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									                GREATER MANCHESTER POLICE
                     JOB DESCRIPTION

POST TITLE:                                 Force Intelligence Asset Recovery Manager

DEPARTMENT/DIVISION/BRANCH:                 Force Intelligence Branch

SECTION/UNIT:                               Command

GRADE:                                      K

RESPONSIBLE TO:                             Branch Commander

RESPONSIBLE FOR:                            All staff employed on asset recovery within
                                            the Branch and professional development for
                                            all Field Intelligence Officers trained in
                                            Financial Investigation within the Force
                                            Intelligence Branch

AIM OF JOB:                                 To ensure the provision of effective, efficient
                                            and comprehensive intelligence Asset
                                            Recovery services to the Force as directed
                                            by Force Command and the Head of

                                            Act as the primary authority in GMP on Asset
                                            Recovery Intelligence

                                            To provide direct support services to the
                                            GMP ACPO Gambling Lead on Asset
                                            Recovery Intelligence Matters

                                            To provide the strategic link with the regional
                                            asset recovery team

                                            Provide the strategic link between GMP and
                                            other agencies on asset recovery intelligence
                                            inclusive of The Gambling Commission, the
                                            Serious and Organised Crime Agency and
                                            the Asset Recovery Agency.

                                            To lead and drive the development of asset
                                            attack opportunities using all GMP resources
                                            inclusive of covert methods, thereby to
                                            develop intelligence to a level suitable for
                                            enforcement which will directly disrupt and
                                            dismantle organised criminality within GMP

Force Intelligence Asset Recovery Manager
October 2008
                                                  To prepare the revenue and capital budget
                                                  bids and monitor the revenue budget
                                                  expenditure for the Intelligence Branch asset
                                                  recovery services for approval by the Head of

                                                  Drive the development of tactical links with all
                                                  gambling outlets within GMP with a view to
                                                  minimising money laundering and achieving
                                                  asset attack on organised crime groups


   To identify strategic and tactical development opportunities for asset recovery and asset
    attack for GMP

   To undertake the operational day-to-day management of Asset Recovery intelligence.

   Manage staff performance within the Intelligence Branch and administer personnel
    procedures in accordance with Force policy and liaising with the Branch Human
    Resources Manager/ officers, and Occupational Health Unit to ensure that all staff welfare
    issues are appropriately managed.

   Compile and assess management information in relation to performance of all elements
    of the Intelligence Branch, against previously agreed targets and present the resultant
    information to the Branch Commander and Senior Leadership Team

   Develop the training for GMP and especially within the Intelligence Branch in relation to
    asset attack and recovery.

   Co ordinate the recruitment and selection of staff in relation to asset recovery intelligence
    and closely monitor their functions to ensure that the role profiles reflect the demands of
    the job.

   To promulgate best practice in relation to asset recovery intelligence and attack

   Where appropriate, advise Command Teams and Senior Investigating Officers engaged
    in operations/investigations in relation to asset recovery.

   To undertake a managerial role in the development of asset attack opportunities and to
    achieve intelligence using all GMP covert and overt methods to a level suitable for
    enforcement which will directly disrupt and dismantle organised criminality within GMP

   To establish and promote systems and processes in relation to asset recovery
    intelligence ensuring good practice and common standards are shared and implemented
    across the organisation.

   Have responsibility for ensuring all members of FIB are appropriately aware or trained in
    the development of asset attack opportunities

   To provide the strategic and tactical link with the Regional Asset Recovery Team and
    thereby maintain strong working relationships and practices

   To drive the development of GMP’s use of the Suspicious Activity Reporting system and
    Money Web

   To provide presentations on best practice to courses and training events in order to raise
    awareness of asset recovery opportunities

Force Intelligence Asset Recovery Manager
October 2008
   Monitor the performance of the Force and Branch by initiating and coordinating reviews
    of problem profiles to ensure that asset attack is embedded across the Force and being
    used a key disruptive tool .

   Promote the principals of Best Value and Quest by participating in initiatives and reviews
    which address Best Value issues including representing the Intelligence Branch at
    appropriate meetings such as Quest Development.

   Prepare under the direction of the Head of FIB revenue and capital bids to develop asset
    recovery intelligence within the Branch and Force.

   Achieve and maintain at the least parity in performance with other Forces within the MSF
    in relation to the key measures of confiscation and forfeiture.

   Maintain responsibility for monitoring expenditure ensuring that value for money is
    achieved and that Force policy is adhered to.

   Liaise with Intelligence Branch supervisors and managers; agree targets and monitor

   Liaise with other managers within FIB, senior divisional representatives and investigators
    to ensure that they have both the capacity and intelligence capability to react to the needs
    of the Force.

   Maintain a close liaison with other agencies through ACPO and interagency networks and
    maintain and disseminate an awareness of strategic developments in the area of asset

   As a key member of the Intelligence Branch management team, initiate research and
    project work in line with Branch and Force Business/Activity plans and objectives.

   To take necessary steps to ensure staff are fully trained, understand and apply relevant
    Force processes and procedures in relation to the collection, recording, evaluation and/or
    shared of information in compliance with the Code of Practice on Management of Police
    Information 2005, Data Protection Act 1998, and the Freedom of Information Act 2005 as

   To comply with the requirements of GMP's policies on Drug and Alcohol testing –
    requirements in respect of specific posts/ roles are described in the policies which are
    available on the Force Intranet

   To manage staff performance using the Performance Appraisal system, ensuring that
    annual and interim meetings take place and objectives are agreed and actioned.

   To promote and comply with GMP's policies on equal opportunities and health and safety
    both in the delivery of services and the treatment of others.

   To be responsible for improving your performance by participating in the Performance
    Appraisal process with your manager.

   To carry out such other duties which are consistent with the nature, responsibilities and
    grading of the post.

This job description records the principal responsibilities of the job at the date shown. The
job description will be updated from time to time in conjunction with the post holders to
reflect changes.

Force Intelligence Asset Recovery Manager
October 2008
 POST TITLE:                                     Force Asset Recovery Manager

 LOCATION:                                       Force Intelligence Branch, initially Bradford
                                                 Park and in 2009 Nexus House, Ashton


 Strategic perspective (B)
 Concentrates on issues that support the broad organisational strategy. Maintains a broad
 view, and understands and considers the interests and aims of other units or outside

 Openness to change (B)
 Supports, promotes and puts into practice change. Introduces new ways of doing things
 and encourages others to accept them. Overcomes barriers to change.

 Maximising potential (B)
 Encourages others to learn and develop, giving them clear and direct guidance and
 feedback on their performance. Encourages and supports staff, making sure they are
 motivated to achieve results.

 Respect for race and diversity (A)
 Understands other people’s views and takes them into account. Is tactful and diplomatic
 when dealing with people, treating them with dignity and respect at all times. Understands
 and is sensitive to social, cultural and racial differences

 Effective communication (B)
 Communicates all needs, instructions and decisions clearly. Adapts the style of
 communication to meet the needs of the audience. Asks probing questions to check

 Problem solving (B)
 Gathers information from a range of sources to understand situations, making sure it is
 reliable and accurate. Analyses information to identify important issues and problems.
 Identifies risks and considers alternative courses of action to make good decisions.

 Planning and organising (B)
 Plans activities thoroughly for self and others. Builds milestones into plans, monitors
 progress and adjusts them as necessary in response to any changes. Provides clear
 direction and makes sure that staff know what is expected of them.

 Personal responsibility (A)
 Readily accepts responsibility for self and others. Takes responsibility for managing
 situations and problems. Leads by example, showing a commitment and a determination to
 succeed. Continues to learn and develop.

Explanation of competency levels:
(A), (B), (C) indicates the level of competency taken from the National Competency

All behavioural competencies will be discussed in the Performance Appraisal.

Force Intelligence Asset Recovery Manager
October 2008

                           Essential                       Desirable

          Knowledge of Criminal Law and PACE

          Knowledge of covert surveillance legislation
          including RIPA, Home Office and ACPO

          Knowledge of the Management of Police
          Information guidance and codes of practice.

          Geographical knowledge of the Force area.

          Detailed knowledge of local and regional
          crime problems.

          Knowledge of SOCA systems and

          Experience of consultation with senior
          managers, Home Office other forces and
          outside agencies

          Proven investigative ability at SIO level.

          Knowledge and understanding of the
          National Intelligence Model.

          Knowledge of Asset Recovery legislation

          Have proven ability in all aspects relating to
          the management and supervision of staff.

          Have proven ability in all aspects of
          performance management.

          Ability to write complex reports, make
          presentations and discuss relevant issues
          with other agencies.

          Ability to assess, decide/resolve issues
          logically and objectively.

          Have the ability to manage a variety of
          different projects/issues at any given time
          and possess the resilience/aptitude to
          modify plans/ assess priorities at short
          notice according to the requirements of the

          Aptitude for proactive management,
          strategic thinking etc.

Force Intelligence Asset Recovery Manager
October 2008
                                   TRAINING/EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

                            Essential                                       Desirable

          Experience in the development of                 Recruitment and selection course
          intelligence products to the point of
          successful hand over to enforcement              Successfully completed financial awareness
          Experience in presentations at Force
          Command level                                    Completion of SIO modules

          Experience of managing budgets

          Experience in Regional and Force tactical
          tasking and coordinating processes

                                          OTHER REQUIREMENTS

                            Essential                                       Desirable

          Has achieved a good attendance record.           .

          Prepared to work abnormal hours (including
          liaison with Gambling Outlets out of hours)

          Full UK driving licence and vehicle

          This is a designated post under the Force
          Vetting Strategy and the post will therefore
          attract an enhanced level of vetting.

         All essential criteria above will also be discussed in the in the Performance Appraisal.

         The desirable criteria marked with an asterisk will be desirable at selection stage but will
         become essential once in post and will be discussed in Performance Appraisal.

         Please note that we will consider making reasonable adjustments to the above, in line with
         the Disability Discrimination Act.

Force Intelligence Asset Recovery Manager
October 2008

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