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									                                     ISM Web Site Resources
                                         (a brief review)
                           What?                                                          Where?
           = Located in the “members only” folders

                                        Benefits for Members
Recover member login information to ISM members only web              Recover Username
content.                                                             Home > My Account > Recover Password/Login
Manage personal information. Update personal record on file           Membership Information
with ISM, to the latest mailing address, phone number, title, email   Home > My Account > Membership Information
address, etc. 
Print an ISM membership card on demand Members can print              ISM Membership Card
their ISM membership cards online 24 hours a day!                    Home > My Account > Membership Card
Locate affiliates & affiliate web sites in other locations. Plan      Find an Affiliate
business trips to include educational opportunities and affiliate     Home > About ISM > ISM Affiliate Web Sites >
events                                                                Find Your Closest Affiliate
Participate in discussion forums and list servers on educational      Discussion Forums
and professional topics Web-based threaded discussion forum           Home > Members Only > Discussion Forums
where members can pose questions or assist other members with
supply management issues. 
Post a resume online and survey Supply Chain job openings.            Career Center
View articles on resume writing, job searches and interviewing. A     Home > Members Only > Career Center
valuable resource to job seekers and employers seeking qualified
candidates. Employers can post job openings for a fee.
          Research potential employers by reviewing articles,         Home > Advanced Search
          postings and educational activities. Use the advanced
          search feature to search by company or individual.
Obtain internationally recognized certification credentials,          Professional Credentials
participate in study groups, obtain study materials This section
provides program overviews, FAQs, downloadable forms and              Home > Professional Credentials
online registration for the exams. Take advantage of member
discounts available for study materials and exams.
Keep up to date on Certification. Subscribe to ISM Supply Line        Certification news
2055, a periodic electronic newsletter.                               Home > Publications > E-mail Newsletters >
                                                                      Supply Line 2055: Certification Update
Network and exchange information with Supply Chain                    Conference
professionals at Internationally attended conferences.                Home > Education - Seminars, Conferences >
Select a personal Interest profile and receive suggested articles,    Update Your Interest Profile
links and content each time you visit the ISM web site.              Home > My Account > My Interests
Download Resource Guides of topic-specific information on a           Resource Guides
variety of supply management subjects. Each guide includes 5-10       Home > Tools > Research Tools > ISM Resource
articles from various ISM publications, suggested reading lists,      Guides
valuable links to related Web sites, plus contact information for a
variety of other resources and information on each topic. 
Affiliates that offer employment assistance. Links to affiliate       Affiliate Employment Services
web site with employment service listings                            Home > Career Center > More Career Resources >
                                                                      ISM Affiliates that Offer Employment Services

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                           What?                                                         Where?
           = Located in the “members only” folders

                                    Professional References
The online seminar catalog features over 40 unique seminar           Seminar Catalog
titles. We've got something for everyone including fundamental       Home > Education - Seminars, Conferences >
programs for those new to supply management or advanced              Seminars > ISM Seminar Catalog
programs for the more experienced supply management
professional. Member discounts available.
Read and download publications and newsletters on current            Publications
Supply Chain topics. Sign-up to receive eDigest: Chemicals           Electronic Newsletters
Electronic Newsletter, Just in ETime, Supply Line 2055:              Home > Publications > E-mail Newsletters
Certification Update and ISM news releases via e-mail.
Locate sample bid specifications. Need to draft a bid-               Bid Specification Database
specification for your organization, but don't want to start from    Home > Members Only > InfoCenter > Bid
scratch? This database offers hundreds of different documents that   Specifications Database
give members a head start. 
Search for articles and references on a specific topic Search for    Articles Archive Database
articles by keyword on supply management issues.                     Home > Publications > Search Articles
Purchase publications, supply chain texts, reference books           ISM Knowledge Center (KC)
and self stuffy courses Self-paced online courses available in a      Education – Seminars, Conferences ISM
variety of topics that are sector specific. Take advantage of the    Knowledge Center
available member discounts. 
Locate educational events, and participate in on-line and self-      Education - Seminars, Conferences
study courses. View detailed information on upcoming ISM             Education – Seminars, Conferences
conference and programs, seminars, available speaking
opportunities and past program materials. Take advantage of the
available member discounts.
Locate and participate in commodity & topic-focused Groups           Group/Forum Information and Online
and Forums. Overview of ISM Groups/Forums along with an              Enrollment
online enrollment form.                                              Home > Members Only > Affiliate, Groups &
Select for pre-written eTool Agreements; a simple way to get a       eTool Agreements
copy of that single contract you need. eTool Agreements is a great   Home > Tools > eTool Agreements
solution for those with only the occasional contract need. Take
advantage of the available member discounts.
Search for definitions of Key Supply Management Terms in the         Glossary of Key Supply Management
on-line glossary                                                    Terms
                                                                     Home > Education - Seminars, Conferences >
                                                                     Glossary of Key Supply Mgmt Terms
Use the Online InfoCenter to find information on supply              Info Center
management and purchasing-related topics 
                                                                     Home > Members Only > InfoCenter
Checklists and Tools to assist ISM members in their daily tasks.     Tool Kit
Items include flow charts and other processes.                      Home > Members Only > Member Information &
                                                                     Online Tools > ISM Tool Kit
Supplier Directory of paid advertisements by supply                  Supplier Directory
management related suppliers.                                        Home > Tools > Directories > Supplier Directory

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                                     Management Resources
Download generic job descriptions and typical tasks lists            Job Descriptions
                                                                      Home > Career Center > More Career Resources >
                                                                      Job Descriptions
Post job openings, and review posted resumes                         Employers’ Corner
                                                                      Home > Career Center > Employers' Corner
Evaluate and compare candidates to membership demographics            Membership Demographics
and salary survey                                                     Home > Tools > Research Tools > ISM Survey
                                                                      Research Results
Review conference proceedings and program summaries                   Past Program Materials
                                                                      Home > Education - Seminars, Conferences >
                                                                      Conferences > Past Program Materials

multi-industry study to benchmark standard contract terms and         Standard Terms and Conditions
conditions in late 2004                                               Benchmarking
                                                                      Home > Tools > Research Tools > ISM Survey
                                                                      Research Results> Standard Terms
Review ISM member surveys to measure the impact of issues or          ISM Survey Research
events on the business community and supply management in
particular.                                                           Home > Tools > Research Tools > ISM Survey
                                                                      Research Results
Obtain research on Supply Chain issues by CAPS, through a             Research on Demand
joint initiative between ISM and CAPS Research. This program
puts a dedicated team of researchers at your disposal. You get the    Home > Tools > Research Tools > Research On
customized research that you need when you need it, without
having to dedicate valuable company time or resources.

Obtain company recognition through the R. Gene Richter award          ISM R. Gene Richter Awards for
program These awards were established to recognize innovative         Leadership and Innovation in Supply
supply organizations that through strong leadership have              Management
dramatically increased their contribution to organizational success
                                                                      Home > About ISM > ISM R. Gene Richter Awards
ISM product catalog; order study materials and/or books,              Product Catalog
register for an online course or obtain information on onsite
training opportunities. Take advantage of member discounts            Home > Products > Product Catalog
available on most products and services.
ISM Report on Business. View the latest manufacturing and             ISM Report on Business® (ROB)
non-manufacturing ROB, FAQs, historical report information or
other economic information.                                           Home > ISM Report on Business®
Social responsibility best practices information tools and            Ethics and Social Responsibility
principles that will assist in the implementation and continuous
improvement of supply management organizations and                    Home > Ethics and Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility and the Supply Management Profession:           Survey 2006
A Study of Barriers and Drivers to Ethical Practices
                                                                      Home > Ethics and Social Responsibility >
                                                                      Principles of Social Responsibility > Research

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                           What?                                                       Where?
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                                   Affiliate Leader Resources
Contact affiliate leaders in other locations for networking and     Affiliate Officers’ Directory
information sharing                                                Home > About ISM > Affiliate Officers Directory
Download sample bylaws, operating policies and position             Model Bylaws
descriptions                                                       Home > Members Only > Affiliate Resources >
                                                                    Affiliate Management Tools > Model Bylaws
Share affiliate best practices in the Newsline publication          Newsline
                                                                    Home > Publications > NewsLine

Review Model Business Conduct Guidelines for affiliates            Model Business Conduct Guidelines for
                                                                    Home > Members Only > Affiliate Resources >
                                                                    Affiliate Management Tools
Download news releases and publicity materials. Find links to
current ISM news releases and initiatives, including ISM’s image    ISM Media Room
                                                           About ISM Media Room
Become a speaker at one of ISM's programs. ISM and affiliates       Speakers Bureau
are always looking for knowledgeable supply management              Home > Education - Seminars, Conferences >
professionals who are willing to share their expertise at various   Speaking Opportunities
educational programs
Download program materials and find speakers                        Speaker Search
                                                                    Home > Education - Seminars, Conferences >
                                                                    Speaking Opportunities
Attend an ISM Leadership Workshop or review notes and               Leadership Training Workshops
handouts from previous workshops and discussion forums.            Home > Members Only > Affiliate Resources >
                                                                    Affiliate Support
Download newsletter promoptional resources and publication          Home > Members Only > Affiliate
inserts                                                            Resources > Affiliate Support > Affiliate
                                                                    Advertising and Promotional Resources

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