Edit a Powerpoint Recording - Camtasia Studio             5 min

Video Editing Tutorials - Smart Focus - Camtasia Studio                             min

Video Editing Tutorials - Flash Quiz and Survey - Camtasia Studio                   9 min

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Video Editing Tutorials - Call Outs - Camtasia Studio                                       4 min

Video Editing Tutorials - How to Produce in a Sharable Format - Camtasia Studio             6 min

Video Editing Tutorials - Adding Titles - Camtasia Studio                                   3 min

Video Editing Tutorials - Better Quality, Smaller File Size - Camtasia Studio               9 min

Camtasia Studio: How to Use Transitions

Camtasia Studio: How to Adjust the Audio

Camtasia Studio: How to Add a Callout

Camtasia Studio: How to Add Title Clips

Camtasia Studio: How to Add Flash Quiz and Survey

Tips and Tricks: Camtasia Studio                                                            min

How to Use Camtasia and Upload Videos to Blogger.avi                                        min

Adding a Second Audio Track to Camtasia Studio Screencasts                                  4 min

Camtasia Settings to Get Great Results on YouTube                                           3 min

                                                                                            5 min

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How to Make Quality Videos for YouTube using Camtasia Studio

Stupid Camtasia Tricks #1 - Tutorial                                                        min

How to Record a Lecture with Camtasia                                                       8 min

Making Gif Animations move in Camtasia Studio                                               min

Custom Callouts in Camtasia                                                                 4 min

Screencast: Camtasia and Text Callout                                                       2 min

How to Add Camtasia Videos to YouTube                                                       6 min

How to Create Camtasia Videos for iPod                                                      4 min

Zoom-n-Pan Feature in Camtasia                                                              3 min

How to Add Music to a Video with Camtasia Studio                                            2 min

Create an Online Video Using PowerPoint and Camtasia

Camtasia: Troubleshooting the Preview Screen

How to Insert a Title Page into Your Screencasting Video for Associated Content

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                                          Additional Camtasia Tutorial Sites Camtasia Tutorials (appears to be version 3 specific)

Good Short Basic Tutorial with Camtasia Studio 3 Specific Instructions

Bill Myers Camtasia Articles - Search "camtasia" at this link Camtasia Studio Video Tutorials

MIT Libraries Video Tutorials

VirginiaTech Learning to Use Camtasia Camtasia Tutorials

Use Camtasia and PowerPoint to Create an Online Video Lecture

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                     How to Get Camtasia Studio 3 for Free

1. Download the Camtasia Studio free trial at:

2. Register your product at the following link, and TechSmith will email you a key to
   unlock your copy so it doesn’t expire:

3. Install the software and input the registration key where prompted. You now have a
   full working version of the software that will not expire.

4. You may upgrade to Camtasia Studio 5 for $149 (a savings of $150). To do so,
   start the program, click Help, then click Check for Upgrade.

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Learn to:

   • Create slick, professional video tutorials. The kind that make for happy customers who
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