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                    the Marshfield Historical Society

        Pro-Am Historical Highlights
         Sunday Afternoon Lectures
                hosted by reed and virginia stewart

  october 18, 2009, 2pM                                                                 noveMber 15, 2009, 2pM
    professor                                                                              eugene Jackson                           on
  ray aMorosi on                                                                             tuskegee
 the history of                                                                                airMen
    the old                                                                                   in wwii
   MacoMber                                                                            Honoring Marshfield’s veterans with Eugene Jackson,
     house                                                                                     a World War II Tuskegee airman and
                                                                                           Marshfield resident, telling of his experiences.
    This Summer Street structure is one of the oldest                                       Also, excerpts will be read from the Saipan
residences in Marshfield c 1638. It was set afire during                               wartime diary of long-time Rexhame summer resident,
             the King Philip’s war in 1675.                                              Jim O’Brien, a tank repair mechanic in the Navy.

deceMber 20th, 2009,2pM                                                                    January 17, 2010, 2pM
dorothy bicknell on                                                                          faith Jean on the
 flying santa,                                                                                history of
 edward rowe                                                                                  brant rock
      Mr. Snow’s daughter will talk about author
                                                                                      Faith Jean, longtime resident of Brant Rock and active in
 Edward Rowe Snow’s role in the Flying Santa project
                                                                                         town governance, will discuss the colorful and rich
   which delivered Christmas presents to lighthouses
                                                                                       history of this fishing center, vacation destination and
for over 40 years. Aimed at families with young kids, it
                                                                                                   residential village of Marshfield.
               will include craft projects.

$5 for Marshfield historical society MeMbers $8 non-MeMbers.
               reserve            all four lectures for the price of three;
                                   $15      MeMbers,                           $24       non-MeMbers.

Send Check To: Marshfield Historical Society PO Box 1244, Marshfield 02050
     For more information: visit or call 781-834-0100
  The Marshfield Historical Society wishes to thank the Community Preservation Committee and the Citizens of Marshfield for their support.

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