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									Job-Share Scheme and Part-Time Working for Support Staff

1.0   Policy Statement

Merseyside Police is committed to maintaining and retaining an efficient and
effective workforce by supporting the principle of a job-share scheme and part-time
working. Job sharing is an arrangement whereby two staff share the duties and
responsibilities of one full-time post. Part-time working is an arrangement whereby
staff work fewer hours per day or week than that of a normal full-time post. The
purpose of such family friendly policies is to provide a flexible approach for staff to
continue with their career by balancing home responsibilities and work commitments.

Merseyside Police recognises and acknowledges that situations will arise whereby
employees who have been appointed to and worked in posts, which require full-time
working, are unable to continue to work full-time due to personal circumstances.

The Force re-affirms its wishes to retain the services of trained and experienced staff
wherever possible. In order to meet the needs of both the organisation and the
individual, Merseyside Police will give due consideration to employees who find
themselves unable to continue to work on a full-time basis, the opportunity to apply
to work on a job-share or part-time basis.

This policy shall apply to requests to work on a part-time basis, which are intended to
cover a period exceeding 12 months. Requests for part-time working for shorter
periods will be dealt on an individual basis. Members of staff who are making
application for part-time working or job share, to enable them to care for a child
under 6 years of age or disabled child under 18 years should make their application
in accordance with the procedures and framework outlined in the Home and Work
Life Balance Policy.

The two initiatives will be monitored and reviewed regularly by the Personnel Quality
Assurance Unit to assess their performance and effectiveness. The results of such
reviews will be reported to the Diversity Management Group.

Strategy Manager     The Assistant Chief Constable Personnel and Development
Dept of Origin       Personnel Policy Design and Support Policy Development
                     and Equal Opportunities Section
Author/Post Holder Mervyn Mahomed
Related Policies     Job Share/Part Time Police. Career Break
                     Pregnant Workers Regulations 1992;
                     The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations
                     Employment Rights Act 1996
                     Part Time Workers - Prevention of Less Favourable
                     Treatment Regulations 2000
Date to Policy Group Policy Group February 1977
Date of last Update  January 2003
2.0   Definition

2.1   Job Share and Part-time working are both open to all Support Staff. Job share
      is the sharing of one full-time post whilst Part-time working is a reduction in the
      hours of a full-time post. Part-time is not a replacement for job share but is
      provided as an alternative option for staff to consider.
       A part-time worker is statutorily defined as: being paid wholly or in part by
       reference to the time they work, having regard to the custom and practice of
       their employer in relation to workers employed under the same type of
       contract, are not identified as full-time workers.

3.0   Scope Of the Scheme

3.1   All posts within Merseyside Police are deemed to be capable of job share or
      part-time working, unless it can be objectively justified that the requirement of
      a specific post can only be undertaken on a full-time basis.
3.2   In the event that it is felt appropriate to refuse an application, the Area
      Commander/Head of Department or delegated Personnel Manager should in
      the first instance, arrange for a written report to be forwarded to the Head of
      Personnel Policy Design and Support who will arrange for independent
      mediation. If the Area/Department are dissatisfied with the outcome, they can
      write to the Assistant Chief Constable Personnel and Development. The
      ultimate decision for determining whether or not the post is exempt, lies with
      the ACC after due consideration of an objectively justifiable reason from the
      respective Area Commander/Departmental Head.

4.0   Procedure

4.1   Applications should be completed on Form Per 28, available from local
      Personnel Units. The Line Manager will then be responsible for the
      completion of form Per 29 which will accompany the application for decision.
      The approval of all applications will be made by the Area Commander / Head
      of Department who may delegate the decision making to their local Personnel
      Manager. They will communicate their decision on form Per 31, a copy of
      which will be retained on the personal file.

4.2   Merseyside Police will endeavour, wherever possible and from within
      available resources, to meet requests from individuals who wish to job share
      by finding a job share partner through the use of the recruitment process.

5.0   Notice Period

5.1   Staff are required to give 3 months notice, prior to commencing either job
      share or part-time working. This enables processes to be put in place which
      will help to facilitate the request. This degree of flexibility is paramount for the
      Force to meet operational needs in delivering a quality service provision.

5.2   In exceptional circumstances of unforeseen and urgent personal
      requirements, taking each case on its merits, consideration will be given to
      waiving the notice period requirements.
6.0   Conditions Of Service

6.1   All conditions of service for job sharing and part-time working staff shall be
      applied in the same way as they would for full-time appointments but on a
      shared and/or pro-rata basis as appropriate for each scheme. Whenever an
      option is chosen for either scheme, a new written statement of particulars will
      be issued to reflect the agreed variation of the contractual relationship.

7.0   Career Development

7.1   All staff working part-time or job share will be included in the Annual
      Performance and Development Review process. It is important that the
      personal development and training needs of staff working part-time/job share
      are given the same consideration as those on full time.
      Staff who are working part-time/job share should not be excluded from
      training simply because they so work. Training should be scheduled as far as
      practicable, so that staff who work part-time can attend.
      Officers working part-time/job share attending full time courses should be paid
      the equivalent full time rates and any other allowances applicable.

8.0   Changeover/Overlap - Job Share Scheme

8.1   A degree of overlap for contact and co-operation can be built into the working
      hours so those sharers can enhance information and work together if
      necessary. Changeover/overlap arrangements need not require physical
      presence of sharers; continuity can be accomplished by leaving notes, joint
      diaries, pre-arranged telephone calls, or any methods deemed to be
      workable. Such arrangements should be agreed by the manager and
      individual(s) at the commencement of the job-share and must be subject to
      regular review to assess its effectiveness.

9.0   Options Available As An Alternative To Job Share

9.1   If a job share partner cannot be found, one of the following options is available
      for consideration: -

(a)   Possible redeployment to an alternative appropriate job share post
(b)   Part-time working in current post
(c)   Part-time working in another suitable post; or
(d)   Continue in current post on a full-time basis.

9.2   The decision as to which option is chosen will be made only after consultation
      with the employee. Where the individual's preference cannot be met the
      reasons will be explained to them. Whilst every effort will be made within the
      resources available to meet a request for job share/part-time working, there
      may be cases where this cannot be met.
10.0   Changes To the Job Share Arrangement

10.1   If one job sharer for whatever reasons, ceases to continue as a job sharer the
       hours of work previously undertaken by that person should be subject to

10.2   If it is deemed that the hours are required, the remaining job sharer will be
       offered the option of working full time. If this is unacceptable to the remaining
       job sharer, another job share partner will be sought through the recruitment
       processes. If this is unsuccessful, arrangements at paragraph 9.0 will be

10.3   If it is found that the vacant hours of the post can be frozen as a result of a
       rationalisation programme/staff reorganisation, the right to offer full time
       working to the remaining job sharer will not apply. Consequently the
       arrangements at paragraph 9.0 (a-c) will apply.

11.0   Re-Entry Requirements for Reverting to Full Time

11.1   The opportunity to revert to full time working by part time staff is dependent on
       the existence of a suitable vacancy, which the Force wishes to fill. Normal
       selection processes will apply.

12.0   Monitoring And Review

12.1   All part-time/job share-working agreements should be regularly reviewed in
       order to assess their continued suitability to both the needs of the force and
       the individual. In any event, the Area/Department must undertake a review at
       least once each year, ideally at the time of the Annual Development Review.
       The post holder or their managers may initiate additional reviews following
       significant changes of duty or circumstances.

13.0   Appeals

13.1   In the event of an application for part-time working/job share being refused,
       any appeal should be addressed through the Force Grievance Resolution

14.0   Right To Written Statement of Reasons for Less Favourable Treatment

14.1   If a member of staff working part-time or job share considers that they have
       been treated in a manner which when compared with a full-time member of
       staff infringes their rights, they may request a written statement providing
       particulars of the reasons for the treatment. They are entitled to be provided
       with the statement within 21 days of the request. The statement is admissible
       in evidence at any proceedings before an Employment Tribunal.
15.0   Human Rights Act Compliance

15.1   This policy has been compliance tested in terms of the requirements of the
       Human Rights Act 1999 and Race Relations (Amendment) and will be
       reviewed annually in accordance with normal procedures.

16.0   Advice And Guidance

       Where appropriate further information, advice and guidance can be provided
       by line managers or local Personnel Units.

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