MEMA Membership Meeting
                                 Meeting Summary
                                   June 17, 2008
Call Meeting to Order

Roll Call of Board Members. (9 of 16 for Quorum)

Board Members Present: Pamela Boody, Jim Vanbendegom, Jim Gorka, Paul Baker,
Gregg Ginebaugh, Mary Stikeleather, Pete Locke, Scott Corbin

Notes: Pamela Boody has a proxy for Jerry McCoy; Jim Vanbendegom has a proxy for
Marc Griffis

Board Members Absent: Steve Van Holstyn, Marc Griffis, Byron Callies, Teresa
Schwalbach, Mark Watkins, Jerry McCoy, Mike Perez, Kathy Rich

Approval to accept the Agenda:
Mary Stikeleather made a motion to accept the agenda, Jim Vanbendegom supported.
Motion Passed

Additions to the Agenda:
Mary added a line item for planning for future conferences, will add it to new business a
Jim sent out an email regarding awards, will add it 10B

Approval of Meeting Minutes: May 20, 2008
Pete Locke made a motion to approve the minutes, Jim Vanbendegom supported.
Motion Carried.

Executive Group Reports:

President Paul Baker:
      o Keith DeYoung has stepped down on the board and Mike Hosh as stepped
         up to take his place for the 7th district.

      o Capt. Washington has left the division. Tony Katarsky is filling his vacancy for
        the time being.

      o There has been some talk with NIMS 2009 that programs may have to go
        back to the EOP guidelines instead of the EAG format. This is coming from
        the federal level. Pete Locke commented that in his 17 years of service he
        has felt that the EAG format has been a great asset and his county felt that it
        was better to use the EAG as opposed to the EOP format. The EOP format is
        too big and bulky. The MEMA board would like to send a letter regarding our
        stance on this subject. Scott commented that they have an EOP in their EOC
        but have the EAG’s in the back. Mary and Pete plan on doing the same thing.
        Paul will begin drafting a letter stating that our position is that for those who
        can use EAG should be able to use them. After the letter is written it will be
        posted to the website for membership input.

      o MEMA conference will be October 6-8 at Grand Traverse. Jerry McCoy will
        write a grant to have the lunch paid for.

      o Paul is currently writing a letter for a lifetime membership that we granted last

      o Paul would like to make the September meeting a conference call instead of
        face to face meeting in Isabella County.

      o Paul would like to dismantle the MSP Advisory committee that we were going
        to form with Capt. Washington. We will dismantle this committee with the
        option to reform with the new Capt.

      o Logistics Committee-We need a new chair since Keith DeYoung has stepped
        down. Gregg Ginebaugh will step up as the new chair.

      o Membership Committee- Teresa Schwalbach has stepped down as chair and
        Jerry McCoy has stepped up as the new chair.

Ex-Official Jim Van Bendegom:
          o Jim went has been in contact with our clothes vendor. They are in the
              process of setting up a link to our website.

1st Vice President Mike Perez:
No Report

2nd Vice President Gregg Ginebaugh:
         o The CEDAP grant has been released so if you are interested please see
            the RKB site.

3rd Vice President Marc Griffis:
No Report

Treasurer Jerry McCoy:

Beginning Balance:         $8,388.55

                          Dues:                               $270.00
                          Interests                           $1.74
                          Store                               $23.00
                          Total                               $294.74

Expenses:                 none
Ending Balance:         $8,683.29
Pete Locke made a motion to accept the report. Gregg Ginebaugh supported. Motion

Secretary Pamela Boody:
 MEMO deadline is June 26th. Please email Jerry articles.
 Thank you to all that has been submitting email/address changes

Legislative Liaison Scott Corbin:
No Report

District Liaisons Reports:

Kathy Rich - 2nd S. District
   We have our regional TTX June 19th leading up to our full scale on Sept. 18/19.
   We're working on our UASI strategic plan and how we're going to spend the 2007
   No one else I emailed has sent me anything else.

Mary Stikeleather - 3rd District
   Teleconference is working GREAT for sub-committees!
   Working on draft of Region Mutual Aid Agreement, as well as Incident Management
    Team formation.
 Core Talon up and running in Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department. Others to soon
 Lapeer County’s BDA (bi-directional antenna) is installed and working great. 800
    digital sides comes thru loud and clear.
 Still getting ready for Region wide Exercise in September.
3rd District Association
 Many communities busy with Mother Nature’s storm aftermath.
 Mike Moll, from DHS, gave an update on the Critical Infrastructures Assessment.
 Separate informal work meeting was held to discuss Special Needs Planning and
    “Safe Parking Roadway Incident Safety (aka Park-to-Protect)”
 District Coordinator “enhanced” monthly 800 Radio/E-Team test with more
 300/400 classes continuing in District.
 Local Events:
     Overturned milk truck – product runs into lake (fishing for Catfish has been great

       Barn fires
       Drive-thru pan flu clinic exercise held at Road Commission garage
       Suspicious Forest fires within miles of each other
       Two 8,000 gallon manure tanks ruptured
       Suspected Chemical/Hazmat incident in resident home. RRTN utilized.
       Large power outage
       Small diesel leak, ruptured gas line
       Citizens Bank Anthrax scare.
       Gasoline in sewer system opens shelter. Happens second time.
       (11) E Team classes held 75+ people trained

Jim Gorka - 5th District
   5th District Coordinator Michigan State Police Lt. Barry Reber is now recovering at
    his home following a sudden condition, which threatened his life. The District
    Coordinator for 5 North is filling in during his absence.
   The severe weather conditions of the weekend of June 6~8 dominated this month's
    activities in District 5.
   Allegan County - A State of Emergency was declared by Allegan County Board
    Chairman McNeal citing the evacuation of 25 lakeshore homes, roadways, culverts
    and public drains having been washed out (affecting the death of two people),
    basement flooding around the Kalamazoo, Rabbit and Gun Lake rivers, and public
    damages approaching $900,000.
   Barry - The city of and much of the area surrounding Hastings lost electrical power.
    Minor flooding occurred around the Thornapple and other area rivers and low-lying
    areas. Pennock Hospital canceled elective surgeries while the hospital was on
    generator power. The 911 Dispatch Center, also on generator power, had lost 7-digit
    in/out-bound telephone capabilities; however 911 in-bound and radio dispatch
    operations maintained operation.
   Berrien - No Report from Berrien.
   Branch - No Report from Branch.
   Calhoun - No Report from Calhoun
   Cass - May 13th Cass County EOC staff and Borgess-Lee Memorial Hospital
    participated in the 5th District Medical Response Coalition Hospital Evacuation
   Kalamazoo -- Hydrogen and sulfuric-acid gases are believed to have been created
    by a reaction involving a piece of aluminum in a vat filled with sulfuric acid, said
    Robert Hudson, deputy chief of the Portage Fire Department which responded to an
    15-hour Haz Mat response at a local stripping company on June 4. Businesses and
    homes were evacuated. Over 80 personnel, including the Kalamazoo County Mobile
    Command, the 51st Civil Support Team, Kalamazoo County Haz Mat, and
    representatives from many agencies responded. Kalamazoo County Emergency
    Management hosted a 2½-hour "Explosive Awareness" session by the Michigan
    State Police Bomb Squad on June 6. Sgt Joshua Collins presented on commercial,
    military, and improvised explosives with emphasis on clues to identify potential
    booby traps and materials, which can be used to make IED’s.
   St. Joseph - No Report from St. Joseph.
   Van Buren - No Report from Van Buren.

Steve VanHolstyn & Mark Watkins - 6th District
No Report

Byron Callies - 1st District
   Sgt. Mike Perez, Ingham County Emergency Manager, retired on June 15th. His
    replacement is Sgt. Bob Ott.
   Capital City Airport conducted its triennial exercise on June 5th. The scenario
    involved a plane crash. Multiple agencies from Clinton, Ingham and City of Lansing

   Ingham Regional Medical Center, in collaboration with Lansing Police and MSP
    Bomb Squad, conducted an active shooter/hostage exercise on May 12th.
    Numerous MFR/EMS agencies from around the area participated as well.
   Multiple agencies involved with the Buffer Zone Protection Plan conducte a
    communications exercise on May 13th.
   The District 1 Regional Medical Response Coalition (D1RMRC) is sponsoring
    hospital evacuation tabletop and full-scale exercises in June and July. Sparrow
    Hospital conducted the tabletop component on June 12th and will be conducting the
    full-scale component on June 24th. Saint Joseph Mercy Livingston Hospital
    conducted the tabletop component on June 16th and will conduct the full-scale
    component on June 17th. Eaton Rapids Medical Center will conduct the tabletop
    component on July 14th and the full-scale component on July 15th.
   District 1 Regional EM Board has requested that the State of Michigan fulfill the role
    of fiduciary agent for District 1. The State is evaluating the request. Final response
    is pending.
   Multiple EOCs were activated over the past month in response to severe weather

Peter Locke - 2nd N. District
   Events – Well the wind blew and the rains fell, but other than that we got lucky. The
    June 8th storm that was responsible for 6 deaths in Michigan was kind to Macomb
    County. Several trees and many power lines were down but no deaths or injuries to
    report and clean up was a chore, but not as bad as compared to our neighbors to
    the west (Oakland County) from what I hear. Summer is here and so is the reason
    we are still employed, Severe Thunderstorms. Kudos to Channels 2, 4 and 7 for the
    continuous coverage that almost pinpointed to the exact minute and location when
    the storm would hit a jurisdiction.
   Exercises
    Macomb County Emergency Management will be conducting an SNS Deployment-

    Full Scale Exercise this July at the Selfridge Air National Guard Base. We will

    receive an SNS drop and allow the Distribution Node workers the task of inventory

    and then preparing for distribution to two POD’s, the medications necessary for this

    event. The training and Table Top for this event will occur in June.

       Grants –Nothing new to report

   Outreach Activities
    o Macomb County is preparing for our first “National Preparedness Day” event at
      Lakeside Mall on September 27th. Local Police, Fire, Military, RACES, Salvation
      Army and other organizations will be participating both indoors and outside in the
      parking lot with demonstrations and public information kiosks.
    o Nothing reported from Oakland and St. Clair Counties at the time of this report.

Mike Hosh - 7th District
   Keith DeYoung has stepped down as MEMA Liaison. Mike Hosh to replace Keith.
   Kalkaska County – Attempted email vote of 9 members to have himself named as
    Kalkaska’s representative for District 7. Five responses. Lt. Hosh will meet with
    Mike L.
   NWS-Gaylord – Twenty Weather Spotter classes so far, all have been well attended.
   Grand Traverse County – 45 of 54 schools have been completed; are reviewing Co-
    op plans and gearing up for Cherry Festival (will feature Blue Angels and Golden
   Crawford County – Burn area (4 Mile Road Fire) didn’t touch amusement park area.
    Also, twenty-two attendees at Weather Spotter class, two were returnees, the rest
    were newcomers.
   RACES/ARES – Training – Contact in Alpena (Jim McCullough) set up training for
   Otsego County – Installed reverse 911; Otsego County has achieved “Storm Ready”
   Alpena County – A lot of training going on, 800 trainings every couple of months until
    interest drops off; expansion of siren structure – 9 new sirens; contact/recall tests
   Wexford County – Weather Spotter class – 40 attendees; June 22-23 – School
    Safety Training at Cadillac High School.

Teresa Schwalbach - 8th District
   The 8th District has been diligently working on getting the FY06 HSGP grant
    finalized. Projects are near completion.
   The U.P. Regional Homeland Security Board recently completed the capability
    assessment and submitted it to the state for their review. The board also completed
    and approved their regional TIC plan, Regional Response Plan and is currently
    working on getting training set up for Incident Management Training. The regional
    board now has video conferencing and sub-committees are able to meet via video
    conferencing prior to full board meetings.
   IS300 & IS400 continue throughout the regional. Marquette County has classes
    scheduled for September and October.
   New ERG's were distributed to police, fire and EMS agencies.
   Thanks to Region 7 for picking them up for us. Region 8 appreciates it very much.
    We have good neighbors! All counties in the U.P. have recently completed their
    annual EOC drills.

Committee Reports:

Training – Chair Scott Hiipakka
(Training Programs / Mentoring)

        The Training Committee has experienced some staffing turnover in the past two
         months with the departure of Mark Watkins and Cheryl Bayer from the
         committee. However we are proud to announce that Gail Novak from Oakland

         County Emergency Response and Preparedness (ERP) and Lori Simon from the
         Michigan Department of Community Health Office of Public Health
         Preparedness have joined us to backfill for Mark and Cheryl.

         The Training Committee will provide one representative to help serve on the
         MEMA Fall Conference Development Committee

         The Training Committee is working on pulling together 4th Quarter Educational
         Webinar/Conference Call-Topic TBD

Membership - Chair Teresa Schwalbach
(Store / Membership / MEMO / Web Site)

        Jerry McCoy, Pamela Boody and mark Stikeleather have been working on
         membership roster and other membership issues. Great job!
        I am really impressed with the web site. Please pass that on.
        Teresa is stepping down as Chair, but will be staying on membership committee.
         President Baker looking for a new Membership Committee Chair.

Strategic Plan – Chair Mary Stikeleather
(Strategic Planning)

        No report other than Initial 2008 Strategic Plan has gone out to all our members
         and no further reports from this committee until fall when the MEMA Board
         reports the plan and discuss 2009 changes etc…

Logistics – Chair Keith DeYoung
(Recommended Practices/Standards/ Technological)

       No report for this month Keith DeYoung has stepped down and a new chair needs
        to be appointed.

Unfinished Business:
      a. Fall Conference: Suggestion: After the MEMA participants register have
   them come to the MEMA booth for a bag or another give away item. If they want a
   bag and are not a member we will have applications ready for them to sign up and
   receive the gift.
    Mary suggested having a MEMA application in the front of the conference binder.
   b. Conference Calling: The group like the
   c. Membership Recruitment and Retention Plan: Pete Locket made a motion to
      adopt the MEMA membership recruitment and retention plan. Jim Gorka
      supported. Motion carried.
   d. MEMA Store: We will have a list for volunteers to sign up and man our booth at
      the MEMA conference.
   e. HR 5577 Chemical Security Bill: Scott is looking for a letter of support from
      MEMA on this bill. Pete inquired if this would require any further work with the

      LEPCs. Scott was told that there would be no additional work at this time.
      Scott will write a letter on behalf of the MEMA board.

   f. MEMA Website: Paul will forward out the password to the board to review and
      give feedback. The board suggested having the MEMO and the minutes to the
      meeting on the secure side.

New Business:
  a. Future Conferences: Mary commented that in the future we will need to not
     count on SHSP funding. We need to start looking at way to fund this conference
     (registrations) for the locals. Mary has drafted a letter for the membership looking
     for feedback on how to start looking for ways to fund this conference.
  b. Awards: Jim emailed out the awards packet this morning. The deadline for the
     nominations will be 8-8-08 at 5:00pm. The awards timeline is the information
     from the last 12 months. Jim will add verbage to the forms to clarify a few
     sections such as timelines and who is eligible.
  c. Concerns: Paul mentioned that we continually have some district liaisons that
     do not submit reports or email back that they do not have anything to report. The
     board felt that a letter from Paul to those folks stating the duties of the position.

Meeting Adjournment:
Pete Locke made a motion to close the meeting. Jim Vanbendegom supported. Motion

Next Meeting: No July meeting
              August 19, 2008 Collins Road at 10:00am


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