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Jason Moody


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									Jason Moody
1169 Commonwealth Ave, #3, Allston, MA 02134 Phone: (617) 821-6794 E-mail: jason@moody.net


DirectlyHome LLC                                                                        New Brunswick, NJ
President and Founder                                                                   12/01 – 10/02
• Managed sales growth of business to just under $1 million run rate in first 8 months.
• Top seller of Bed frames on eBay selling over 250k with 99.99% positive feedback.
• Created top rated website earning Yahoo Store’s Top Honors, optimized site to work within Yahoo Shopping.
• Increased web sites sales by 50% monthly through an affiliate program and key word optimization on search engines.
• Developed integrated customer service and order processing software automating customer interactions.
• Raised initial funding and successfully sold interest to private investor group.

Endeca                                                                                      Cambridge, MA
Product Manager                                                                             5/00 – 11/01
• Created product definition and market entry strategy for a major new product.
• Gathered functional requirements and set product roadmap on an aggressive release schedule.
• Identified and evaluated complimentary partnerships with ecommerce vendors (application servers,
   search/categorization, EAI, ETL, and product catalog creation) resulting in sales-driven relationships.
• Supported field sales and partners including sales presentations and proof of concepts demos for key prospects.
• Evaluated business intelligence market and recommended entry strategy to senior management.

Into Networks                                                                             Cambridge, MA
Team Leader Oracle Projects                                                               3/99 – 5/00
• Managed 5 major releases with 4 person development team and $800,000 in project fees with Oracle consulting.
• Designed scalable business processes which resulted in passing 200+ software titles on the InfoCenter service.
• Exceeded user expectations and reduced development cost by 20% using formal project methodology.
• Managed corporate Oracle databases including data migration, installation, maintenance, uptime, and upgrades.

ZDNet (Computershopper.com)                                                                Cambridge, MA
Web Developer                                                                               3/98 - 3/99
• Led development of key reporting system for large internet site receiving 10 million ad impressions per month.
• Identified key business needs leading to content partnerships resulting in 400% increase in size of core content database.
• Reduced time to produce advertiser reporting by 50% for sales staff through operations and process streamlining.
• Built 6 million record data mart that identified most profitable customers based on usage patterns.

Hills Department Stores (Ames Department Stores)                                       Canton, MA
Internet Technology Developer                                                          6/97 - 3/98
• Designed, conceptualized, and recommended web and business intelligence systems for 15,000 corporate intranet users.
• Created workflow system tracking 2,000 user workstations deployed in $50 million enterprise re-engineering project


Babson College, Wellesley, MA                                                          5/97
Bachelor of Science in Finance and Entrepreneurship, Minor in International Competitiveness and Technological Change
• Recipient of Paul F. Greene Annual Telecommunications Research Award (Topic: Virtual Private Networks)

Manchester School of Management, Manchester, United Kingdom                                9/94 - 6/95
Exchange year in study abroad program

Rower competing at national leval regattas: Gold Men’s Intermediate 4+ US Nationals (2002), Silver Senior 8 Club
Nationals (1999), Bronze Intermediate 8 Club Nationals (2000), Head of the Charles 12th (2001)
Independent travel in Europe and Asia. Working knowledge of spoken and written French and Japanese languages.

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