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  Summary and Highlights Account Levels
                              by Account

                                                       FY 2007
                                           Acronym      Actual
TOTAL                                                   19,801,552
 Andean Counterdrug Initiative             ACP            721,500
 Assistance for Eastern Europe and
Baltic States                              SEED           273,900
 Child Survival and Health                 CSH           1,740,425
 Democracy Fund                            DF              94,050
 Development Assistance                    DA            1,508,760
 Development Credit Authority              AID Admin         7,920
 Economic Support Fund                     ESF           2,468,375
 Emergency Refugee and Migration
Assistance                                 ERMA            55,000
 Foreign Military Financing                FMF           4,560,800
 FREEDOM Support Act                       FSA            452,000
 Global HIV/AIDS Initiative                GHAI          3,246,520
 International Disaster and Famine
Assistance                                 IDFA           361,350
 International Military Education and
Training                                   IMET            85,877
 International Narcotics Control and Law
Enforcement                                INCLE          472,616
 International Organizations and
Programs                                   IO&P           303,888
 Migration and Refugee Assistance          MRA            833,033
 Nonproliferation, Antiterrorism, Demining
and Related Programs                       NADR           405,999
 Peacekeeping Operations                   PKO            223,250
 Public Law 480 (Food Aid)                 PL 480        1,214,712
 Transition Initiatives                    TI              39,600
 USAID Administrative Expense              AID Admin      731,977

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