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Landlord Empty Property
To increase the supply of affordable rented accommodation by the
improvement or conversion of empty residential properties.

Grants are available to owners of residential properties that have been
empty for more than 6 months, and who wish to bring them back into
rental use.

Qualifying Criteria
• The applicant must own the property (or have a mortgage on it).
• The property must be residential and within the Borough of Rugby.
• The dwelling must be over 10 years old.
• The dwelling must be in need of significant improvement or repair.

Eligible Work
• Works to leave the property in reasonable state of repair to the
  current minimum standard.
• Works to remove Category One Hazards under Housing Health &
  Safety Rating System (further information available on request)
• Works to meet the Decent Homes Standard.
• Provision of basic amenities.
• Energy efficiency work to provide a reasonable degree of thermal
• Works to increase the number of letting units within the dwelling
  (providing the qualifying criteria is met).

Grant available
• Landlord Empty Property Grant of £10,000 per unit (up to a
  maximum of 3 units per property) with nomination rights for 5 years
  at Housing Benefit Reference Rent (or local Housing Allowance Tariff
  Rent after April 2008).
• Landlord Empty Property Grants will be repayable on the sale of the
  property. The repayment is to include a 1% administration fee. This
  will be subject to ensuring that £10,000 per unit equity is maintained
  on completion of the sale for repayment of the Grant plus
  administration fee.
• Applications for assistance are limited to one Grant per property
  every five years (to be applied retrospectively from the date of the
  amended strategy.

Hazard Awareness Notices will be issued to highlight the existence of
hazards which significantly impact on the achievement of a Decent
Home where the Grant is not taken up or the cost of works exceed
Grant limits.

Applications for Landlord Grants will be made using Rugby Borough
Council’s application form. Additional information required will include:
• Proof of ownership and occupation.
• Specification of works and plans.
• Two estimates for the cost of the works.
• Planning/Building regulations approval (where requested).
• Nomination Rights consent.
• Certificate of Intended Letting.

Approvals remain valid for 12 months from the date of approval.
Approvals will be made within the adopted strategy and budgets
available at the time of application.

Payment will normally be paid directly to the contractor or agent, with a
signed authorization from the applicant and receipt of necessary final
completion certificates. Interim payments can be paid up to 90%

            For more information please contact:
       Neighbourhood Renewal Team on 01788 533862

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