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					Orkut tips and tricks
Show a cool STAR in your scraps: Just write “& # 9 7 3 3″ without spaces and quotes in your

scarp writing text for testing directly in your friend‟s scrapbook. And now submit your scrap.
You will see a cool star icon showing up in your scrap. It is one of the simplest of orkut tricks.
Isn‟t it?.

Unlimited pictures in orkut album : By default an orkut user can upload only 12 pictures in
orkut album. Sometimes, we have a lot of pictures to show in our orkut album but due to this
restriction on number of picture uploads we could not show all we want to show in our orkut
album. But now you can show unlimited number of pictures and photos using the new rss feed
feature in orkut.

Sending a blank or invisible scrap

Open your friend‟s scrapbook and the write anyone you wanted from the list given below:

[i], [u], [b], [i][u], [i][b], [u][i], [u][b], [u][i][b], [i][u][b], [i][u][b][i]

Now press „postscrap‟ tab.

Accessing orkut from the place where it has been banned.

You can use proxies like and to access orkut.

Adding images to orkut scraps

You can send images to your friend through scrap. But the condition is that urls of those images
should have .jpg, .gif, .png or .bmp in their ending.

for example, Copy and paste
“” in
scrapbook and then press „postscrap‟. Now you will see the images as a scrap in your scrapbook.

Hiding your visits on the other’s profiles.

1) Go to „Setting‟.
2) Click on „privacy‟ tab and select hide profile visit.

See large display pic of your friend in your scrapbook
Copy and paste this code
);void(0)” in the address bar.

Enjoy these cool orkut tips and tricks, will be back with many more.

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